Kyra Hart
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Kyra Hart (Character)
from "Reba" (2001)

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"Reba: The Cat's Meow (#3.8)" (2003)
Barbra Jean: Hey Kyra, how was school?
Kyra: Good- but I really missed you today.
[Hugs Barbra Jean]
Barbra Jean: Oh. I know you want something... but this is one fiddle that says, "Play Me."

Kyra: I'm not even sure my dad's really allergic to cats. He just doesn't want one. He told my mom once that he was allergic to minivans.
Barbra Jean: Oh, he is Kyra. We test drove one.

Barbra Jean: We'll keep her in the attic.
Barbra Jean: No, the cattic.
Barbra Jean: Oh that is a great place to hide a cat, in fact it's almost-
Barbra Jean: Say it. Come on, Kyra.
Kyra: Purrr-fect

"Reba: Who Killed Brock? (#4.16)" (2005)
Kyra: Barbra Jean wanted me to get a tape of the dog to give to the police
Cheyenne: Why didn't you just give them a picture?
Kyra: "Because it doesn't capture her spirit."
Reba: She's only had the dog a week. How many tapes could she have?
Kyra: These are just from yesterday. Check this out.
Reba: Wow, I feel sorry for the poor sap who had to videotape all that.
Kyra: 80 bucks is 80 bucks.

[Barbara Jean accuses Kyra of killing Little Brock]
Kyra: Alright, I admit it! It was me. And what happened with this...
[Kyra tells everyone that she's an evil witch and that she killed Little Brock for his "life energy"]
Kyra the Witch: Now, eternal life will be mine! MWA-HA-HA-HA!
[Kyra finishes her story and finds everyone staring at her]
Reba: Very funny, Kyra. Although if you had done it, I wouldn't have had to cook dinner.

"Reba: She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye (#3.1)" (2003)
Kyra Hart: Oh, now you're gonna cry?
Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery: [bawling] No, I'm not gonna cry!
Kyra Hart: Oh, c'mon, like that's the worst thing I've said to you.
Van Montgomery: Although, it is right up there with "Mrs. Forrest Gump".

Kyra Hart: Since when is getting pregnant at seventeen required in high school?
Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery: Hey, you don't know what's required in high school!

"Reba: Terry Holliway (#2.15)" (2003)
Van Montgomery: Kyra, guess what Elisabeth's first word was.
Kyra: Help?

"Reba: When Good Credit Goes Bad (#1.10)" (2002)
Reba: What kind of a sick person would buy a diamond tiara, Foxy Lady lingerie, and then go on a $175 shopping spree at Joy for Jesus Bookstore?
Reba, Kyra: [look at each other and together say] Barbara Jean!
Reba: That does it! She can have my husband but nobody touches my credit card!
Cheyenne: Hey, Mom. Where you goin'?
Reba: To you're dad's condo to strangle a princess!

"Reba: Pilot (#1.1)" (2001)
Kyra Hart: Barbra Jean is pregnant.
Jake Hart: I thought Cheyenne was pregnant.
Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery: Oh my God! Shut up Jake.

"Reba: Every Picture Tells a Story (#1.9)" (2001)
Reba Hart: Krya, Cheyenne just felt the baby move.
Kyra Hart: It's probably just gas.
Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery: I don't get gas.
Kyra Hart: We shared a room.

"Reba: It's Jake's Party, Cry If You Want To (#2.5)" (2002)
Kyra: Just like when you said Barbra Jean is where brain cells go when they die.

"Reba: The Rings (#2.12)" (2003)
Kyra: [after Van pulls the dipstick out instead of the dead mouse] Hey, the dipstick grabbed the dipstick!

"Reba: Trading Spaces (#6.3)" (2006)
Kyra: Hi everyone!
Reba: Where have you been?
Kyra: Getting milk.