Red Stovall
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Red Stovall (Character)
from Honkytonk Man (1982)

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Honkytonk Man (1982)
Red Stovall: What's a girl like you going to do in Nashville? Have you any money or friends? What are you gonna do, live in the streets?
Marlene: The Lord will provide.
Red Stovall: He'd better provide you a way of gettin' there, too.

Whit: Uncle Red, don't you think you have a problem with your drinking?
Red Stovall: Only when I can't get it.
Whit: I mean - don't you think you might need some help with your drinking?
Red Stovall: No, I do quite well all by myself.

Red Stovall: Mary was right to go back to her husband. What the hell did I have to offer a kid? Just honky-tonks and flop-houses. That's the life of a country singer, Hoss. Sound good to you?
Whit: It don't sound too hot when you put it like that, but it sure beats picking cotton and living in a sharecropper's shack.