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Grace Sheffield (Character)
from "The Nanny" (1993)

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"The Nanny: Christmas Episode (#1.7)" (1993)
[Grace, Brighton, Maggie and Niles are sitting in a row on a pew in a church, where they have to speak in hushed voices due to the solemnity of their surroundings]
Grace Sheffield: [to Brighton] Where's Fran going?
Brighton Sheffield: [to Maggie] Grace wants to know where Fran's gone.
Margaret 'Maggie' Sheffield: [to Niles] What's with Fran?
Niles: [to Maggie] She's gone to confess.
Margaret 'Maggie' Sheffield: [to Brighton with a confused look on her face] She went to play chess.
Brighton Sheffield: [to Grace] She went to undress.
[Grace is totally confused]

Fran Fine: [back from ice skating] Kids, take your wet clothes off and put them in the hamper.
Niles: No wet clothes for you, Miss Fine?
Fran Fine: I didn't fall.
Grace Sheffield: She didn't skate.

Fran Fine: Look Gracie, Santa took a bite out of the cookies we left him.
Grace Sheffield: I didn't know Santa wears red lipstick.
Fran Fine: The man gets out of the house once a year, live and let live.

Maxwell Sheffield: [Fran's helping decorate the tree] Miss Fine, what do you think you're doing?
Fran Fine: I'm putting a tinsel on.
Brighton Sheffield: [gasps] Not before the lights!
Fran Fine: Did I make a faux pas?
Margaret 'Maggie' Sheffield: Lights go on first, then ornaments, and tinsel is always last.
Grace Sheffield: Daddy's very anal about decorations.

"The Nanny: Imaginary Friend (#1.6)" (1993)
Grace Sheffield: [playing with dolls] Now everyone: Mr. Fuzzy would like to share!
Fran Fine: Oh, I just love playing with dolls!
Grace Sheffield: We aren't playing!
Fran Fine: No?
Grace Sheffield: We're in group therapy.
Fran Fine: Ohhhhhh. Thank God, because, you know, I heard Ken and Barbie are on the skids.
Grace Sheffield: Really?
Fran Fine: I heard it directly from Chatty Cathy. It seems that Ken found out that Barbie had a fling with G.I. Joe right before Desert STorm.
Grace Sheffield: Poor Ken.
Fran Fine: Poor Barbie! One little indiscretion in 30 years, and it cost her the dream house.
Grace Sheffield: Barbie never said a word! She must be in denial.
Fran Fine: Sure. Look at her feet. That's all from frustration. Never trust a woman who can't wear flats.
[smiles; cut to beginning credits]

Brighton Sheffield: [Maggie is playing piano off-key with wrong notes; Niles is spray-cleaning; Fran is reading Tres Chic as Grace entertains herself with checkers and Brighton reads, but then throws magazine to couch and rushes to Fran, hands over his ears] Alright, alright, I confess - just make her stop playing; it's torture!
Fran Fine: [shakes head] You don't know what torture is. MY sister played the zither. Once my ears actually bled.
Margaret 'Maggie' Sheffield: My teacher says I have nimble fingers.
Niles: You know, sign language is an excellent hobby.
Grace Sheffield: [to no one] Okay, I'll do it myself.
Brighton Sheffield: [theatrically] Submitted for your approval: A girl who has a friend that isn't there. An imaginary friend, here in The Gracie Zone.
Fran Fine: Give her a break. She's only 6! When she invites and imaginary guy to the prom, we'll start worrying.
Grace Sheffield: I win! You want to go play hide-and-go-seek? Okay, you hide.
[covers her eyes; almost immediately uncovers them]
Grace Sheffield: Where did she go? She IS good!

