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Christine Hughes (Character)
from "Yes, Dear" (2000)

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"Yes, Dear: The Premiere (#4.19)" (2004)
Christine Hughes: We're going out to dinner.
Greg Warner: Where're you going?
Christine Hughes: P.F. Chang's.
Jimmy Hughes: [at the same time] Hooters.
Christine Hughes: P.F. Chang Hooter's. It's one of those new hybrid restaurants.
Jimmy Hughes: Yeah, there's no MSG in the food and there's no... silicon in the waitresses.
Greg Warner: I know one person who couldn't work there.

Christine Hughes: [Greg is having to wear a security guard uniform] Watch out, here come Barney Fife!
Greg Warner: Very funny, Aunt By-otch.

"Yes, Dear: Kim Just Wants to Have Fun (#1.21)" (2001)
Greg Warner: Where's Kim?
Christine Hughes: She's out with Jimmy.
Greg Warner: Out with JImmy? Where'd they go?
Christine Hughes: To that bar we went to last night. JImmy's showing her how to have a good time.
Greg Warner: Wow, Kim's with Jimmy, you're here with me; it's almost like we;ve switched wives.
Christine Hughes: Yeah, so; come on out to the kitchen, I've fixed you dinner.
Greg Warner: You fixed me dinner?
Christine Hughes: [Laughing] Sure I did, and later I'll have sex with you.
Greg Warner: [Walking toward the kitchen] So, there's no dinner?

Jimmy Hughes: You know you've had to much to drink when you have to pay your bar tab with your Vette.
Kim Warner: You had a Vette?
Christine Hughes: Chevette.

"Yes, Dear: One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Blue Fish (#2.12)" (2002)
Christine Hughes: What did you just say?

Christine Hughes: Dance, puppet, dance.

"Yes, Dear: Jimmy from the Block (#6.6)" (2005)
Christine Hughes: Tequila makes me horny and mean. And Jimmy and I just had a quickie.

"Yes, Dear: The Owner's Suite (#4.18)" (2004)
Christine Hughes: Um... Natalie, is that Tom running around crazy on the court?
Natalie Warner: [without looking up] Mm-hmm.
Kim Warner: You didn't look.
Natalie Warner: I don't have to.

"Yes, Dear: Sorority Girl (#3.22)" (2003)
Christine Hughes: [pretending to be Anna Nicole Smith] Have you met my husband? He wasn't cremated. He was just so old he turned into dust.

"Yes, Dear: Quitters Never Dance (#6.12)" (2006)
Christine Hughes: [talking to Logan] Never give up. Look at me, I went back to school and now I'm smarter than your Aunt Kim.
Kim Warner: I wouldn't brag if I were you, Christine. Until recently, you thought Thomas Jefferson was George and Weezie's son.