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Panthro (Character)
from "Thundercats" (1985)

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"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment First Day: The Trial of Strength (#1.37)" (1985)
Lion-O: Well, then, if it means fighting a friend, I don't have what it takes.
Panthro: *That* is what we're here to find out.
[attacks Lion-O]

Lion-O: Am *I* allowed to help *you*?
Panthro: Nothing in the Code against it.

Panthro: You've done it, Lion-O. You're stronger than I am.
Lion-O: I'd hate to put that to the test when you've recovered, Panthro.

Tygra: The Code of Thundera, justice, truth, honor, loyalty, is needed here on Third Earth as much as it was on Thundera.
Panthro: Third Earth needs it even more.

Tygra: If all goes well, by the end of this week, we'll be annointing the new Lord of the Thundercats.
Wilykit: Now you're talkin'. To Lion-O.
Wilykit: Lion-O.
Tygra, Wilykit, Panthro, Wilykat: Lion-O. Thundercats, ho!

Panthro: [wrestling] You're - very - strong, Lion-O.
Lion-O: Because - of you, Panthro.

Panthro: It's forbidden to help you in any way during the trials. Blast the trials! Hang on, Lion-O.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part V (#4.5)" (1989)
Panthro: What's happening down there?
Lion-O: Mumm-Ra. That's what's happening down there.

Panthro: We have to get in there, somehow.
Lion-O: Somehow is the operative word.

Panthro: Lion-O's on his own. There's nothing we can do.
Wilykit: We heard that, Panthro!

Lion-O: Thundercats...
Panthro: Ho!
Bengali: Ho!
Cheetara: Ho!
Wilykat: Ho!
Wilykit: Ho!

Lion-O: [attacking Mumm-Ra with the Sword of Omens] Ho!
Lion-O, Panthro: [attacking] Ho!

[last lines]
Lion-O: We owe everything to the Sword of Omens, and the Eye of Thundera. And as long as we are entrusted to the Sword Omens, we have the power to fight evil, wherever we find it. Thundercats...
Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykit, Wilykat, Bengali, Jagara: [responding to his raising the Sword] Ho!

"Thundercats: The Shifter (#1.64)" (1985)
Panthro: [laughing good-naturedly] How come every time there's a big job to do around here, I'm stuck with you?

Panthro: [in Snarf's body] I'll never be able to fix anything while I'm stuck with this useless body. I can't even reach the blasted thing.
Snarf: [in Panthro's body] Hey, watch it! That useless body has served me very well 'til now.

Panthro: [in Snarf's body] Come on, Snarf. It's time you learned to drive the Thundertank.

Panthro: [as Snarf's body] Open your eyes, Snarf. You can't steer with 'em shut.
Snarf: [in Panthro's body] I can't steer anyway.

Snarf: [as Panthro starts to climb the cliff in Snarf's body] Use your tail, Panthro. Your tail... I mean, *my* tail, I guess.
Panthro: Hey, it works. I'll never underestimate you again!

Panthro: [trips Slythe with Snarf's tail] Hey, I'm getting to like the idea of having a tail.

"Thundercats: Helpless Laughter (#4.11)" (1989)
Snarf: As soon as we get to the canal, I'm diving straight in.
Panthro: [smiling sympathetically] I doubt there'll be enough water left for that.

Panthro: What's so funny?
Snarf: [laughing uncontrollably] Not much... Except... I almost drowned.

Panthro: [laughing] This water's dangerous, Snarf. We could die of laughter.

Bengali: Bengali to Panthro. Do you read?
Panthro: [laughing] Yes, I read. Novels, mostly.

Snarf: [laughing like him] D... d... does the canon work, Panthro?
Panthro: [after shooting it around to test it and ending up blasting him with the contents] It's filled with this blasted swamp-water. It's completely useless.
Snarf: We can't fight Mumm-Ra with that.
Panthro: No. But we can do his laundry.

Panthro: [both laughing] It's a tidal wave.
Snarf: Surfs up!

"Thundercats: The Superpower Potion (#1.59)" (1985)
Vultureman: Your friend will remain frozen until I release him.
Panthro: Well, set him free, bird-brain.

Panthro: All right, hothead. This should cool you down a bit.
[sprays water from his nunchucks on the flame-formed Vultureman]

Vultureman: You'll pay for that!
Panthro: You'll have to catch me first, Mutant!

Panthro: It's a good thing Mutants don't stick together as close as Thundercats.

Tygra: [of Vultureman ruling Third Earth] Can you imagine what that would be like?
Panthro: I'd say that idea is strictly for the birds.
[everyone laughs]

Tygra: Well, uh, I guess we just have to wait 'til the effects of the beam wear off.
[Snarf blinks and his ears droop]
Panthro: That's right. It'll probably only take a few weeks.
[Snarf's ears raise again and he struggles to speak]
Lion-O: Maybe life would be a little too quiet without him, though. What do you think?
Tygra: Well... maybe.
Panthro: You could be right at that.

"Thundercats: Feliner: Part Two (#1.30)" (1985)
Snarf: There must be something you can do to get this thing going, Panthro.
Panthro: I'm working on it, Osbert.
Panthro: I'm working on it.
Lion-O: Why are you so keen, Snarf? I thought you said nothing could get you into the Feliner.
Snarf: I know, Lion-O, I know. But... I'd really like to see the planet of Snarfs.
Panthro: [laughs] You just want to collect your fifty Thunder-dollars, *Uncle Osbert*.

