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Dave Robicheaux (Character)
from In the Electric Mist (2009)

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Heaven's Prisoners (1996)
Dave Robicheaux: Where's your husband?
Claudette Rocque: In Houston, on business.
Dave Robicheaux: Well, how nice for you.
Claudette Rocque: Maybe you too.

Jerry Falgout: Don't you remember me?
Dave Robicheaux: It's Jerry somethin'-or-other, right? You went up the road 'bout five years ago for bashin' in some tired, wizened, broken-down old man with a lead pipe, ain't that right, Jerry? How was Angola, brother?
Jerry Falgout: Can I buy you a drink, Lieutenant? As I recall, you used to get kinda thirsty 'bout this time of day.
Dave Robicheaux: Hey, you're gettin' in my face, partner.
Jerry Falgout: So?
Dave Robicheaux: So right about now I'm thinkin' your head'd make a real nice toilet brush.

Dave Robicheaux: I want those other two men that killed my wife.
Bubba Rocque: I had nothin' to do with that, Dave. When I wanna straighten out a problem, a person's gonna see this face.
Dave Robicheaux: They were your people.
Bubba Rocque: I'm gonna tell you somethin', and I'm gonna tell you only once. Now you can accept it, or you can stick it up your ass. I am one guy. I am not a crime wave. And when you mess with the action outta New Orleans, you fuck with hundreds of people. Do you understand, Dave Robicheaux?
Dave Robicheaux: My wife had to be buried in a closed casket. I want you to think about that for a minute. Now, I'm gonna find those two men, and when I do, I'm gonna squeeze them extra hard, and if your name comes outta either one of their mouths, I'll be back here to feed your sorry fuckin' ass to the shrimp.

Dave Robicheaux: If I were you, I'd find another ZIP code.

[first lines - in the confessional]
Dave Robicheaux: I want a drink. I want a drink all the time. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, my eyes pop open and I think I gotta have a drink. A beer, a Bloody Mary, whatever. Even now, and I don't know why. I haven't had a drink in three years.
Priest: Three years, huh?
Dave Robicheaux: Yeah. Sometimes I'll be talking with my wife and the whole time we're talking I'm thinking about this bar I used to go to. The whole conversation I'm thinking, I'd rather be in that bar than anywhere. The glasses all lined up. My seat right on the corner. All those colored bottles. The ice in my glass, that burn... Man, it felt real good going down. That'll never happen again. I can't drink, I know that. Drinking fucked up my whole life. Excuse me father, I'm sorry.
Priest: That's alright, Dave. How is your wife?
Dave Robicheaux: How's Annie?
Priest: You love your wife, don't you? You have a good life now since you left the police department.
Dave Robicheaux: Yes I do.
Priest: And if you begin drinking again, what will happen?
Dave Robicheaux: I would lose everything.
Priest: But knowing this, knowing that you *would* lose everything, you would lose your wife, your business, and your self-respect, still, you want to drink.
Dave Robicheaux: Yes I do.
Priest: You're absolved of your sins. Go in peace.

[on the phone]
Victor Romero: I'm hearin' a lotta stuff I don't like to hear. Most of it's got your name on it. You still there?
Dave Robicheaux: Yeah, I'm still here.
Victor Romero: I hear you wanna cut a slice outta my ass, like I'm responsible for every crime in Louisiana. You're sayin' I'm killin' people on airplanes, in bathtubs; goin' around the Quarter tellin' people I should be lookin' over my shoulder 'fore somethin' heavy falls on me. You there?
Dave Robicheaux: I'm listenin'.
Victor Romero: So I'll tell you my deal. People I do business with are sayin' I'm too hot, like maybe I won't be 'round next year. That this cat Robicheaux is a hardtail and don't play. So you're fucking me, man.
Dave Robicheaux: Hey, Victor... I really don't give a shit about your problems. So why don't you write all this down on a postcard and maybe I'll read it if I get some free time.
[starts to hang up]
Victor Romero: There's a cello in the front room. You had a fan in your bedroom, and a telephone in your hall, 'cept I tore it out the wall for you. And while I did your old lady, you were outside hidin' in the dark.
Dave Robicheaux: [whispers] I'm gonna find you.
Victor Romero: Kiss my ass. You don't get off my back, Robicheaux, I'ma kill the kid, the whore, and that old fuck you got workin' for you. You want all that on a postcard too?

