Cheng Chao-an
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Cheng Chao-an (Character)
from The Big Boss (1971)

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The Big Boss (1971)
Cheng Chao-an: Just keep away. Go on. It's not your fight.

Cheng Chao-an: Beat it or I'll kill you right now.

Hsiu Chen: Why Cheng, you're a pretty good fighter.
Cheng Chao-an: A few tricks from back home. You know I broke a promise. Never to fight again.

Cheng Chao-an: Alright! Hold it! Now you get out of here, I'm warning you. You bastards can't push us around. If you wanna fight, I'll take you on.

Mi's son: I had an idea you'd be snooping around. Father told you to mind your own business.
Cheng Chao-an: Now I know the whole story.
Mi's son: Listen buddy you're not going anywhere. So you know. So what? You're heading for the freezer.

[first lines]
Cheng Chao-an: Uncle, is this it?
Uncle: Yes, right over there. That's the town, Cheng. That's right. Not much further to go.