Snarf: I've got it!
Panthro: What?
Snarf: Ohhh, no. First ya have to promise never to call me Osbert again.
Panthro: [seriously] OK... Snarf. But it better be good.

Panthro: Snarf. You may turn out to be a genius!
[picks him up and spins him around, laughing]
Snarf: Hey, Panthro! Put me down.

Cheetara: You're not... worried, are you, Panthro?
Panthro: [chuckles] Worried? Me? About a Mutank? No problem.

Lion-O: Think we can bargain with them?
Panthro: Since when do the Mutants listen to reason?

Lion-O: What's the matter, Snarf?
Snarf: I might as well tell you all.
Cheetara: Tell us what, Snarf?
Snarf: I'm... I'm not coming back.
Wilykat: You're not coming back?
Snarf: I'm going to stay with Snarfer on the planet of Snarfs.
Panthro: You mean you're going to visit - to see your friends.
Snarf: No, Panthro. I'm going to stay there, forever.
Lion-O: You're going to... leave us?
Snarf: [crying] Yes.
Lion-O: [reaching toward him] Snarf, you can't mean it.
Snarf: [backing away toward the Feliner] I do, Lion-O. I'm an old Snarf now. You - you don't need me anymore. Best to be with my family.
Lion-O: But we *do* need you, Snarf.
Snarf: I've made up my mind.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part III (#4.3)" (1989)
Panthro: [hung upside-down] This has gone beyond a joke.
Lion-O: Well, I'm not hanging around here any longer.

Panthro: [going to where Twotime lies on the ground] Two down. None to go.

Lion-O: Here comes the cavalry.
Panthro: [good-naturedly] Late as usual.

Panthro: [flexes his nunchucks as he responds to Jagara's being unable to tell who is an imposter] We can settle this thing easily.
Jaga: [Mumm=Ra in disguise] I'll finish you!
Panthro: Ah, ah, ah, that's not how Jaga would act. You *are* Jaga, aren't you?

Jagara: It is part of the Thundercat truth that the Sword of Omens cannot be used for evil. You know that?
Panthro: I do.
Jagara: [offering it to Mumm-Ra] Here, "Jaga". If you are true and we are false, use the Sword of Omens to destroy us.

"Thundercats: Time Switch (#2.12)" (1987)
Panthro: [trying to exit the tank after she is knocked from it] Cheetara's in trouble.
Tygra: [forcing him back in the driver's seat] We're *all* in trouble.

Panthro: I thought it would be tough to get into Sky Tomb. Guess it wasn't that tough after all.
[tries to force the cell door]
Tygra: The really tough part is going to be getting out.

Tygra: We may have a fight on our hands any second.
Panthro: Just let them try to stop us.

Snarf: I've got an idea. Hey, Panthro, do you still have those emergency-rations in the Thundertank?
Panthro: [not getting it] Snarf, this is no time to think about eating.

Panthro: LIon-O, it's good to have you back to your *old* self.
Cheetara: [winking] You were one of the most mischievous little kittens I've ever seen.
Lion-O: Well, I don't remember exactly what happened, but from what I heard I was a real wildcat.

"Thundercats: Eye of the Beholder (#1.60)" (1985)
Snarf: Jackalman thought he could catch old Snarf. But I was too smart for him.
Lion-O: You could've drowned.
Snarf: Maybe I should carry the Sword. Then no one would dare to bother me.
Lion-O: Come on. We better get you back to the Lair before you catch pneumonia.
Panthro: [chuckling] When we get there, I'll make you a Sword of your own. Then you can fight the Mutants whenever you want.
Lion-O: [stops and takes the Sword of Omens out] Tell me, Panthro, can you actually duplicate this?
Panthro: Sure. Why not? Everything except for the Eye of Thundera. Why?

Panthro: HIIIIII-YA!
[lunges forward with the sword he is practicing with]
Tygra: Hey, Panthro, be careful with that thing.
Panthro: HIIIIII-YA!
[lunges toward his face with it and laughs with Snarf]
Tygra: Have you all gone crazy?

Snarf: Is that what I think it is?
Panthro: [kneeling] Your sword, Sir Snarf.

Panthro: Next he'll be wanting his own Thundertank.
Snarf: [enters sneezing] I heard that, and - it's not such a bad idea. Snarf, in his Thundertank, fighting the Mutants.
[strides around making a steering-gesture]
Tygra: If you don't get back in bed, Snarf, you'll be fighting *me*.

[last lines]
Tygra: He'll be all right in a couple of days.
Lion-O: And that should give you plenty of time to make his Thundertank.
Panthro: What?
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: The Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr (#1.4)" (1985)
Slythe: So, I face the great Panthro. I am not impressed, panther.
Panthro: You're no work of art yourself, you scaly reptile.

Slythe: I am unarmed, Thundercat. Dare you face me the same way?
Panthro: I'd prefer it.

Panthro: [the attacking Brutemen retreat] What made them switch off like that? Not that I'm complaining.

Panthro: I thought the Interstellar Council ruled against Warp Gas.
Cheetara: [chuckles] When did the Mutants ever go by the rules?
Tygra: Rules are only meaningful if people agree to follow them. Otherwise they're just words.

Cheetara: Look. The Sword's forcefield is pushing the warp-gas back!
Panthro: And look where it's headed.
Panthro: Breathe deeply, Slythe!

"Thundercats: Feliner: Part One (#1.29)" (1985)
Cheetara: All the signals are scrambled, and you know what that usually means.
Panthro: Trouble with a capital T for Thundercats.

