Catherine Howard
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Catherine Howard (Character)
from "The Tudors" (2007)

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"The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Catherine Howard (#1.5)" (1970)
Henry VIII: You must surely know that a fresh husband is expected to do more than just look at his bride.
Catherine Howard: Lady Rochford's husband spent the night in prayer.
Henry VIII: Had I been Lady Rochford's husband, I would have done the same!

Lady Rochford: You will not appoint Dereham as your private secretary?
Catherine Howard: You where listening behind the door.
Lady Rochford: I only heard the word "secretary". Besides, I can hold my tongue to keep my head.
Catherine Howard: And so must Dereham hold his.

The Private Life of Henry VIII. (1933)
Katherine Howard: Who's there?
King Henry VIII: Henry.
Katherine Howard: Henry who?
King Henry VIII: The King.
Katherine Howard: Oh, the King, not the man.
King Henry VIII: Unlock the door.
Katherine Howard: Isn't it rather late for a maid to unlock her door to a... man?
King Henry VIII: On, come on, unlock the door.
Katherine Howard: Is that a command?
King Henry VIII: Yes.
Katherine Howard: To the King, then, not the man.
[lets him in and kneels]
King Henry VIII: Don't do that. I'm leaving me crown outside.
Katherine Howard: You've left it outside with my reputation, sire.
King Henry VIII: No one saw me, Katherine, I swear. Can't you forget the King and forget the crown, forget everything... you told me once I was a man, uh? What do you say if I'm not the King?
Katherine Howard: Get out of my room!
King Henry VIII: What? Whyyy...
Katherine Howard: That's what I *would* say, if you were not the King. Since you are the King, I expect your command.
King Henry VIII: Command? It's a poor thing to command in love.
Katherine Howard: Love? Who is in love?
King Henry VIII: I am, with you.
Katherine Howard: Love eternal, since yesterday afternoon, until tomorrow morning?
King Henry VIII: When I say love, I mean love.

Thomas Culpeper: I never should have come, Kate. We can't go on like this.
Katherine Howard: I know, it's dreadful, seeing each other every day and never being alone together...
Thomas Culpeper: Oh, it's not that, it's... it's being torn in half between you and the King.
Katherine Howard: But, Tom, we belong to each other!
Thomas Culpeper: No. We belong to him.

"The Tudors: Sister (#4.2)" (2010)
Mary Tudor: [Outraged] How dare you speak to me like that?
Catherine Howard: [Spitefully] I dare because I can.

"The Tudors: Something for You (#4.3)" (2010)
Lady Rochford: [during Henry's northern visit] Catherine! Your Majesty! You must wake up! The King and Lady Mary are speaking to the people of Lincoln.
Catherine Howard: [after a sexy night with her young lover] Mm... beastly tired... say I'm sick!
Lady Rochford: [grumbling] I'll say your sick! You've got a sickness all right, Catherine Howard, and it's getting worse by the day! Pray God it don't prove fatal to us all!