Pete Dixon
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Pete Dixon (Character)
from "Room 222" (1969)

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"Room 222: To Go with the Bubbles (#4.23)" (1973)
Mr. Dragen: Uh this is coming along very nicely.
Principal Seymour Kaufman: Is that your new novel Kenneth?
Mr. Dragen: Yes, I think perhaps the period piece is less-saleable than the contemporary one, so i'm making this one as modern as a newly minted coin.
Pete Dixon: Oh what's it about?
Mr. Dragen: It's about a crusading young teacher in a modern high school, beset with all the problems we face everyday. Actually, i'm hoping for a pre-publication sale to the motion pictures.
Alice Johnson: Yeah, it sounds like it'd make a terrific television series.
[Alice turns to Pete and then smiles]