Snarfer: Just about anything grows there, Uncle Osbert. Oops.
Panthro: Uncle *Osbert*?
Snarf: Uh, it's kind of a, Snarf delicacy, Panthro. I, uh, wouldn't expect you to have heard of it.

Snarf: [moaning] This is the worst day of my life.
Panthro: You shouldn't feel so bad, Snarf. Some good *has* to come from all this.
Snarf: Good? Those blasted Mutants have my nephew and you call that good?
Tygra: At least you know your friends and relatives survived when Thundera exploded. And that there's a planet of Snarfs. If none of this had happened, we wouldn't have that information.

Snarfer: Uncle Osbert!
Lion-O, Cheetara, Wilykit, Panthro, Tygra, Wilykat: "Osbert"?

"Thundercats: Exodus (#1.1)" (1985)
Monkian: The - the Thundercats! They're, they're - loose!
Panthro: We're gonna loosen your *bones* for you, too.

Panthro: If you guys were as mean as you are ugly, then maybe you'd be trouble!

Panthro: The Mutants will not rest until they have the Eye of Thundera in their clutches.
Lion-O: That will never happen. I'll see to it.

Panthro: He did pretty good for his first time out.
Tygra: He did indeed. And a fine figure of a Thundercat you've grown up to be, Lion-O.
Cheetara: And so handsome, too.

"Thundercats: The Garden of Delights (#1.9)" (1985)
Panthro: Be careful.
Tygra: As a cat.

Panthro: [the tank crashes] How do you feel?
Wilykat: With my fingers!

Panthro: It's impossible that you have that, but obiously you do.

Tygra: Obviously, I have a lot to apologize for.
Panthro: Not you, Tygra. That was some other person. We're just thankful you had the strength to pull yourself out of it in time.

"Thundercats: Lord of the Snows (#1.13)" (1985)
Lion-O: What is it?
Panthro: Some kind of meteor. But we're so low on power I can't focus the laser-scopes.
Snarf: [groans hungrily] Laser-scopes aren't the only things low on power around here.

Wilykat: [running and gripping Lion-O's arms with Kit] Hey - what's happened to all the lights?
Panthro: [amused] Not frightened of the dark, are you?
Wilykat: [letting go] No. I, I - just wondered, that's all.

Lion-O: Thundercats, ho!
Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra: [touching their chests] Thundercats, forever!

Lion-O: How'd you get here so fast?
Panthro: Better ask Cheetara.
Cheetara: Woman's intuition.

"Thundercats: The Book of Omens (#4.20)" (1989)
[first lines]
Panthro: What's going on, Lion-O?
Lion-O: It's another one of our mysterious earthquakes. They're getting worse each week.

Panthro: We'll be at the top before you know it.
Snarf: I don't wanna know it.

Wilykit: Now that we've been able to help the land and the water return to its original state, how can we be sure that it will stay that way?
Panthro: By staying alert, in tune with nature.
Cheetara: By looking...
Lynx-O: And listening to nature's cries of alarm.

[last lines]
Panthro: You can never get rid of evil. It will always exist in some form or another.
Lion-O: The best we can do is to keep evil at bay, by remembering our responsibility, by remembering our duty, by remembering ourselves, and who we are.
Cheetara: We are Thundercats.
Panthro: Upholding justice.
Snarfer: Truth.
Wilykat, Wilykit: Honor.
Snarf: And loyalty.
Panthro, Lion-O, Cheetara, Snarfer, Wilykat, Wilykit, Snarf: THUNDERCATS, HO!

"Thundercats: The Spaceship Beneath the Sands (#1.14)" (1985)
Panthro: They're sky-cutters. Mutant ships.
Lion-O: But I thought all their equipment was destroyed.
Panthro: Not completely, it looks like. I'll tend to that... now.

Lion-O: He's trying to hide in that stand of trees, Panthro.
Panthro: Trying isn't doing.

Lion-O: That thing is amphibious, Panthro. He tricked us into going off that cliff.
Panthro: Yeah? Well, we've got a trick up our sleeve, too. The Thundertank can be driven just as well on the ocean bottom.
[it catches its front on one of a pair of underwater cliffs and is stuck upside-down in between]
Panthro: But not on its *back*!

Panthro: We can always replace the Thundertank. No way we can ever replace a life.

"Thundercats: The Zaxx Factor (#4.18)" (1989)
Snarf: Lion-O, what kind of ship is he in?
Lion-O: Well - he's... he's in some kind of, bookmobile.
Snarf, Panthro: A bookmobile?
Lion-O: That's right. A bookmobile.
Panthro: [laughing] Well, I guess we can tackle that. Over and out, Lion-O.
Snarf: This should be easy. What could he attack us with - a dictionary?
[both laugh]

Panthro: [the volume-shaped bookmobile blazes off] That's the fastest book I've ever seen.

Panthro: Well, that bookmobile is overdue. It's time we take it out of circulation.

Panthro: I won't be beaten by a flying encyclopedia.

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part V (#2.5)" (1987)
Panthro: If we're going to do it...
Lynx-O, Cheetara, Lion-O, Tygra, Pumyra: Let's do it!

Panthro: Let's hope it works.
Lion-O: [laughs] It'll work, Panthro. Nothing you invent would dare not to work.

Panthro: [descends the hill to see him sitting in the tank with his feet on the dashboard] You've got a lot of nerve, friend. Get out of here.
Alluro: Relax, Thundercat. You don't need the Thundertank where you're going.

Panthro: Are you going to go the easy way, or the painful way?

