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Miss Helen Seymour (Character)
from "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" (1992)

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"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Vienna, November 1908 (#2.9)" (1993)
Miss Seymour: Is it always this cold in Vienna?
Emilie: Eh, at Christmas it was colder.

Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr.: Who wrote this?
Miss Seymour: Sir Thomas Wyatt, 1503 to 1542.
Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr.: All that time ago and that man felt just like me?
Miss Seymour: He was in love. Literature has tried to come to terms with these emotions for many centuries, Henry.

Miss Seymour: We all fall in love Henry. Some of us too soon, and some of us too late.

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal (#1.1)" (1992)
Miss Seymour: I'm sorry, it's impossible. He's far too young. Your son needs a governess. I'm not a governess, I am a teacher.
Professor Henry Jones, Sr.: You're the best there is. That's why he needs you.

Miss Seymour: [to Indy] Now, why don't we have a real adventure, hm?

T.E Lawrence: What happened?
Miss Seymour: We had a slight autocation with our guide.
Henry 'Indiana' Jones Jr.: Yeah, he ran off with the camels.
T.E Lawrence: Yes, they do that sometimes.

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Benares, January 1910 (#2.15)" (1993)
Miss Seymour: You learned how to play cricket?
Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr.: The pitcher's called a bowler and a curve balls' called a googly
Miss Seymour: Well, you did learn some cricket. Perhaps the afternoon wasn't a waste after all.

Charles Leadbeater: You have become less than friendly, madame.
Miss Seymour: No. Merely inquisitive.
Charles Leadbeater: That was a rather dirty trick, trying to expose my ignorance of Greek.

Miss Seymour: Do I have an aura?
Charles Leadbeater: Yes in fact you do.
Miss Seymour: [holds up her arm] It's funny, I can't see it.
Charles Leadbeater: I can.
Miss Seymour: Oh you can see it? Because you're a psychic, right? You have telepathic powers. So tell me, what am I thinking now?
Charles Leadbeater: Miss Seymour, psychic power is not something to be joked about. Your skeptisism is merely a reflection of a rather limited western education and upbringing.

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Paris, September 1908 (#2.13)" (1993)
Miss Seymour: You will not leave this room until you finish 'Les Miserables'.
Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr.: Great title...

Pablo Picasso: Don't move!
[aims his pistol at Miss Seymour]
Miss Seymour: You can't frighten me.
Pablo Picasso: If you don't keep quiet, the drawing will frighten both of us.

Miss Seymour: [Picasso has drawn a portrait of Miss Seymour] Good Lord.
Pablo Picasso: It is not a religious drawing.
Miss Seymour: No, I know, but you really can draw.
Pablo Picasso: Better than anyone alive.
Miss Seymour: Don't boast.
Pablo Picasso: Why not, it's true.

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: London, May 1916 (#1.2)" (1992)
Miss Seymour: My dear young lady...
Vicky Prentiss: Please don't call me that. I am not a dear young lady, yours or anybody else's. I am a woman. And as an intelligent woman I have a right to vote. If you don't believe that, then you have no business teaching anyone history, literature or even how to boil an egg.
Miss Seymour: [Vicky walks off] That's a very spirited young woman.

Miss Seymour: Henry was a remarkable boy and shows every sign of growing up to be a remarkable man.

Miss Seymour: How long will you be in La Havre?
Indiana Jones: Not long I guess. They keep the training short these days.
Miss Seymour: And mind you write to me. And to your father.
Indiana Jones: I will.
Miss Seymour: And please, Henry, don't take any stupid risks just to show off.
Indiana Jones: I'll try not to.

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Peking, March 1910 (#2.14)" (1993)
Miss Seymour, Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr.: Henry, have you learned the chronology of the dynasties yet?
Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr.: No... you know, Miss Seymour. I think it's more important to learn the language of a country than it is the history.
Miss Seymour: You mean you haven't learned them.

Miss Seymour: Make a pot of tea. Tea always helps.

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: British East Africa, September 1909 (#1.3)" (1992)
Miss Seymour: Henry, Henry, will you slow down. This wilderness has been here for millions of years, it's not going to disappear whilst you unpack.

Miss Seymour: [having heard a lion roar] Well, at least we're in safe company.
Frederick Selous: No hunter is safe, Miss Seymour.

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Florence, May 1908 (#2.19)" (1993)
Giacomo Puccini: Miss Seymour...
[starts to refill her glass]
Miss Seymour: Oh, no, really, one glass is enough for me.
Giacomo Puccini: Miss Seymour, in Italy, enough is barely legal. You are in my country, you must let me show you the way.

Miss Seymour: [to Anna] Henry looks more like his father every day.

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye (1995) (TV)
Miss Helen Seymour: [Indy hears Miss Seymour's voice in his head as he reads her last letter to him] Dearest Henry. News of peace is on everyone's lips. I hope to live to see it. Your father is anxious for news of you. Please make your peace with him. Then turn your clever, inquisitive mind to your dreams. Make something of yourself. I know you will. With all my highest regards, Helen Seymour.