Beatrix Emery
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Beatrix Emery (Character)
from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)

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Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical (2001) (TV)
Lady Elizabeth Beaconsfield: It rather denotes a lack of style to be late for one's own engagement party.
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: Comments on style should never be made by those who have none.

Jekyll: I never miss an opportunity to meet with Lady Beaconsfield.
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: [Emma laughs aloud]
Jekyll: Tell me, is there a Lord Beaconsfield?
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: He died, forty years ago.
Jekyll: Sensible fellow.

Lady Elizabeth Beaconsfield: Well, for a start it is less than impeccable for one to be late for one's own engagement party. It shows a remarkable lack of style.
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: Comments on style should never be made by those who have none.

Jekyll: Miss Carew.
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: Dr. Jekyll.
Jekyll: Are you angry with me?
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: No.
Jekyll: You should be.
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: I'm just happy you're here.
Jekyll: Well, I try never to miss any social occasion attended by Lady Beaconsfield. Tell me. Is there a Lord Beaconsfield?
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: He died 30 years ago.
Jekyll: Sensible fellow.

Lord Theodore Savage: It's a waste of time. Who does this Jekyll think he is.
General Lord Glossop: Impertinence like that in the army would have earned him a good flogging.
Mr. John Utterson, Esq.: The perfect way to stamp out any nasty signs of progress eh General?
General Lord Glossop: Absolutely.
Rupert, the 14th Bishop of Basingstoke: He's tinkering with a man's soul and I don't like it. He's lucky we are living in modern times. Today's penalties for heresy are not what they should be.
Mr. John Utterson, Esq.: Then we should thank the good Lord that we have you to represent modern times, your Grace.
Lord Theodore Savage: If Jekyll is as sensible as you say he is then what is he doing trying to save paupers and madmen? What possible use is that? I've lived in St. James for sixty years and I've never even seen a pauper or a madman.
Lady Elizabeth Beaconsfield: I think he's mad if you must know. Danvers, we are talking about your future son-in-law and I think you're mad to let him marry your daughter.
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: That's not father's decision Lady Beaconsfield. It's mine.
Sir Danvers Carew: Don't worry Bessie. Whatever your opinion of him as a scientist may be, Emma assures me Henry Jekyll is impeccable husband material.

Emma Alice Margaret Carew: [as Jekyll dies] You are free now. You're with me now, where you'll always be.

Jekyll: [seeing Utterson has drawn and pointed his swordcane at him. He begs with tears in his face] Do it, John. Do it. Set me free. Set us all free. Just do it, John!
Mr. John Utterson, Esq.: [voice breaking] I cannot.
[Jekyll suddenly grabs the blade, pulling Utterson in and stabbing himself. The crowd gasps and Utterson pulls the blade out]
Jekyll: [turns clutching his mortal wound] Father.
[collapses as Emma runs to his side]
Mr. John Utterson, Esq.: Forgive him!
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: [weeping] Henry!