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Quotes for
Sarge (Character)
from Doom (2005)

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Doom (2005)
Sarge: I'm not supposed to die.

Sarge: Semper Fi, Motherfucker! Faithful to the corps John.

Sarge: Are you gonna shoot me?
John Grimm: Yeah, was thinking about it
Sarge: What you got left?
John Grimm: Half a clip. You?
Sarge: [points BFG] I've got one round.

Sarge: [after unlocking Bio-Force Gun vault] Big fucking gun.

Sarge: Shoulder your fucking weapon, soldier!

Sarge: Kill them all, let God sort them out.

[repeated line]
Sarge: Portman, you need to shut up.

Sarge: [Talking about where the Imp came from] Is there anyway this thing came from the outside, on the surface?
Samantha Grimm: The planet is completely dead.
Corporal Dean Portman: It came from *some where*, lady.
Sarge: Portman, shutup.
Samantha Grimm: The atmosphere on the surface can't support life.
Corporal Dean Portman: Maybe it doesn't need air, it could've come from another planet or something.
Samantha Grimm: [scoffs] What, like an alien?
Corporal Dean Portman: LOOK AT THAT THING!

Sarge: We're gonna need something with a little bit more kick.

Sarge: Nothing gets back till everything on this planet is dead. We're going in hot.

Samantha Grimm: [about Carmack's transformation] It may even be reversible...
Sarge: It's irreversible.
Samantha Grimm: You don't know that...
Sarge: Doctor-Carmack's-condition-is-irreversible.
[turns to Carmack and raises his pistol]
Samantha Grimm: NO-!
[Sarge shoots Carmack]
Sarge: Because Carmack's condition is that... he's dead.

Sarge: Pinky, do you see Portman?
[Pinky watches Portman being attacked by a demon on his gun-cam]
Pinky: No.

Sarge: I didn't see shit. And I ain't paid to see shit.

[after Sarge shoots Kid]
John Grimm: [shouting] It was his first mission!
Sarge: And it's not gonna be my last.

[after blasting a hole in the wall with the BFG3000]
Sarge: Holy shit.

Corporal Dean Portman: [looks down the sewer hole] I thought "being in the shit" was a figure of speech.
Sarge: Get in the goddamn hole, Portman.

Destroyer: [Destroyer lifts a gate off of a vent and shoots at something] Agh!
Sarge: What was it?
Destroyer: A monkey Sir. Some kind of monkey.

Corporal Dean Portman: We don't know what we are dealing with here. Its S.O.P. to call reinforcements when its insecu...
Sarge: WE ARE... The reinforcements.

Sarge: [after pulling Portman out of the water] Portman, what the hell happened?
Corporal Dean Portman: I fell in the damn hole.

[Before entering the lab]
Samantha Grimm: In one of the carbon dating labs, there was an internal telephone left off the hook.
Sarge: Did you get any information from it?
[Sam looks at Hunegs, who clicks on a small tape recorder: loud screaming]
Sarge: Open the door.

Sarge: Listen up, men. Leave is canceled.
[Groans and murmuring from the squad]
Duke: [under his breath] Aw, man... I don't believe it. Fuck!
Sarge: You got a problem with that, Duke?
Duke: Me, Sarge? Hell, no! I love my job!

Sarge: [after shooting one of his men dead] I need soldiers. I don't need anyone else, but "soldiers".

Sarge: Eliminate the threat.
The Kid: What threat?
Duke: It goes that this see, if its trying kill ya. Its a threat

Sarge: How long's it been?
John Grimm: Ten years.
Sarge: You sure she's even still up there?
John Grimm: [nods] Yeah.
John Grimm: I guess you got to face your demons sometimes.