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Booker T (Character)
from "WCW Monday Nitro" (1995)

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"WWE Smackdown!: Episode #2.48" (2001)
The Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back... To Washington, D.C.!
[huge pop from crowd]
The Rock: Well, the world wants to know why The Rock chose the WWF over the Alliance. The World wants to know The Rock's explanation as to why He's in the WWF and not the Alliance. Well, It's really simple; The Rock says this; He didn't come back to the WWF for *Vince McMahon*, Because The Rock owes Vince McMahon absolutely *Nothing*! Vince McMahon didn't make The Rock. Hell, *The Rock* Didn't even make the Rock!
[pause, cheering, "Rocky!" chants]
The Rock: *The People* made The Rock. And being in Washington, D.C., The Constitution says; "We the People, for The People!" Now, that's tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people! People who make slurpees, people who have herpes! All the people that get rid of household pests and all the pople that have enormous breasts! All kidding aside, The Rock was *born* in the WWF, The Rock will never *leave* the WWF! And as God is The Rock's witness, He will always be the People's Champion!
The Rock: Now The Rock will admit there is *one* more reason *why* The Rock came back to the WWF; Payback!
The Rock: Payback to a certain Bald-headed, Guitar-Strumming, Biggest piece of Texas Trailer Park Trash named Stone Cold Steve Austin!
The Rock: So, Austin, The Rock knows Kurt Angle came out and challenged you to a match at Summerslam; No problem! Because The Rock has waited *four* long months, He doesn't wanna wait four more *seconds*! So Austin, You wanna walk around with your WWF Championship, Walk around with your Guitar, Walk around singing songs, Walk around giving hugs. Stone Cold Steve Austin; Why don't you come out and hug the rock?
[Booker T's music hits]
Booker T: Woah, Hold on one second, Rock.
["You Suck!" chants]
Booker T: You think you can just walk back in here and challenge Stone Cold Steve Austin? Oh hell no! You're not in the man's league. More importantly, you're not in *my league*. In fact, you're lucky I don't walk down their right now and kick your pretty ass up...
[Rock holds up his hand, "Rocky" chants]
The Rock: WHO in the Blue hell are *you*?
Booker T: Who am I? Who am I? I'm the WCW Champion, Sucka!
The Rock: Just so The Rock understands this; You're the WCW champion sucker?
[laughter, cheering]
The Rock: What's more important, The Rock doesn't believe he caught your name.
Booker T: What's my name? Hell, My Name is Booker...
The Rock: [cutting him off] It Doesn't matter what your name is!
[cheering, "You Suck Chants directed at Booker]
Booker T: It *should* matter because tonight I came out to challenge your punk ass to a match at Summerslam, Rock!
The Rock: *You're* going to Summerslam?
Booker T: Oh, yeah I'll be there.
The Rock: What you're gonna be there for? if someone needs you to park their car outside the building?
Booker T: You didn't say that? Tell me you did *not* just say that?
The Rock: The Rock said that and The Rock says this; You wanna come out here and run your mouth at The Rock, on The Rock's show, SmackDown? Well The Rock says this; Booker C, Booker T. Hell, it doesn't matter *what* your name is! We don't wait for Summerslam, the Rock will whip your ass all over Washington D.C.!
[Shane McMahon's music hits]
Shane McMahon: Who the hell do you think *you* are? This man right here, Booker T is the WCW Champion, Rock. And not only does he have twice the Athletic talent you have, Rock, But Booker T has something you do *not*, and that is Championship Gold, Rock.
[Booker lifts his belt, boo]
Shane McMahon: And you will respect it, understand me? Oh, that's right, Rock, that's right. I forgot Respect is a foreign concept to you, isn't it? Otherwise you would have not Rock-Bottomed me last Monday Night in the middle of the ring
Shane McMahon: All my life I've done what I've wanted, *exactly what I've wanted! And Rock, by you choosing to go with the World Wrestling Federation, Rock and not with the Aliiance, Rock... You know what, Rock? I don't *want* you in the Alliance any more! We don't want you! But what I do want Rock, is a piece of The Rock. I want a piece of your ass, Rock!
["Shane's a Pussy!" chants]
Shane McMahon: And the only reason Booker T is not coming down the People's Ramp, into the People's ring and kicking *Your* Candy Ass all over the place is because I want something! And Rock, Shane-o-Mac wants to go One on One with the Great One. This Monday night Rock, Raw is War, Shane O'Mac and You in a Street Fight! What do you thinka bout that?
The Rock: What does The Rock think about that? Between you wantin' a piece of The Rock's ass and your friend being the... Champion Sucker, The Rock is wanting to know what in the hell kind of alliance you're running over there!

WCW Spring Stampede (1997) (TV)
Booker T.: We take what we *want*! After we take Lex Luger and the Giant, We want the gold sucka! Hulk Hogan, We comin' for *you*, Nigga!

WrestleMania 22 (2006) (TV)
Ted DiBiase: [Eugene is bouncing a basket ball backstage] 95, 96, 97, 98
[DiBiase kicks the ball away from Eugene]
Ted DiBiase: Ahh! Eugene so close but you don't get the money! hahahahaha!
Ted DiBiase: Hey Booker, do you want to make a thousand bucks?
Booker T: Hell no, I don't want to make a thousand bucks!
Ted DiBiase: But everybody's got a price for the Million Dollar Man! hahahahaha!

WWE: OMG! - The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History (2011) (V)
Jerry Lawler: [laughing] I'll never forget when Snitsky punted the baby!
Booker T: Like it was a field goal or something? Come on, man!
Jerry Lawler: But what else could he do? It was fourth and long.
William Regal: Maybe it's just me being an old villain, but that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
CM Punk: [laughs] Snitsky saying "It's not my fault" and punting the baby. Uh, I think this is one of those things that wasn't designed to be as funny as it wound up being. The sight of him kicking a baby into the crowd like it was a football was... was pretty entertaining.
Jim Ross: It was kind of a nice spiral.