Thundercats - Ho! The Movie (1985) (V)
Young Lion-O: Survivors! We must wait for them!
Jaga: Can we wait, Panthro?
Panthro: [glancing at Lion-O] Not if we're to save, um... We've only moments left.

Panthro: It's no use. Leave me. I'm just one Thundercat. There are three Thunderean prisoners who need you.
Tygra: They need you too, old friend.

[last lines]
Lion-O: [using the Sword of Omens to burn Thundercat insignia on the badges on their new cloaks] Welcome to Third Earth. Thundercat Lynx-O. Thundercat Pumyra. Thundercat Bengali.
Tygra: [takes one of Bengali's shoulders before taking the other] Brother.
Lion-O: Thunder! Thunder! Thunder...
Lion-O, Tygra, Lynx-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Pumyra, Snarf, Wilykit, Wilykat: Thundercats, ho!

"Thundercats: Jackalman's Rebellion (#1.44)" (1985)
Lion-O: Why would the Mutants fight each other?
Panthro: Beats me. Who knows how Mutants think?

Cheetara: There's something strange going on out there.
Panthro: Yeah, we know. Jackalman's army.
Snarf: And you don't get much stranger than that.

Cheetara: I wonder what will happen to Jackalman now.
Tygra: One thing's for sure: he's run out of friends this time.
Cheetara: [placing her hand on top of Lion-O's] Justice.
Tygra: [placing his down] Truth.
Panthro: [placing his down] Honor.
Lion-O: And especially, loyalty.
Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Lion-O: Thundercats, ho!

"Thundercats: Sword in a Hole (#1.35)" (1985)
Panthro: You two all right?
Snarf: Slightly par-boiled.

Panthro: You can't reason with a computer.

Cheetara: It sounds to me like it took the teamwork of all of you to see it through.
Snarf: That's right. And if it hadn't been for my, cheerful optimism, we would've given up without a fight.
Panthro: [laughing] If that's optimism, I'd hate to see you depressed.

"Thundercats: The Mad Bubbler (#2.9)" (1987)
Snarf: I'm spending the day at the Tower of Omens, showing that nephew of mine how to hook up the tracking-beam.
Panthro: Need any help?
Snarf: No, I don't, thank you! I may not be the super-heroic type, but I'm perfectly capable of installing a tracking-unit.
Lion-O: [laughs] Snarf, anybody who can put up with all of us is pretty super-heroic in my book.

Panthro: Typical Lunatac behavior: too busy fighting amongst themselves to get anything accomplished.

[last lines]
Snarfer: Uh, I think you've got those reversed, Uncle Snarf.
Snarf: I know what I'm doing now, nephew. This is an E-frequency, and this is an impulse-conductor. You put them together, and...
Panthro: No, Snarf!
Snarf: [is shocked and ends up in a long slow spin in the control-seat with the few wires around him] I guess maybe I'd better stick to super-heroics, and leave the electronics to Panthro. It's safer.
[he groans and everyone else laughs]

"Thundercats: Secret of the Ice King (#1.52)" (1985)
Panthro: Ahead - something moving toward us.
Tygra: Looks like...
Cheetara: A big cat.
Snarf: Lion-O?
Panthro: Bigger.
Snarf: Uh-oh.

Panthro: He looks pretty good for a guy a thousand years old.

Snarf: We're going up like a big-bottomed bird!
Panthro: Check. Only we're not on air-drive.

"Thundercats: Locket of Lies (#3.14)" (1988)
Tygra: No bones broken.
Panthro: Pride's a bit hurt, though.

Panthro: You'll regret today, Mumm-Ra. When I'm finished with you, you'll need more than a few yards of bandage to hold you together.

[last lines]
Lion-O: Snarfs...
Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Snarf Egbert, Snarf Oswald: HO!

"Thundercats: Swan Song (#4.16)" (1989)
Panthro: That's what we're up against these days: people who don't care where they dump their waste, so long as it's not in their own backyard.

Panthro: A long shot's better than *no* shot.

[last lines]
Lion-O: Twotime was ripping up the environment for his own greedy reasons, to sell it off to the highest bidder. He didn't know it, but he really had a good idea. Why not use Domedown to move abundant topsoil to needy farmers, or lakes to areas where they need water?
Panthro: That's a great idea. That way we can help balance the food-chain and stock wildlife and forests.
Wilykat: Hey, I got an idea too. How about moving some of that stuff to Cats' Lair?
Lion-O: Like what?
Wilykat: Well, let's start with a swimming-pond. Nothing fancy - just, say, big enough for a raft. And, maybe a SWAN robot.
Wilykat: Yeah, and how 'bout an astro-tennis court while we're at it?
Panthro: [laughs] I don't believe you two. Next you'll want a laser bowling-alley and a fly-in movie.
Wilykat: Great! Can you fix it?
Panthro: Don't be ridiculous. Our job here is a serious one. We don't have time for luxuries.
Lion-O: Panthro's right. We get enough exercise without those things.
Wilykat: [laughing] Well... maybe a space-golf-course might be good to help us unwind.
Wilykat: Yeah. I suppose *we'll* be caddies.
[everyone else except Kat laughs]

"Thundercats: Trouble with Time (#1.7)" (1985)
Panthro: By Thunder! When I catch that tanknapper, I'll smash him into sonic smithereens!

Cheetara: If I move fast enough, the cave won't effect me?
Willa: It isn't possible to move fast enough, I tell you.
Panthro: [grinning] You've never seen a cheetah move if you think that.

