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Liu Dafan (Character)
from The Postmodern Life of My Aunt (2006)

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The Postmodern Life of My Aunt (2006)
Liu Dafan: Come on,what's the delay!
Guo Feng: What?
Liu Dafan: Don't act like a dame.
Guo Feng: I'm dead.
Liu Dafan: You're kidding.
Guo Feng: Who's kidding?
Liu Dafan: Ain't kidding? Look,which?
Guo Feng: Go on.
Liu Dafan: Let's go.
Nurse A: What's up? What's the matter with you?
Ye Rutang: I wet the bed.
Nurse A: What kind of a daughter are you? Your mother is badly injured. And you don'te even care. Do you have a heart?
Liu Dafan: What are you doing! Don't lecture me. She's never gonna order me around again... Great shoes you have. Where'd you get them?
Nurse A: Huaihai Road.
Liu Dafan: I must check out Huaihai Road

Liu Dafan: Help your self. How do you like our dishes?
Kuan-kuan: They're okay.
Liu Dafan: When will you leave for Australia?
Kuan-kuan: After Spring Festival.
Liu Dafan: Can your mother send me abroad too? I'd like to travel.
Kuan-kuan: Why not?
Liu Dafan: Really? I'd pay my own expenses.

Guo Feng: I always said I'd do great things or I'd do nothing.
Liu Dafan: Great things get lost! Get out!
Guo Feng: I will take you abroad one day!
Liu Dafan: Why am I still here? I was an idiot to choose you! All you do is brag!
Guo Feng: Brag? Didn't I get you that job? As a cook at Yuekai Hotel.
Liu Dafan: Give me a break! How many years have I been cooking? Am I supposed to cook my whole life away?
Guo Feng: What's wrong with that? Don't get fancy ideas.
Liu Dafan: Get lost, I'm through with you! Get lost! And don't come back!
Guo Feng: Who the hell are you!... Liu Dafan, give me back my platinum necklace.
Liu Dafan: You are son of a bitch! Get out!

Liu Dafan: Hey, I'm looking for Ye Rutang's ward.
Nurse A: No visitors allowed today.
Liu Dafan: I'm her daughter. I'm here to look after her.
Nurse A: You're from Los Angeles?
Liu Dafan: What? We're come from Anshan.
Nurse A: What took you so long?
Liu Dafan: What has that mad her worse? If we weren't here,you wouldn't treat her?
Nurse A: Room 302.
Liu Dafan: Should've told me sooner.

Liu Dafan: Put it down here. Ye Rutang, I'm your daughter Liu Dafan. We haven't seen each other in more than ten years. You look so old. If we'd bumped into each other on the street, guess we wouldn't have known each other, ain't that right? This is my boyfriend, Guo feng. First,give me the key of your place, we need to settle in.

Ye Rutang: I'd like to eat cab.
Liu Dafan: I have had it with you! They called me unfilial, but are you a good mother? Did you ever do right by me? Why did you ever marry Dad, an ordinary worker, and give birth to me? You stayed with us when you needed our help. But as soon as you could back to Shanghai, you got divorced, just like that Shanghai means more to you than Dad and I do! Now that you're old, you remember me. Listen, I've done you a big favour by coming here! I still remember clearly, how you looked when you left me as. Not so much as a flicker of regret. You left as if you were going on a date, you didn't even look back. I could always imagine how you looked when you got back here. Cocky as hell about your new life, right? No more troubles, right? Go to hell, you old bitch!