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Quotes for
Birdie (Character)
from Above the Rim (1994)

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Above the Rim (1994)
Birdie: Check this out. You ain't goin to college or any fuckin where if the Bird Man don't win. You might be on the other team, but you playin for ME. Remember that.

Kyle-Lee: Is he your brother, Birdie?
Birdie: He used to be.
Kyle-Lee: What does that mean?
Birdie: Just 'cause a motherfucker's born into your family don't mean you stay family, all right? That motherfucker ain't shit. He don't care about me, you, nothing. Okay? Understand?

Shep: You think I came back here to work for you?
Birdie: Come on, man, we brothers; wouldn't have you working for me. We'd be partners.
Shep: What, selling that shit? Are you that dumb?
Birdie: Who the fuck you think you're talking to, man? This ain't Nutso. This ain't that dopehead on the roof taking orders from you. This ain't your same little brother following behind you trying to go outside. You ain't the motherfuckin' man no more. I'm the one! Shit has changed! It's a new day, bro. If you can't clean up your act, I suggest you raise the fuck up and get the hell out of Dodge... or get caught up.

Birdie: Motaw, you in.
Birdie: You, your ass is gone. If I catch anyone talking to Bugaloo, your ass is gone too.

Birdie: Recognize, motherfucker!
[Kills Flip with a razor]