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Cordell Walker (Character)
from "Walker, Texas Ranger" (1993)

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"Walker, Texas Ranger: One Riot, One Ranger (#1.1)" (1993)
[explaining why a black kid from the Baltimore ghetto like himself would want to join the Texas Rangers]
James "Jimmy" Trivette: When I was a kid, every Saturday morning I used to get up and sneak into the living room and watch my favorite TV show about the most famous Texas Ranger of all time, the last surviving member of a squad ambushed by bandits. Nursed back to health by an Indian, he became...
Ranger Cordell Walker: Don't tell me...
James "Jimmy" Trivette: That's right, man! The Lone Ranger!

Mexican: This is Mexico, Ranger! You've got no right!
Ranger Cordell Walker: I've got no right?
Mexican: No!
[Walker punches the Mexican]
Ranger Cordell Walker: I think that was a pretty good right.

Rapist: Ranger, you screwed up! You forgot to read us our rights.
Ranger Cordell Walker: You're right! You have the right
[kicks the rapist]
Ranger Cordell Walker: to remain silent.

[On their first day as partners, Walker and Trivette have busted an arms runner]
Ranger Cordell Walker: Come on, Trivit.
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: It's not Trivet; It's TRIVETTE!

Ranger Cordell Walker: [Walker has just been thrown by a bull. He pushes Trivette, who has been roped into being a clown out of the way] Move it Trivette!
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: Hey, you said my name!
Ranger Cordell Walker: Go!

"Walker, Texas Ranger: Evil in the Night (#4.6)" (1995)
Cordell Walker: [to Trivette's skepticism about Indian mysticism] White man's rules don't apply here.
James Trivette: I'm not a white man, remember?
Cordell Walker: You dance like one.

"Walker, Texas Ranger: War Zone (#3.15)" (1995)
Ranger Cordell Walker: I think our next place to search is where military and wannabe military types hang out.
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: Does that mean the Hunt Club?
Ranger Cordell Walker: Yep!
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: Nobody goes into the Hunt Club without a S.W.A.T. escort.
Ranger Cordell Walker: We do!

"Walker, Texas Ranger: Deep Cover (#4.2)" (1995)
[last lines]
C.D. Parker: You know what they say, the bigger they are...
Ranger Cordell Walker: -the harder they hit!

"Walker, Texas Ranger: Lucas: Part 2 (#6.4)" (1997)
C.D. Parker: And how are you doing, little partner?
Lucas Simms: Fine, and it's little visitor now.
Cordell Walker: [chuckles]
Lucas Simms: Usdi adadamdvhidohi is how you say it in Cherokee.
C.D. Parker: Oh, well pardon my French, but I'll be damned.
Lucas Simms: Walker told me I have AIDS.

"Walker, Texas Ranger: Mr. Justice (#6.9)" (1997)
Ranger Cordell Walker: That's what life is all about people, making the smart choices.

"Walker, Texas Ranger: Devil's Turf (#5.18)" (1997)
Cordell Walker: [Walker comes out of the Devil's Gym after beating up someone] Trivette, there's a guy inside... Book him.
James Trivette: What for?
Cordell Walker: Lying.

"Walker, Texas Ranger: Skyjacked (#2.19)" (1994)
[Walker and Trivette are escorting a cop killer on a plane from Cleveland to Dallas and Walker has to be separated from Trivette and the killer]
Ranger Cordell Walker: If he gives you any trouble, you know what to do?
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: Yeah! Shoot first and come find you later.

"Walker, Texas Ranger: The Guardians (#4.3)" (1995)
Jerry Lee Stark: God's gonna damn you, Walker!
Cordell Walker: I don't think he's mad at me, but you're in a lot of trouble.

"Walker, Texas Ranger: Borderline (#1.2)" (1993)
Tim: [Walker is concerned for Alex's safety] I have a green belt in judo.
Cordell Walker: Green?... Pretty color.

"Walker, Texas Ranger: Wedding Bells: Part 1 (#8.24)" (2000)
[Walker has put some tuxedos, for his and Alex's wedding, in Trivette's car]
Ranger Cordell Walker: Now, be careful with the tuxedos. Don't wrinkle them.
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: Will you relax!
Francis Gage: Nothing's gonna happen to the tuxes, Walker. Later!
[to Trivette]
Francis Gage: ...You know, the only person more nervous than Walker is Sydney.
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: Why is she nervous?
Francis Gage: She's been worried since day one that we weren't gonna get these tuxes in time for the wedding.
Radio: All units, report of a 2-11 in progress at the First Bank of South Dallas...
[they go to the bank robbery in Trivette's car. One of the robbers has a grenade, with which he tries to use. Gage kicks the grenade under Trivette's car, then realizes his mistake]
Francis Gage: Whoops!
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: Duh!
[Trivette's car blows up]
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: Nooo!
Francis Gage: Uhm... Sorry about your car.
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: Sorry about *what?* Never mind the car; Walker's gonna kill us!
[pieces of burned and burning tuxedo fall and blow around them]
Francis Gage: The tuxes!
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: That's what I mean!
Francis Gage: Oh, man! Hey, we should just... go to Australia.
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: That's not far enough.
Francis Gage: Isn't it? *Shoot*!
[one of the bank robbers gets up and fires on them; Trivette and Gage draw their guns]
Ranger Jimmy Trivette: Get down!
Francis Gage: Yeah, yeah! Get down! You have no idea how much trouble we're in!

"Walker, Texas Ranger: Unfinished Business (#2.8)" (1993)
A.D.A. Alex Cahill: Maybe you should go to the hospital.
Ranger Cordell Walker: No. I'm okay.
A.D.A. Alex Cahill: Just to get it looked at.
Ranger Cordell Walker: The medic just looked at it, Alex. I'm fine.
A.D.A. Alex Cahill: You're so stubborn!

"Walker, Texas Ranger: Lazarus (#9.6)" (2000)
Lazarus: You ready to die?
Ranger Cordell Walker: Before I do, who sent you?
Lazarus: [Smirks, and then cracks neck] My boss.