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Quotes for
Mickey Duka (Character)
from The Punisher (2004)

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The Punisher (2004)
Micky Duka: What's the torch for?
Frank Castle: 2000 degrees, Mick. Enough to turn steel into butter.
Frank Castle: It won't hurt at first. It's too hot, you see? The flame sears the nerve endings shut, killing them. You'll go into shock... and all you'll feel is... cold. Isn't science fun, Mickey?

Micky Duka: [after realizing that the Punisher had faked Micky's torture] You are not a nice person.

[first lines]
Bobby Saint: So I'm gonna get a three-to-one return on my money?
Micky Duka: Otto is the real deal. I met him at a hash bar in Amsterdam. He speaks Russian, German, Arabic...

Micky Duka: If you're going to kill me, will you leave my face alone... for my mother?
Quentin Glass: We just made your bail. Now if I wanted to kill you, I would have left you in jail where we have friends, and in some way that I would describe as deeply pornographic, you would have been killed. But you're a small piece of shit... and I don't want the karma of your death on my soul.