Panthro: How do you feel, Tygra?
Tygra: A lot better than I did. In fact, I was tempted to stay in until I was as young, as Lion-O.
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part I (#4.1)" (1989)
Lynx-O: As we all know, the Sword of Omens cannot harm the innocent.
Lion-O: Which means this stone giant is not an evil force.
Panthro: Too bad nobody bothered to tell *him* that.

Lion-O: I've got you, Cheetara. Hang on.
Cheetara: [notices his grip on the wall slipping] But who's got *you*?
Panthro: [grabbing his wrist] I have.

[last lines]
Panthro: I get the feeling we're in for a rough ride up here on New Thundera.
Cheetara: And *I* get the feeling that whatever's happening, it's not a natural phenomenon.
Lynx-O: I'm sure you're right. And I'm sure there'll be more.
Wilykat: You mean, someone's working against us?
Lion-O: That's what we have to find out.

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part II (#2.2)" (1987)
Panthro: Looks like the Thunderstrike's first test-flight will be its first combat-mission.

Panthro: Who...
Tygra: Or what...
Panthro: Was that?

Panthro: [pounding the table] If we could only find a way to bypass Fire Rock Mountain, we'd stand a chance of finding out what this new evil alliance is all about.
Bolkin: But there is a way past Fire Rock Mountain.
Lion-O: [as Snarf jumps up] There is?
Bolkin: Sure. I thought everyone knew that. Well, it's a legend really. They say there's a canyon that leads directly into the Dark Side.
Wolo: It starts in the Forest of Mists.
Panthro: [sighs] Much use that is. No one's ever found a way of navigating through that stuff.
Lynx-O: But perhaps I could. Since my blindness, I have had to learn many new ways and develop other senses. The Forest of Mists deprives you and our vehicles of sight, of radar. But it deprives me of nothing. I might be able to guide you through it.

"Thundercats: The Terror of Hammerhand (#1.6)" (1985)
Cheetara: [laughs after the Thundertank is converted to travel through water] Anything this kitty-car *can't* do?
Panthro: It's user-friendly, it is.

Panthro: [laughs and raises his hand in the direction of the shoal of fish that got caught inside the Thundertank's engine as they swim off] Sorry about that.

"Thundercats: The Mountain (#1.58)" (1985)
Slythe: You'll be in trouble when Jackalman gets us out.
Panthro: [laughing] Jackalman? He couldn't get you out of a wet paper bag. Lion-O will be here first.

Monkian: You wouldn't attack an unarmed Mutant - would you, Panthro?
Panthro: Try me.

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil (#1.61)" (1985)
Panthro: Has any Lord of the Thundercats ever faced a power as evil as Mumm-ra without the Eye of Thundera to protect them?
Tygra: Not that I know of.

[first lines]
Snarf: Lion-O!
Tygra: [running in with the others] Is Lion-O here?
Cheetara: He's not allowed to use the Sword during the anointment-trials.
Snarf: He knows that, Cheetara. But for some reason the Sword's got itself all worked up on its own.
Panthro: We can't blame it for getting agitated.

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed (#1.42)" (1985)
Lion-O: Do we have to continue with this?
Tygra: Every Thundercat Lord must pass the anointment trials, Lion-O.
Panthro: It's not just a ritual, Lion-O. You have to prove you're worthy of that title.

[last lines]
Lion-O: [extending his hand to have them place theirs on his] I'll do my best. But even if I win, I'll never forget that you are my friends. Everything I am, I owe to you.
Lion-O, Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Snarf: Thundercats, ho!

"Thundercats: Pumm-Ra (#1.5)" (1985)
Panthro: Cheetara late? That's like the sun forgetting to set.

[last lines]
Tygra: Trust is something that takes time to grow.
Lion-O: And, I guess new friends are not as easily made as I thought.
Snarf: And friends like the Thundercats are forever.
Tygra, Lion-O, Snarf, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykit, Wilykat: [join hands] Thundercats - forever!

"Thundercats: Catfight (#2.6)" (1987)
Luna: Looks like the odds have turned against us, Redeye. So get us out of here!
Panthro: But what about Amok?
Luna: He can look after himself. Move it!

Panthro: [extending his hand] If we're going to do it...
Cheetara, Lion-O, Pumyra, Bengali: [putting theirs on his] Let's do it!

"Thundercats: The Telepathy Beam (#3.9)" (1988)
Panthro: [running over after his mind has been freed] Hang tough, Lion-O; I'm back on the team!

[last lines]
Panthro: As soon as Snarf gets back from the Berbil village, we're going over to the Tower to repair the Thunderclaw.
Cheetara: Then you'd better hurry. Because Snarf should be getting here just about - now.
[Kit gasps as the door opens]
Snarf: I'm back. Did I miss anything?
Wilykat: How did you know, Cheetara? Did your sixth sense tell you?
Cheetara: [laughs] No. I saw him coming from the window.
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Exile Isle (#3.10)" (1988)
Lion-O: I shall leave the Sword of Omens here.
Wilykit: [horrified] NO!
Wilykat: WHY?
Wilykat: If the tanker were to explode, the Sword of Omens would be lost, the Eye of Thundera destroyed, and that would mean the end of the Thundercats.
[puts his hand atop Lion-O's on the Sword-hilt]
Wilykat: Go with justice...
Wilykat: [puts his down] Truth...
Wilykit: [puts hers down] Honor...
Lion-O: And loyalty.
Lion-O, Wilykit, Wilykat, Panthro: [raise them] HO!

Panthro: [seeing it fly past the window they are by] That was the Sword of Omens.
Wilykit: It can't be!
Wilykat: Lion-O didn't take the Sword with him. How could he call us?
Panthro: Obviously that doesn't make any difference to the Sword. It's going to *him*. And we're going after the Sword.

