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Quotes for
Leena (Character)
from Trancers (1984)

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Trancers (1984)
Jack Deth: What kind of name is Peter Gunn?
Leena: What kind of name is Jack Deth?

Leena: Are you crazy? You killed Murray.
Jack Deth: Has Murray ever turned yellow and gone after someone like he went for me?

Jack Deth: What I do wrong?
Leena: I don't know, maybe you're schizo or something.
Jack Deth: What? What does that mean?
Leena: Last night you said you grew up in L.A. Today you couldn't find Cahuanga Boulevard, you put sh!t in your hair, you can't even remember my name
Mrs. Santa Claus: Leena! Get over here!
Jack Deth: Your name's Leena?
Leena: Did I give you my phone number?
Jack Deth: No.
Leena: Oh, thank God.

Leena: Did you mean what you said last night?
Jack Deth: Yeah, sure. What did I say last night?
Leena: Phil, come on. You said that making love to me was the ethereal union of two lost souls.

[last lines]
Leena: You can't get home. What are you going to do now?
Jack Deth: It's okay. I kinda like it here.

Leena: [referring to Baby McNulty] Is that your boss?
Jack Deth: She thinks he is.

Leena: Ok, I got fried rice, egg rolls and beef chow mein...
Jack Deth: Beef? You mean, like, from a cow?

Trancers II (1991)
Dr. Pyle: [holding Lena prisoner] We don't hold anyone against their will here at Greenworld, Mrs. Deth.
Lena Deth: [sarcasm] Oh really, well I'll just call a cab then, if you don't mind.

Jack Deth: Lena! Don't jump to conclusions!
Lena Deth: You're the one who's doing an awful lot of jumping, Jack!