Dave Robicheaux: What'd the guy look like?
Annie: He looked like a big bad guy.

Dave Robicheaux: He was one of those guys who were eating lightbulbs and pushing thumbtacks into their kneecaps.

[last lines]
Dave Robicheaux: Good luck, Bubba.

Dave Robicheaux: Killin' a hundred of you wouldn't make up for one Annie.

Dave Robicheaux: Drop it, Toot, or I'm gonna park one in the back of your fuckin' head.

[Toot holds a straight razor to Dave's neck]
Eddie Keats: Now, you can get outta this easy, or Toot can sculpt your ears off and make your head look like a fuckin' mannequin. He'd love to do it for you. He was a voodoo priest or some fuckin' thing down in Haiti. Tell him what you did to Robin, Toot.
Toot: You talk too much. Get finished. I want to eat.
Eddie Keats: Guess what he did to her.
Dave Robicheaux: Fuck you!
Eddie Keats: What?
Dave Robicheaux: You heard me, I said fuck you. Whatever you do to me here, I'm gonna square, and if I don't, I got friends who will.
Eddie Keats: Yeah? I got news for you: You're still breathing 'cause I'm in a good fuckin' mood. When you start talkin' to somebody else's whores, when you start pokin' your nose into other people's shit, you got to pay the man. That's the rules. Old-time homicide roach oughta know that.

Dave Robicheaux: [to Annie] I went to Ti-Negs last night. Then I went out to Sycamore Point, sat on the dock all night, thinking about what an asshole I've been lately.

Annie: Look Dave, if you want to go back to the First District, maybe we should think about it.
Dave Robicheaux: No... no.
Annie: Why not? Because you don't think I could handle it?
Dave Robicheaux: No.
Dave Robicheaux: Because I don't Want you to handle it.

Dave Robicheaux: [to Annie] You and me... that's the only thing I have in my whole life that means anything to me anymore.
Dave Robicheaux: Please don't let me... mess that up.

Claudette Rocque: [to the other woman] Hello.
Dave Robicheaux: Claudette Rocque, this is my friend Robin. She's gonna be, uh, stayin' with us for awhile.
Claudette Rocque: Oh.
[to Robin]
Claudette Rocque: Have we met?
Robin Gaddis: Not formally.
Claudette Rocque: You're a performer of some kind. Oh that's right; you work at that little place on Bourbon: Smilin' Jacks.
Robin Gaddis: That's right. Now I remember you, too. You came in one time, with a couple of... real pretty girls, asked me to work a private slumber party. But I don't really go in for that sort of thing.
Claudette Rocque: I think you got me mixed up with someone else.
Robin Gaddis: Well maybe you're right. The girl I'm talkin' about was real trash. She had a butterfly tattoo on her belly.

In the Electric Mist (2009)
[first Lines]
Dave Robicheaux: My name's Dave Robicheaux. I'm an alcoholic. Sometimes I'm tempted to have a drink. But I never do.

Dave Robicheaux: You don't want to go back out there. In fact, you don't want to go anywhere near this bus station again. From now on, you better treat this place like it is downtown Baghdad, because I will blow your god damned head off if you don't find a god damned line of honest god damned work.

Elrod Sykes: Ya ever see the lights in the cypress trees at night?
Dave Robicheaux: That's swamp gas. It'll ignite and all that across the water. It's like ball lightning.
Elrod Sykes: No sir, that's not what it is. It's these guys that are wounded by the lake. They have lanterns coming from some of the ambulances. A lot of the soldiers had maggots on their wounds. It's the only reason they lived. It's 'cause the maggots ate out the infection.
Dave Robicheaux: You been drunk a long time, Elrod. Pretty soon all the trees and alligators will be talking to you.
Elrod Sykes: Yeah... I wasn't drunk. This guy... a General... was standing on a crutch right by the water when he said to me, 'You and your friend, the Law Man, must repel them'.
Dave Robicheaux: I think you're delusional. You might wanna think about goin' to uh A-A meeting with me one time.
Elrod Sykes: Maybe I was a little drunk.

