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Kimberly Brock (Character)
from "Picket Fences" (1992)

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"Picket Fences: Rebels with Causes (#3.7)" (1994)
Kenny Lacos: Jimmy? You heard what I said.
Kimberly Brock: I think he heard.
Kenny Lacos: Nothing has happened between us. We're just here to tell you that we're interested in dating. We know it will be a little controversial and, out of respect for you, we just wanted to tell you beforehand.
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: You want to date my daughter?
Kenny Lacos: Yes, sir. I know she's only 18 but she's also pretty mature for her age. Probably even more so than me so the age difference isn't a big deal. I'd like your permission but I'm not here to ask.
Kimberly Brock: We're just here to inform you.
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: You, two, together?
Kenny Lacos: Yes, sir.
Kimberly Brock: We may not even end up liking each other.
Kenny Lacos: Look, Jimmy. I know you gotta be kind of freaked. But you have my word you can trust me. That's a promise from me to you. I promise.
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: Uh huh.
[gasping for breath]
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: I got to admit that I'm shocked. But, that aside, I'll have you shot dead if you go near her.
Kimberly Brock: Daddy. That's not funny.
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: Look. I can't control my daughter. My deputy, that I can. So much as hold her hand, Kenny, and you are fired.

Sheriff Jimmy Brock: Still here?
Kimberly Brock: I didn't realize I had permission to leave. I didn't dare take a step without getting your consent first.
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: He's 10 years older than you. There's a difference in maturity
Kimberly Brock: Daddy, do you really want to pick maturity as the issue? Maybe we should define the term first. What's the standard? Would it be statements like, 'Date my daughter and I'll have you shot dead?' Is that the level of grown-up maturity? I'm just not capable of.
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: You're not grown enough to talk to me like that, young lady.
Kimberly Brock: Yeah, daddy, I am. You just refuse to accept it. I'm old enough to make my own decisions. I'm even old enough to call you an ass should you ever act like one; not that you ever would. I am not a secretary type thing who's job is meaningless. I am so sick of you treating me like I am 10. I can date the men I choose to date and today I choose Kenny.
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: And then what? You fall in love? Suppose he wants that. He's 29 years old. He might be ready for marriage. What about college, Kimberly? How are you gonna go to college raising children?
Kimberly Brock: We just want to go to a movie.
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: It's never just a movie. Not with Kenny. You'll dress nice. You'll share popcorn. He's not gonna stop at buttered flavoring. The man heats up!
Kimberly Brock: Are we on "Candid Camera" ?
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: He's gonna want more.
Kimberly Brock: Daddy, first of all, I am totally capable of consenting or not consenting and, unlike you, Kenny will respect me. And, second, I've already done more, with boys, than share popcorn. I know you'd like to believe that I'm still a virgin but it has to be difficult particularly because you were the one who caught me in bed with Billy O'Connell.
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: Kimberly, you might end up liking him!
Kimberly Brock: Are you on medication?
Sheriff Jimmy Brock: You won't date Kenny Lacos.
Kimberly Brock: Oh I will.