Fran Fine: [enters therapy waiting room] Excuse me, is this Dr. Voort's office?
[turns head to look at sign]
Fran Fine: Oh, yeah. Of course. I'm sorry. I'm just a little new at this whole therapy thing.
Lexine: May I help you?
Fran Fine: What's that supposed to mean? I'm okay, you're okay.
[scoffs nervously and looks back to people waiting]
Fran Fine: Are THEY okay?
Lexine: You must be a new patient.
Fran Fine: Me, a patient? What are you, nuts?
[looks back to see the people offended]
Fran Fine: Not that there's anything wrong with it.
[turns back to receptionist]
Fran Fine: I just need to pick up Grace Sheffield.
Lexine: You must be the new nanny.
Fran Fine: Yes. Fran Fine. I'm sort of a role model for her.
[receptionist looks doubtful]
Fran Fine: I'm sure she's mentioned me.
Lexine: Anything Grace may have said about you is strictly confidential.
Fran Fine: Well, what d'ya mean? Oh, if she blabbed about that little Chutes and Ladders incident, I did not cheat.
[looks back to people]
Fran Fine: She just can't count!
[Gracie comes out]
Fran Fine: Hiya, Gracie! How was your session?
Grace Sheffield: It was great! I'm starting to make real progress!
Fran Fine: [soft voice] Good for you.
Grace Sheffield: [to air] Come on, Imogene! Lunch time! Stage Deli?
Grace Sheffield: I was gonna say the same thing.
[walks to door]
Fran Fine: [to people in chairs] That's AFTER a $150 session.
[follows Gracie out]

"The Nanny: When You Pish Upon a Star (#2.11)" (1994)
Fran Fine: Come on, kids, Royal Flush is on!
Grace Sheffield: I wanted to see Full House.

Grace Sheffield: [to Jack Walker] Fran and I already went through your luggage.
Fran Fine: Sweetie, we were just playing Midnight Express.

Margaret 'Maggie' Sheffield: [watching Royal Flush] What happens to the cute little one?
Grace Sheffield: She gets a breast reduction and goes to Yale.

"The Nanny: Frannie's Choice (#1.20)" (1994)
Grace Sheffield: I wrote you a poem, Fran.
Fran Fine: You did?
Grace Sheffield: [reciting] "F is for the fun we have together, R is for the rummy that we play. A is for the answers to my questions, and N is for the nasal things you say."
Fran Fine: [in her most nasal voice] Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Grace Sheffield: [Fran's announced she's marrying Danny] That's odd, your closet's hardly big enough for *your* clothes.
Margaret 'Maggie' Sheffield: He's not moving in with her.
Grace Sheffield: Well that's not much of a marriage.

"The Nanny: Mom's the Word (#6.7)" (1998)
Maxwell Sheffield: Where's Brighton?
Grace Sheffield: Um, looking for Yetta.
Maxwell Sheffield: Where's Yetta?
Grace Sheffield: Looking for Brighton.
Maxwell Sheffield: If you knew that they were looking for each other, why didn't you just tell them?
Grace Sheffield: More fun for me?

"The Nanny: Sunday in the Park with Fran (#1.17)" (1994)
Chastity Claire 'C.C.' Babcock: [on the telephone] Hello. Is this Mr. Bradley? We haven't met, but your little Frank is in the same class as my Gracie.
Grace Sheffield: [overhearing] I'm not hers, am I?
Fran Fine: No, angel. You don't shed your skin.

"The Nanny: The Fran in the Mirror (#6.12)" (1999)
Fran Sheffield: [to Sylvia] The teacher dropped a word that I didn't understand.
Fran Sheffield: [to Grace] Which one was that?
Grace Sheffield: Curriculum.
[Fran nods her acknowledgment]
Grace Sheffield: She said it was broad based, and you said, "What do the boys study?"

"The Nanny: Rash to Judgment (#5.11)" (1998)
Grace Sheffield: Fran, I've been wearing a training bra for about three months now, and what exactly is that it trains them to do?
Fran Fine: You know, honey, you really can't train 'em. Eventually, they'll just get older and go their separate ways.
Sylvia Fine: Funny you should bring this up. Since I started my diet, I went down an entire cup size.
Fran Fine: What cup size did you go down to, Ma? Stanley?

"The Nanny: Smoke Gets in Your Lies (#1.1)" (1993)
Brighton Sheffield: He never has time for us.
Grace Sheffield: Maybe Daddy's seeing other children!
Fran Fine: Let's not be paranoid.
Grace Sheffield: I'm not paranoid... who said I was?

