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Quotes for
Dave (Character)
from Play Misty for Me (1971)

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Play Misty for Me (1971)
Al Monte: All right, I think I will go out and hit the streets but before doing that I will blow me a little number.
David 'Dave' Garver: Take it in the other room, will ya - get zonked just breathing the air in here.

David 'Dave' Garver: Al, you ever find yourself being completely smothered by somebody?
Al Monte: Anybody I know?
David 'Dave' Garver: Yeah, you met her at my house the other day.
Al Monte: Ooooo - chicken delight! Well that's what I call some pretty good smotherin' cousin.

Al Monte: Well you know what they always say my man, "He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword".
David 'Dave' Garver: Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, huh.

David 'Dave' Garver: That's right, you assumed wrong.

Evelyn: I should've known you'd never do anything to spoil it.
David 'Dave' Garver: To spoil what?
Evelyn: What we have between us.
David 'Dave' Garver: We don't have a goddam thing between us.

David 'Dave' Garver: You haven't got the faintest idea of what love is, we don't even know each other.

Evelyn: Something wrong?
David 'Dave' Garver: No, I keep getting the feeling I know you from somewhere.

Evelyn: Don't you like me?
David 'Dave' Garver: You're a nice girl.
Evelyn: But who needs nice girls?
David 'Dave' Garver: I'm kind of hung up on one.
Evelyn: And you don't want to complicate your life.
David 'Dave' Garver: That's exactly right.
Evelyn: Well neither do I, but that's no reason we shouldn't sleep together tonight if we feel like it.

David 'Dave' Garver: There's a little spot in the middle of each day about your size.
Tobie Williams: Well there's lots of girls about my size if you're really looking.
David 'Dave' Garver: I'm not, that's what I'm trying to tell you.
Tobie Williams: You mean you've given up girls?
David 'Dave' Garver: Well I haven't exactly been the monk of the month or anything like that but I have been making an effort.

Evelyn: It was funny, I was calling you from that phone booth over there and he was telling me you'd left and I was staring at your car - isn't that funny.
David 'Dave' Garver: Kind of funny.

David 'Dave' Garver: Care for a beer?
Al Monte: Not really, I'd go for something more uplifting but not a brew, David, not a brew my man.

Al Monte: Never let it be said that sweet Al Monte can't take a hint.
David 'Dave' Garver: Who's hinting?

David 'Dave' Garver: I'm just trying to tell you something. I'm trying to tell you there's a telephone. I pick it up and I dial it.

David 'Dave' Garver: Well you shouldn't lend your sweaters to blabbermouths.

David 'Dave' Garver: You told me you didn't know where she was.
Jay Jay: So I lied - picket me.

David 'Dave' Garver: Jay Jay, why don't you go cruise some sailors, huh?
Jay Jay: Oh please, don't mention seafood.

Tobie Williams: I really missed this place.
David 'Dave' Garver: I missed you.
Tobie Williams: You'd do me a big favour if you didn't say things like that.

Tobie Williams: Oh I didn't wish you anything too serious, just a couple of months in traction.
David 'Dave' Garver: You're all heart.

Evelyn: Why didn't you take my call?
David 'Dave' Garver: Where does it say that I gotta drop what I'm doing and answer the phone every time it rings?
Evelyn: Do you know your nostrils flare out into little wings when you're mad? It's kinda cute.

Sgt. McCallum: Why don't you play some Montovani sometime?
David 'Dave' Garver: Didn't know you liked the show.
Sgt. McCallum: I don't. I like Montovani.

Man: [as a passer-by] Having some trouble, lady?
David 'Dave' Garver: Get lost!
Evelyn: Yeah, get lost, assholes!

David 'Dave' Garver: Hello?
Sgt. McCallum: Garver!
David 'Dave' Garver: Yeah.
Sgt. McCallum: Sgt McCallum. Sorry to wake you but something has come up.
David 'Dave' Garver: Yeah I know, she just paid me a visit with a butcher knife.
Sgt. McCallum: Why? Because she was released on parole pending further legal action.
David 'Dave' Garver: When?
Sgt. McCallum: A week ago.
David 'Dave' Garver: Well I sure like the way you broke your ass to let me know about it!
Sgt. McCallum: I just found out about it myself.
David 'Dave' Garver: Who's in charge down there anyway?
Sgt. McCallum: Now look you wanna help find her or would you rather just sit there and belly-ache?
David 'Dave' Garver: All right.
Sgt. McCallum: Now exactly what did she say to you?
David 'Dave' Garver: I told you, she said that she was well and that she was going to Hawaii.
Sgt. McCallum: Uh what else?
David 'Dave' Garver: I already told you.
Sgt. McCallum: Well tell me again.
David 'Dave' Garver: You know Sergeant, you really make lousy conversation!
Sgt. McCallum: You make lousy coffee!