"Thundercats: Day of the Eclipse (#2.14)" (1987)
Panthro: We have to make a run for cover or the Thundertank will be Thunder-junk.

Panthro: Routine maintenance is the basis of an efficient operation.

"Thundercats: Tight Squeeze (#1.40)" (1985)
Lion-O: There must be a way into the Sword-chamber.
Snarf: The only thing that can get in there is air.
Panthro: Hey - that's it! Snarf - you *are* a genius!

[last lines]
Panthro: So, tell us, Snarf, how'd you ever fit through that tiny vent in the Sword Chamber?
Snarf: It was a tight squeeze, Panthro.
Lion-O: Well, you *have* added a few pounds recently, Snarf.
Snarf: [sighs] I know, I *know*.
Wilykit: [Tygra lands the Feliner and the Thunderkittens jump out] Snarf! Just who we wanted to see!
Wilykat: We're famished. Can you please cook us something?
Snarf: I'm never going in a kitchen again. I'm going on a diet.
Wilykit: You mean, no more candy-fruit?
Snarf: That's right.
Wilykat: No more bread-fruit, smothered in fresh honey?
Wilykit: [Snarf moans and licks his lips longingly] And no more meat-fruit roasts?
Wilykat: With Snarf's Secret Seasoning.
Lion-O: [Snarf moans again] But I thought you were going on a diet, Snarf.
Snarf: [popping on his chef's hat] I am. Starting tomorrow.
[the Thundercats laugh]

"Thundercats: The Ghost Warrior (#1.11)" (1985)
Panthro: Who could stand up to a Thundercat gone bad?

Cheetara: [on what knocked Panthro from his control-seat] There's a... force in here. An alien force.
Wilykat: And it's stronger than... Panthro!
Panthro: Stronger than me? Not likely!

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part III (#2.3)" (1987)
Panthro: From this vantage-point, Lion-O, Lynx-O will be able to see any attempt to invade Third Earth by way of the canyon or the Forest of Mists.
Snarf: How can he see, Lion-O? Lynx-O's blind.
Lion-O: [quietly] Shh. Snarf!
Lynx-O: That's all right, Lion-O. Most people assume that anyone without sight is practially useless.
Snarf: [ashamed] You - you heard me?
Lynx-O: [smiling then going over to touch it chuckling] Of course, Snarf. I may not see the way you do, but I have developed my other senses so that I know as much as you do about what is happening around me. And now that Panthro and Tygra have built my latest Braille board, I probably know more about what goes around here than you do.
Panthro: You see, Snarf, this board is connected to the Cat's Eye. And the Cat's Eye scans the surrounding countryside, picks up signals, amplifies them, and transmits them to the Braille board. Only Lynx-O's super-developed senses can interpret those signals to tell us what's happening.

Lion-O: Let's get out there and see what we can do, partner.
Panthro: [swinging his nunchucks in an adrenaline-rush] Just try and stop me.

"Thundercats: Psych Out! (#2.7)" (1987)
Panthro: I just don't see how we can defeat him.
Tygra: "Don't see." Hm. Maybe that's our answer.
Cheetara: What do you mean, Tygra?
Cheetara: I think Tygra means that the fact that I am blind may be to our advantage. Alluro's hold over Lion-O and Bengali is total, but he never did completely overpower me.

[last lines]
Snarf: First, I dazzled Alluro with my fancy nunchuck-moves.
Panthro: [laughs] Couldn't have done it better myself.
Snarf: I really had Alluro on the run with the ol' kung-fu moves.
Cheetara: Faster reflexes than *I* ever had.
Snarf: Old Snarf had Alluro shivering in his boots.
Cheetara: [hiding in the corner] You cannot defeat Alluro, Snarf. Give up. You cannot win.
[Snarf yells, jumps, and flees, causing the Thundercats to laugh]

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera (#1.20)" (1985)
Panthro: Never thought I'd live to say this, but - stand by to abandon Cats' Lair.

Panthro: No one can change history. We can only learn from it.

"Robot Chicken: Choked on a Bottle Cap (#6.19)" (2013)
Panthro: Lion-O, what are you looking at?
Lion-O: [spying on Cheetara in heat] Uh, nothing, I'm just... checking up on Mumm-Ra!
Panthro: I really hope that's not true.
[shows Lion-O he's gotten an erection]

[the male ThunderCats try to crash into the females' quarters]
Jaga: Wait, ThunderCats, think! If you do this, you'll just be mindless beasts, gratifying your impulses!
Panthro: Yeah, we're fine with that!
Jaga: Me too! Just checking, obviously we're going in there!

"Thundercats: Mumm-Rana's Belt (#2.16)" (1987)
Wilykat: If we had been there, maybe we could've saved the magic belt.
Panthro: I dunno, Wilykat. Maybe Amok knew what he was doing after all.
Pumyra: That's right. Now we'll never have to worry about Luna getting her hands on that belt again.
Lynx-O: And neither does Amok.
[everyone laughs]

[last lines]
Pumyra: But according to Snarf's story, as long as Mumm-Rana kept the belt, the people of Third Earth would be free from slavery.
Lion-O: But that was before the Thundercats came to Third Earth.
Panthro: That's right. And now that we're here, we'll make it our business to be sure the people of Third Earth remain free forever. That is, with a little help from Mumm-Rana.

