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Biography for
Patty Bouvier (Character)
from "The Simpsons" (1989)

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Patty Bouvier is the younger of the two. She was also born June 11,1947. Despite the similarities between her and Selma, Patty has been shown to be more jaded than her sister particularly towards relationships. It was once said by Marge that she chose a life of celibacy, and that Selma had it thrust upon her. Her decision to not have relationships has been implied to be due to her then closeted sexuality. Pattty has a pink dress with green earrings and pink shoes. She has an afro hairstyle

Relationships with other men and women

In "There's Something About Marrying", Patty comes out of the closet as a lesbian. She exclaims "you could see it from space!", and hints of her sexual orientation have been dropped many times; in "Bart After Dark" she is seen coming out of a burlesque house. She is also seen saying "There goes the last lingering thread of my heterosexuality", when Homer runs past her, naked and screaming, in "Treehouse of Horror III", and hiding in a closet with Smithers on a parade float during a gay pride parade in "Jaws Wired Shut". Upon hearing of this, Homer excalimed "Patty's Gay? Here's another Bomb. I like Beer!"

After coming out, Homer has accepted Patty's sexuality wholeheartedly, despite his past hatred for her in the way she treated him. However, Marge feels hurt and betrayed that she had hidden her sexuality for years. She insisted that Patty marries a man, not a woman. She gets angry and points out Marge acts very liberal about the issue but can't accept her sexuality like a family should, and says she hopes to see her sister at her wedding. After hearing her heartfelt love and declaration to Veronica, Marge finally overcomes her anger and respects her sister as a lesbian. In the episode "Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife", Patty wooed a tenured professor of Yale University away from her husband. In "Rome-old and Julie-eh", it is shown she is attracted to Edna Krabappel. In "Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore", Selma says "I can't face prison" and Patty replies "I can."

Long before coming out, Patty's most notable relationship with a man was Principal Seymour Skinner in the season 2 episode, "Principal Charming". Homer accidentally brought her out instead of Selma, which caused him to be infatuated with her. While Skinner was willing to date her, Patty was reluctant to date him at first because it was against her principles to stay true to celebacy. However, Selma adamantly refused to give up and convinced her to go out on the date with him because it was her first one in 25 years and was a good opportunity for her to have a family still. She refused to marry him, claiming she was too devoted to her twin as a sister to leave her alone. However, she did consider Principal Skinner a gentleman and had seemed to take it hard that she could not marry him, ending their relationship with the words "Good night, sweet principal." Before leaving him, she did consider that if she does find another man like him, she hopes he'd be the same way like Skinner was towards her. During early episodes (and one later episode) Patty, like Selma has also had an honest sexual fixation on MacGyver for many years, although this aspect of her personality was played out in later years.

Patty's only notable relationship with a woman however was with Veronica, who was a pro-golfer. Unfortunately, it was later discovered by Marge and revealed during Patty's wedding that Veronica was in truth a man named Leslie and she ditched her.

Patty's Relationship to the Simpson Family

As much as both Patty and Selma loves Marge and enjoy their nieces and nephew as children. Their main hatred is towards Homer and are mean to him. However, Patty is far more vicious in her mistreatment towards him than Selma is and she has never made any sincere attempt to like him for her sister's sake. Her vicious treatment towards Homer stemmed from the fact that Marge chose to dump Artie Ziff, who was their family's choice of husband for her. It is for that reason Patty has resented her choice to marry Homer with a passion and blames him for her misery. Like Selma, she felt that he was nothing more than a moronic neanderthal who was beneath their family's contempt, unlike Arite who was their family's equal. Unlike Selma who knew when to back off of Marge, Patty has never back off and always kept reminding her about Homer's constant infedelities(disloyalies) towards their family and her children. She is unimpressed that she keeps forgiving and supporting him. Also Homer's unwaivering loyalty towards her baby sister doesn't even impress Patty at all because she still thinks he'll hurt her in the long haul. All the time, Patty wishes that Marge reconsidered marrying Artie over Homer because she knows that he would've taken better care of her since he was a rich businessman and she wouldn't have to worry about saving money. Plus, he can afford to take her shopping for clothes, jewelery, afford their children go to a prestigious private school and be successful like him. All her housework would've been done by maids and butlers so she wouldn't had to worry about cooking and cleaning. Patty's opinion on her marriage to Homer has been very low because of his obsession to drink beer and his stupidity to embarrass himself in front of her. She knows that her sister constanty has to worry about money because of him and would constantly had to get a job for herself, aside being a homemaker.

However, unlike Selma (who has shown more, kindness to Homer), Patty has shown that she has no pity or remorse for his well-being. The only exceptions however, are when she came out of the closet as a lesbian she managed to suck up her pride and ask Homer (who was legally allowed to perform marriages and has accepted her sexuality very well) to perform the ceremony. Another time, was when they were both disgusted and horrified to learn that Selma had recently got into a relationship with his father, Abe, and they decide to work together to break them up. Mainly, Homer's hatred towards Patty is also shown in Treehouse of Horror XIV in which he sacrifices her instead of Selma to save Marge. While this scene is non-canon, it gives insight to Homer's true opinion of her, which is mainly low compared to Selma. Thus, it explains his and Patty hate-hate relationship with each other

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