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Mark Gordon (Character)
from "Highway to Heaven" (1984)

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"Highway to Heaven: Song of the Wild West (#1.5)" (1984)
Mark Gordon: [Driving along a stretch of highway on a hot afternoon] Whew! Hotter than hell out here!
[Car immediately overheats, hood pops open and steam billows forth]
Mark Gordon: C'mon, I didn't mean anything by that; it's just an expression!
Jonathan Smith: It's too late.
Mark Gordon: I can't believe He'd do something like that! I mean, where's all the forgiveness?
Jonathan Smith: He is forgiving; there's a gas station around the next curve.

Mark Gordon: It's my bet when Nick bites the dust he's gonna get a ticket South.
Jonathan Smith: South?
Mark Gordon: [Making devil horns with his fingers on his forehead] Yeah, South, ya know?

Mark Gordon: Boy, I wish there was something we could do.
Jonathan Smith: Is that a wish or a prayer?
Mark Gordon: Does it make a difference?
Jonathan Smith: It might for The Boss.

"Highway to Heaven: The Return of the Masked Rider (#1.4)" (1984)
Jonathan Smith: [after three gang members thump their car hood] Look at those guys. They don't exactly look like Mouseketeeers.
Jonathan Smith: C'mon, what are you worried about? I'm not worried.
Mark Gordon: Well, of course you're not worried; you're already an angel. I thought I'd put it off for a little while.

Thumper: What are you talkin' about, "the boss"? Who's your boss?
Mark Gordon: You wouldn't know.

Jonathan Smith: I've been tryin' to figure out how to solve this, but it's not up to me. It's not up to any angel.
Mark Gordon: Well, if an angel can't handle it, who can?
Jonathan Smith: I think this is a job for the Masked Rider.

"Highway to Heaven: One Winged Angels (#1.15)" (1985)
Mark Gordon: [after God drenches Mark and the cigarette he attempted to light up] Y'know, He must really care about me, the way He worries about me.
Jonathan Smith: Could be.
Mark Gordon: What do you mean, "could be"? Why else would He put my cigarette out like that?
Jonathan Smith: Well, maybe He's not so anxious to have you up there.

Mark Gordon: [to Jonathan] You ever think about settling down in one place? Y'know, and getting married and enjoying the flitter-flutter of little wings around the house?

"Highway to Heaven: The Brightest Star (#1.21)" (1985)
Mark Gordon: The kid's got everything she could want.
Jonathan Smith: You're right; she's got everything she could want. But the problem is, she hasn't got what she needs.
Mark Gordon: And what does she need?
Jonathan Smith: She needs to be a kid, Mark.
Mark Gordon: Isn't she already a kid?
Jonathan Smith: ...When did you ever see a kid talk to *anyone* like *that?*

Mark Gordon: [Discussing Lori] The Boss says you gotta look for the good in people, but with that kid you need a microscope!

"Highway to Heaven: Bless the Boys in Blue (#2.3)" (1985)
Mark Gordon: [to "The Boss" after learning that his wish has been granted] What do you listen to me for?

Mark Gordon: [voice-over over Dragnet-type music] 5:45 PM. My partner and I were on our way in to turn in our uniforms. My name's Gordon... I carry a badge. His name's Smith... he carries a harp.

"Highway to Heaven: Plane Death (#1.14)" (1985)
Jonathan Smith: It's all over, Mark.
Mark Gordon: Thanks for not letting me...
Jonathan Smith: I don't think you would have.
Mark Gordon: Yeah, I think I would have.

Mark Gordon: Will there ever be a time in this country where they'll put drugs away forever?
Jonathan Smith: If there's not, there may not be a country to wonder about.

"Highway to Heaven: The Banker and the Bum (#1.20)" (1985)
Mark Gordon: Aw, don't tell me that bum is our next assignment?
Jonathan Smith: That's right. He hasn't got much longer to live, Mark. Just twenty-four hours. We're here to grant him a wish.

"Highway to Heaven: The Squeaky Wheel (#5.7)" (1989)
Mark Gordon: [Mark and Jonathan walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame] Oh, look. Here's another one of my favorites. Michael Landon.
Jonathan Smith: Never heard of him.
Mark Gordon: What? Are you kidding? Bonanza! Little House on the Prairie!
Jonathan Smith: Sorry. It doesn't ring a bell.
Mark Gordon: I keep forgetting. You've been dead for 40 years.

"Highway to Heaven: Friends (#2.24)" (1986)
Mark Gordon: Here's a good one for ya, Jonathan: What's the deefinition of a dead atheist?
Jonathan Smith: I couldn't guess.
Mark Gordon: All dressed up and no place to go. Ha-ha-ha!
Jonathan Smith: Cute. Real cute.

"Highway to Heaven: An Investment in Caring (#1.22)" (1985)
Crawford: You knew? How in heaven did you find out?
Mark Gordon: Exactly.

"Highway to Heaven: Alone (#2.13)" (1986)
Mark Gordon: The world could sure use a few more like Arnie.
Jonathan Smith: Well, just use use the ones it's got.

"Highway to Heaven: Going Home, Going Home (#1.16)" (1985)
Mark Gordon: [Encouraging young Mark to listen to his grandfather's stories] That old man is a book, son. All grandparents are. They're like magic books filled up with who you are, where you come from, why your eyes are like Grandpa Jake's, why you got a temper just like your Great-Grandpa Carr. And when old people die, the books are lost forever.

"Highway to Heaven: A Divine Madness (#1.8)" (1984)
Linda Krock: One morning he woke up in the castle he built for his wife and he didn't know who he was anymore. Well, his name was Arthur and he lived in a castle, so he figured he must be a king.
Mark Gordon: King Arthur?
Linda Krock: He doesn't hurt anyone, he means no harm. He just thinks he's King Arthur, that's all. I mean, as long as you call him "your majesty" and all, things shouldn't get too hectic.

"Highway to Heaven: Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind (#2.14)" (1986)
Jonathan Smith: [Stepping from the smoking crater, Adam staring in wonder] That's all right, son, don't be afraid. We're strangers here. We need some help.
Mark Gordon: Yeah, we crashed in the hole there.
Adam: Are you... from up there?
Mark Gordon: [Whispers to Jonathan] "Up there"? Does he know you?
Jonathan Smith: [to Adam] Yeah, I'm from up there. You can call me Jonathan; this is my friend Mark. We mean you no harm.