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part III (#3.3)" (1988)
Snarfer: Let's go free those Snarfs!
Lion-O: Not so fast, Snarfer.
Snarf: Mumm-Ra's terrorizing our families! We have to go free them!
Lion-O: We will free your friends, Snarf. But that's not the only thing we have to accomplish here.
Cheetara: Lion-O's right, Snarf. The Treasure of Thundera and the Sword of Plun-Darr must be our first priority.
Snarf: More important than us Snarfs?
Panthro: No. Nothing is more important than freeing the Snarfs.
Cheetara: But, if we rush headlong in there, and free the Snarfs *without* finding the Treasure or the Sword first...
Tygra: Mumm-Ra will know we're here. And if he finds the Treasure first...
Cheetara: He'll know how to defeat us for once and for all.
Panthro: Thundercats *and* Snarfs will be slaves forever. All our efforts will come to nothing.

Panthro: Good intentions aren't enough.

"Thundercats: Return of the Driller (#1.32)" (1985)
Lion-O: You're sure that motor's nailed down tight? If this superfuel is as good as Tygra says it is, it could rip that motor right off the table.
Panthro: Trust me. It'll never leave the table.
Tygra: Ignition!
Panthro: Ignition.
[activates it and a jet of flame shoots out the back before it causes the table to take off around the room breaking crates and finally through the door]
Lion-O: You did it, Tygra!
Panthro: [grinning] And like I said, the motor never left the table.

Lion-O: A few seconds more and I might've been living in that wormhole.
Panthro: If we don't get that sponge-fog back in time to save Cats' Lair from that acid, we might *all* be living in a wormhole.

"Thundercats: The Transfer (#1.54)" (1985)
Mumm-Ra: Next time, Thundercats. Next time.
Panthro: Yeah. We've heard that one before, mummy.

[last lines]
Panthro: It blew up safely in space.
Cheetara: And harmony is restored to Third Earth once more.
Lion-O: Harmony? We just made the whole universe shake, rattle, and roll.
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Bracelet of Power (#3.15)" (1988)
Mumm-Ra: I might as well do some annoying while I'm here.
Lion-O: [swatting at him in fly-form] Hey, buzz off.
Panthro: Get out of here.
[after he flies near again, swats him with the transmitter to send him crash-landing]
Panthro: Gotcha!
Mumm-Ra: Maybe this wasn't such a great - idea.

[last lines]
Snarf: Do me this small favor, will ya?
Lion-O: What's that, Snarf?
Snarf: Take this blasted bracelet away from me. And never let me see it again, let alone wear it!
Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Wilykit, Wilykat: [monotone] Yes, O great Snarf. Your wish is our command.
[laugh, making him smile grudgingly]

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Fourth Day: The Trial of Mind Power (#1.50)" (1985)
Wilykat: Why hasn't he ever used these illusions before?
Panthro: Using his mind power's a terrible strain on Tygra. He's been saving all his energy for today's anointment trial.

Snarf: He survived all the Thundercats' trials.
Cheetara: Only one more to go.
Snarf: Which one is that?
Panthro: He must challenge and defeat his *deadliest* enemy.
Wilykat: But that would be - MUMM-RA!

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part I (#2.1)" (1987)
[first lines]
Lion-O: [giving a toast] Here's to Third Earth, and to peace at last.
Panthro: Peace, huh? That's gonna take some getting used to. I'm not sure I believe things will be that easy...
Snarf: I dunno how I'm gonna handle being an unemployed warriror.

Snarf: I don't care about Mumm-Ra, Lion-O. At least we know him. But these... Lunatacs. What in the name of Thundera are they?
Lynx-O: I have heard of some such. Fearsome raiders from the moons of Plun-Darr. But they were before my time.
Tygra: How can we find out about them?
Lynx-O: I could find out, if I could touch the places they have been and interpret the information thus gained on a Braille board.
Panthro: A Braille board? What it that?
Lynx-O: We have the technology. We could build one.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part IV (#4.4)" (1989)
Wilykat: Panthro will fix it.
Wilykit: He can fix anything.
Lion-O: Can you, Panthro?
Panthro: The truth: this is a new technology to me. It'll take time to figure it out.
Lion-O: And the one thing we don't have is time.

Lion-O: [the Eye of Thundera not only lights up but sparks] Danger.
Panthro: You're telling me.

"Thundercats: The Mask of Gorgon (#2.8)" (1987)
Panthro: Lynx-O is a grand old warrior who has fought every form of evil. What could his hands have seen to affect him so terribly?

[last lines]
Lynx-O: Just remember: actions taken in a fit of anger are seldom successful.
Panthro: And I guess there's nothing heroic about losing your temper.
Lion-O: Yeah. Hotheads get turned to stone and miss all the fun.
Bengali: You call being a living earache fun?
[everyone else laughs]

"Thundercats: Runaways (#2.18)" (1987)
Wilykit: I wonder if they've started to search for us.
Wilykat: I doubt it. They probably haven't even noticed we're missing.
Panthro: Wilykit, Wilykat. Can you hear me? Where are you?
Wilykit: It's Panthro.
Wilykat: I know that!
Panthro: [follows him back into the cave] Well, what are we gonna do?
Wilykat: Just sit tight. They'll go away soon.
Wilykit: I dunno. It doesn't seem fair. They'll be worried.
Wilykat: Well, they haven't been fair to *us*, Wilykit. Always leaving us out of everything; they deserve to be worried.
Wilykit: No. That's not right.
Wilykat: Well - do you wanna go back to Cat's Lair and stand around all day feeling useless?
Wilykit: No, but...
Wilykat: Well, there you are, then.