"The Nanny: Oy Vey, You're Gay (#3.7)" (1995)
Grace Sheffield: [Maxwell is incredibly hung over] Daddy, are you sick?
Maxwell Sheffield: No, no. I'm not sick. I'm fine, Margaret.
Fran Fine: That's Gracie.
Maxwell Sheffield: Oh.
[aside, to Fran]
Maxwell Sheffield: When did we have her?
Fran Fine: Never mind when we had her, when can we start making another one?

"The Nanny: Fran Gets Shushed (#6.2)" (1998)
Fran Sheffield: OK, it's true. Your father and I had a little tiff. But I don't want you kids to worry about it at all. I mean, just because I spent the night at Ma's does not mean that we're going to be getting a divorce.
Grace Sheffield: But then why did Daddy call his attorney?
Fran Sheffield: [in a shocked tone] What?
Grace Sheffield: Kidding!

"The Nanny: A Plot for Nanny (#1.10)" (1994)
Brighton Sheffield: I finished my homework, Dad.
Maxwell Sheffield: Oh, all right. Let's have a listen.
[Brighton stands to read his paper]
Brighton Sheffield: "The Civil War. The causes of the Civil War become clear when we view the United States as a big, dysfunctional family."
Maxwell Sheffield: Oh Gracie, I told you not to do your brother's homework.
Grace Sheffield: Five bucks is five bucks.
Maxwell Sheffield: Brighton, you can't just go through life paying people to do everything for you.
Brighton Sheffield: Dad, I've got two words for you: Niles, Fran.
Maxwell Sheffield: I've got two words for you: military, school.

"The Nanny: The Cantor Show (#3.24)" (1996)
Grace Sheffield: [comes in with a babushka and dress] Okay, Fran; I'm ready for temple.
Fran Fine: [bends down] Honey, it's only Friday night services. We're not fleeing out of Tefka.
[leads her out of the room; fade to credits]

"The Nanny: The Facts of Lice (#4.18)" (1997)
Fran Fine: Honey, don't scratch like that. People will think you have lice.
Grace Sheffield: I do. My school sent home a letter.
Fran Fine: [gasps] You got head lice, at your 14 THOUSAND dollar a year school.
Fran Fine: Vermin they give you but you still gotta bring your own juice.

"The Nanny: Deep Throat (#1.14)" (1994)
Fran Fine: I made you toast in the shape of a horsey.
Grace Sheffield: What kind of horse is this?
Fran Fine: [takes a bite out of it] A gelding.

"The Nanny: Where's Fran? (#3.16)" (1996)
[Fran has quit her job as nanny and rushed off]
Grace Sheffield: Um, Dad. If you and Fran split up, who do we live with?
Maxwell Sheffield: Me, sweetheart.
Grace Sheffield: Oh!
[Maxwell walks off]
Grace Sheffield: [sternly and forcefully to Brighton] Find her!

"The Nanny: The Boca Story (#4.25)" (1997)
Fran Fine: Where are all the Kleenex? Wasn't this a full box?
Grace Sheffield: [enters the kitchen with an obviously stuffed bra] Good morning everyone. Fran, where are the double stuffed Oreos?
Fran Fine: [Brighton starts to speak] Shut up, Brighton.

"The Nanny: The Nanny (#1.0)" (1993)
Maxwell Sheffield: Sweetheart, how was therapy today, hm? Any, uh, any breakthroughs?
Grace 'Gracie' Sheffield: We did some regression work. Dr. Bort took me back through my childhood.
Fran Fine: Must have been a quick trip!
Grace 'Gracie' Sheffield: Oh, you have NO idea how complicated I am.

"The Nanny: Curse of the Grandmas (#2.5)" (1994)
Grace Sheffield: [telling Yetta a story] Where was I? Oh yeah... no wait... oh yeah... no wait...
Yetta Rosenberg: You see sweetie? You're not a curse, I'm not dead
Yetta Rosenberg: [to Fran]
Yetta Rosenberg: and I wish I was.