Dave Robicheaux: In the ancient world, people placed heavy stones on the graves of the dead so their souls would not wander and inflict the living. I always thought this was simply the practice of superstitious and primitive people. But I was about to learn that the dead can hover on the edge of our vision with the density and luminosity of mist, and their claim on the earth can be as legitimate and tenacious as our own.

Dave Robicheaux: Did you know Cherry LeBlanc, a little white girl about nineteen years old?
Old Woman: She work here, ain't she?
Dave Robicheaux: You know if she had a boyfriend Tawn?
Old Woman: If that's what you wanna call it. She in the business.
Dave Robicheaux: Mr. Prejean involved?
Old Woman: Ask him.
Dave Robicheaux: I don't think he was. Otherwise he wouldn't be tellin' me all these things.
Old Woman: She a sad girl. I told her, 'A pretty white girl like you could have anything you want'. When that girl dress up, she look just like a movie star.
Dave Robicheaux: Who was her pimp?
Old Woman: I don't know nothin' else, me. She wasn't about to give the name of some rich white man to a old black woman.
Dave Robicheaux: What rich white man?
Old Woman: Some rich white man, maybe, get her out the business of sellin' jellyroll. She said that just before somebody done them awful things to that girl.

Dave Robicheaux: Lou Girard always called at night. I have picked him out of the gutters from New Orleans to Lake Charles, held him when he had the shakes, and driven him to A-A meetings more times than I can remember. And he had done the same for me.

Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni: What's goin' on Dave?
Dave Robicheaux: I'm investigatin' a murder Julie.
Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni: No kiddin'. Still worried about me Dave?
Dave Robicheaux: Hell yeah. How many guys would burn down their own father's nightclub with their own father still in it?
Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni: You gotta forgive me if I get a little upset by these kinds of attitudes Dave. I come home to this shit hole. I'm a prominent man in the entertainment business. I talk on the phone, everyday to people in California you read about in Entertainment Weekly. They oughta have 'Welcome Back Balboni' Day. Instead, I get treated like sewer gas by you. You understand what I'm sayin' Dave. It hurts me. Sit down while I take a whiz. Cholo. Where's your hospitality? Get the man a soft drink.

Dave Robicheaux: Your meter's runnin' Julie. I wanna talk about that murdered girl we found south of town.
Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni: Which girl is that?
Dave Robicheaux: Cherry LeBlanc.
Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni: I guess I ain't heard about it.
Dave Robicheaux: You don't read the newspapers.
Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni: I been busy.
Dave Robicheaux: Uhm hm. I can see that.
Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni: We used to be friends Dave. I even maybe did you a favor once. I'm gonna line it out for you and for any locals that wanna get the wax out their ears. Louisiana is flat ass broke. New Orleans is a mortuary. The bottom of a toilet's got more appeal than this shit hole on the bayou. So they better wake up to the fact that we're droppin' close to 40 million dollars in Iberia Parish. They don't like the name 'Balboni' around here? We'll move the whole fuckin' movie over to Mississippi. See how that floats with all those coonass jack-offs in the Chamber of Commerce.
Dave Robicheaux: You in the movie business now.
Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni: Yeah. I'm producin' 'White Doves' with Michael Goldman. Whatcha think about that?
Dave Robicheaux: I'm sure everybody wishes you success, Julie.
Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni: I'm a do a baseball movie next. You wanna part in it?

Dave Robicheaux: Mr. Sykes. You've been drivin' drunk and you come to a cop's house to buy more booze. Why don't you hand those keys to Miss Drummond before you hit the road.
Elrod Sykes: Hehe hehe. Where's that beer at?
Kelly Drummond: You're a good man.
Dave Robicheaux: Yaw'll need to be real careful.
Kelly Drummond: Elrod's a shitbird, but I love him.

Dave Robicheaux: The worst thing a cop can do to himself is eat his own gun. Lou Girard always called at night. Tonight, someone else had to make the call for him.

Dave Robicheaux: How would you define the idea of understanding?
Bootsie Robicheaux: Well it's knowing something, and knowing what it means.
Dave Robicheaux: I think there's two ways of looking at the idea of understanding. One is if you don't look you never will see. And the other is, if you look a little less you'll understand a hell of a lot more.
Bootsie Robicheaux: You might not be over those drugs they put in your drink.