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Quotes for
Det. Frank Divinci (Character)
from Gang Related (1997)

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Gang Related (1997)
Divinci: We're the teachers, and in our classroom two and two can add up to five if we say it does.

[last lines]
Divinci: [in the getaway car, the driver of which we cannot yet see] Here's the most important thing: You can NEVER lose your sense of humor. Without that, you've got NOTHING.
[the driver pulls a familiar-looking Magnum and blows Divinci's head through the back window]
Clyde David Dunner: [the driver] ... FUCKING A!
[laughs into the closing credits]

Divinci: The only difference between a witness and a liar is this: One knows what he's doing at all times; the other has no clue.

Divinci: They'll never find me, because I'm following my heart. And they don't know where that is.

Cynthia Webb: [seeing Divinci in her dressing room] Isn't this breaking and entering?
Divinci: I don't know, I'm homicide, we don't learn that stuff.

Detective Rodriguez: [in Divinci's office, shortly after Dunner is found Not Guilty] ...Bad news.
Divinci: Don't tell me: Clyde walked. I heard all about it.
Detective Rodriguez: Worse: Joe's going to stand trial. Judge Pine found him mentally unfit to plead one way or the other.
Divinci: [glaring at him in shock] You're joking with me! ...Right?
Detective Rodriguez: Oh, yeah, I *love* to make people laugh; that's my life's work! Did you hear the one about the two cops who wasted a Drug Enforcement Agent?

Divinci: Alright. Let's think about this.
Detective Rodriguez: Yeah. Let's.
Divinci: What's the worse case scenario?
Detective Rodriguez: What? Are you kidding me?
Divinci: No.
Detective Rodriguez: You're joking me?
Detective Rodriguez: You mean, what's "worse" than what we've done that can still happen? Or, what's worse than if this shit doesn't work out! Blows up in our face! We go to jail, get sent to the electric chair! THEN we die! THEN we go to fuckin' hell! Worse than that?