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Jimmy Hughes (Character)
from "Yes, Dear" (2000)

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"Yes, Dear: The Premiere (#4.19)" (2004)
Christine Hughes: We're going out to dinner.
Greg Warner: Where're you going?
Christine Hughes: P.F. Chang's.
Jimmy Hughes: [at the same time] Hooters.
Christine Hughes: P.F. Chang Hooter's. It's one of those new hybrid restaurants.
Jimmy Hughes: Yeah, there's no MSG in the food and there's no... silicon in the waitresses.
Greg Warner: I know one person who couldn't work there.

Jimmy Hughes: [Jimmy is having to pose as Greg for a day] Uh, Mr. Savitsky; I don't own a suit.

"Yes, Dear: Jimmy Has Changed (#5.2)" (2005)
Jimmy Hughes: R2... D2

"Yes, Dear: A List Before Dying (#4.21)" (2004)
Jimmy Hughes: Geez, if I hadn't drooped that bag of Skittles I'd be dead right now.

"Yes, Dear: Hooked on Comics (#4.2)" (2003)
Jimmy Hughes: [talking about Greg's father's retirement] Boy, must be great to be retired. No job, sleep as late as you want, no responsibilities, just sit on the couch and watch tv all day.
Greg Warner: Or as you like to call it, 1986 through 1999.

"Yes, Dear: Talk Time (#1.10)" (2000)
Greg Warner: [Greg has to study for a test] I'm going to finish the reading tonight.
Jimmy Hughes: You mean you're going to read the entire assignment tonight?
Greg Warner: This is the way I study; this is the way most people study. They cram it all in the night before, ace the test and then forget it. That's how this country was built; at least I think so, I don't remember much about history. Besides, I only have to read the first five chapters. My God! This whole book is only five chapters!
Jimmy Hughes: You're screwed. You might as well blow off the test and get drunk with me and Christine.

"Yes, Dear: Kim Just Wants to Have Fun (#1.21)" (2001)
Jimmy Hughes: You know you've had to much to drink when you have to pay your bar tab with your Vette.
Kim Warner: You had a Vette?
Christine Hughes: Chevette.

"Yes, Dear: Quitters Never Dance (#6.12)" (2006)
Jimmy Hughes: [Jimmy is trying to get out of dancing with Logan] You'd do that for me? You'd break my toe so I don't have to dance?
Billy: Hey, I'm your best friend; I'd even sleep with your wife if you asked me to.
[Jimmy looks at him]
Billy: Just puttin' it out there, you know.

"Yes, Dear: Making Baby (#2.24)" (2002)
Jimmy Hughes: Hey. What are you guys talking about?
Kim Warner: We're thinking of having another baby.
Greg Warner: Kim! Do we have to share everything with them? You know, why don't you to just come into our bedroom at night and watch us have sex, okay?
Jimmy Hughes: Sure. Christine? You?

"Yes, Dear: When Jimmy Met Greggy (#3.24)" (2003)
Jimmy Hughes: [14 years after Greg got beat up by Brian] What's wrong with you?
Gregory Thomas 'Greg' Warner: I'm still thinking about that guy Brian. I mean I know he was lying and all but he still never took back what he said about Kim.
Jimmy Hughes: Greg it was 14 years ago, let it go.
Gregory Thomas 'Greg' Warner: If only I could Jimmy, if only I could.
Trainer: [after some time and training with Mr. Myiagi] Now you are ready Gregory-san.
Gregory Thomas 'Greg' Warner: [after a long flight, Greg is back in the bar where he and Brian fought. Brian is standing there drinking a beer] Hey you!
Brian: What?
Gregory Thomas 'Greg' Warner: Take it back.
Brian: No!
Gregory Thomas 'Greg' Warner: [after Brian beats up Greg again, he is back on the plane home] Give me some ice please.