Loren Bray
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Loren Bray (Character)
from "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1993)

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"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Woman of the Year (#4.23)" (1996)
Loren Bray: I knew she was a real doctor the first time I'd laid eyes on her. I even let her cut into me once. Fact is Dr Mike saved my life.

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Fathers and Sons (#3.2)" (1994)
Loren Bray: You got to go home.
Brian Cooper: I can't.
Loren Bray: Why not?
Brian Cooper: I'm running away.
Loren Bray: From what?
Brian Cooper: Ma says it's something called puberty. I don't wanna catch it.
Loren Bray: You got not choice, Brian. Everybody catches it.
Brian Cooper: Even in Bolivia.
Loren Bray: Yeah, it comes with growin' up.
Brian Cooper: You mean I already got it?
Loren Bray: You thinkin' about girls instead of school?
[Brian nods]
Loren Bray: You got it.

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The End of the World (#3.15)" (1995)
Loren Bray: What is it?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I believe it's a guyser
Hank Lawson: Are you goin' to blame that one on us, Micheala?

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Sully's Recovery (#3.26)" (1995)
Byron Sully: Will you quit singin'. We ain't drivin' cattle
Loren Bray: Keeps my mind off the pain
Byron Sully: Well you're givin' me a headache
Loren Bray: Why don't ya just throw me down the edge and get it over with?
Byron Sully: Don't tempt me

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Moment of Truth: Part 1 (#5.25)" (1997)
Loren Bray: [refering to Katie] I can't believe it, a year old already.
Jake Slicker: Still ain't got a lot of hair considering the parents.