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Chris Cody (Character)
from Submerged (2005) (V)

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Submerged (2005) (V)
[from trailer]
Chris Cody: You've now become poison. That's why I've been hired.

[from trailer]
Chris Cody: You're just gonna have to kill me I guess...

Chris Cody: You a cocksucker motherfucker!

Chris Cody: Let me ask you a question. What kind of damn fool do you think I am? I'm still in prison for doing the same thing you're about to ask me to do again.

O'Hearn: Is this gonna be like old times, Cody?
Chris Cody: You gotta live to talk about old times.

Chris Cody: Look, it's easy, you know. You could come with me, we do it right. We get out, we're free. Or you could stay in jail and get romantic with your boyfriend.
Henry: What if we just take off?
O'Hearn: Yeah! What about that?
Chris Cody: What? And you're gonna miss the party? Come on!

Chris Cody: [Cody throws a grenade down a hole in a tank] Here! Catch!

Chris Cody: There's some sick shit up in here, alligator.