Panthro: We came to say we're sorry.
Lion-O: We miss you at Cats' Lair.
Panthro: And we need you. You're a valuable part of the team. We've always known that. It's just that we never let... you know it.

"Thundercats: Totem of Dera (#3.6)" (1988)
Lion-O: Panthro - the waterfall. If we can divert it, we can dissolve that swamp-demon.
Panthro: The waterfall's too far away. We'll never make it.
Lion-O: [holds out the Sword] We will if we all join together.

"Thundercats: Divide and Conquer (#1.55)" (1985)
Lion-O: [the Thundertank crashes in through the wall] What's happening?
Panthro: It's on remote-control or something. And it's gone beserk!
[it brakes and opens to reveal the Thunderkittens are driving]

"Thundercats: The Sound Stones (#2.13)" (1987)
Panthro: Look, over there. That looks promising.
Snarfer: [whimpering] Depends what you mean by promising.

"Thundercats: Monkian's Bargain (#1.39)" (1985)
[last lines]
Tygra: Some creatures are ready for power. Some, aren't.
Panthro: Yeah. Monkian tried to make his own bargain with the Sword, but he just couldn't cut it.
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Sixth Sense (#1.26)" (1985)
Tygra: Sometimes when people come up against something they don't understand, they feel threatened.
Panthro: And their first impulse is to destroy it.

"Thundercats: The Thunder-Cutter (#1.27)" (1985)
Panthro: Lion-O - ho!
Lion-O: [raising the Sword of Omens] Ho!
Hachiman: [raising the Thunder-Cutter] Ho!

"Thundercats: Shadowmaster (#4.15)" (1989)
Panthro: Where's Claudus, Lion-O? Did you save him?
Lion-O: Yes, Panthro, I did. As to where he is now, let's just say he's... with a friend.

"Thundercats: The Demolisher (#1.38)" (1985)
[last lines]
Snarf: [beating Dirge's drum] Victory to Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats! Victory to Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats!
Lion-O: [covering his ears] Hey, Snarf, cut it out!
Panthro: [clasping his head] Oh, no.
Cheetara: Snarf!
Tygra: Snarf, enough!
Snarf: If you want the drum, you'll have to *fight* me for it!
Lion-O: Now that's what I call a cause.
[chases him with the others following]

"Thundercats: Mechanical Plague (#1.48)" (1985)
[last lines]
Lion-O: You were great, Snarf.
Tygra: The star of the show.
Snarf: That's the last time I do a comedy-part. Next time, I'm going to be serious. The Real Snarf.
Panthro: You know what they say.
Snarf: What's that?
Panthro: There's a hidden Hamlet in every comic.
Snarf: Exactly!
[heading off]
Snarf: What the heck is a Hamlet?

"Thundercats: The Tower of Traps (#1.8)" (1985)
Cheetara: Then the Baron was a magician, as well as a bandit.
Panthro: Always a bad combination.

"Thundercats: Dream Master (#1.56)" (1985)
Cheetara: Do you think we should disturb him? He looks so comfortable.
Lion-O: I think he'd appreciate knowing we were all safe, so he can stop worrying.
Panthro: He doesn't look very worried to me.

"Thundercats: Berbils (#1.3)" (1985)
Wilykat: Wow. You did it. A Thundertank. And you built it just with the junk you scrounged from the spaceship?
Panthro: Salvaged. The equipment I *salvaged* from the ship.
Tygra: I must admit, Panthro, I didn't think even you could do it.
Panthro: Are you kiddin'? You're looking at the Master Scrounger of the Universe.

"Thundercats: Return of the Thundercubs (#3.12)" (1988)
Panthro: Nice landing, Cheetara, considering.

"Thundercats: Mandora: The Evil Chaser (#1.10)" (1985)
[last lines]
Lion-O: Now don't say it.
Snarf: Don't worry, I won't say it.
Lion-O: I know you; you will.
Tygra: [coming in] Will what?
Wilykit: Say it.
Snarf: Not only that, but I didn't get my purse back.
Tygra: What purse?
Snarf: The one that had my Jaga penny. If Lion-O hadn't let...
Wilykit: He's gonna say it!
Panthro: [comes in] Snarf, I think this belongs to you. That friend of yours Mandora left it.
Snarf: My purse! She found it! Your only problem is...
Lion-O, Tygra, Wilykit, Panthro, Wilykat, Cheetara: "You're too curious!"
Snarf: That's my boy!
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: The Mossland Monster (#4.13)" (1989)
Panthro: There's a heavy-duty meteor-shower right in your flight-path. You'd better give it the body-swerve if you want to stay healthy.

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Third Day: The Trial of Cunning (#1.46)" (1985)
Snarf: Does that mean?
Panthro: That Lion-O failed the Wilykats' trial? Probably. I wasn't crazy about Lion-O's chances against Tygra even if he *had* beaten the Wilykats.
Snarf: Hey, come on, guys! We don't know that he lost.

"Thundercats: Old Friends (#1.5)" (2011)
Panthro: I guess your father's sword wound up in the right hands after all. I served him proudly, and you can expect the same.
Lion-O: So you think that when we get to fix the ThunderTank, I can drive it?
Panthro: Not a chance, my King.

"Thundercats: The Unholy Alliance (#1.2)" (1985)
Panthro: Main thing in an emergency is to stay calm.

"Thundercats: The Thunderscope (#3.17)" (1988)
Lion-O: How did the expedition to Thundera go?
Panthro: Not too well, I'm afraid.
Cheetara: All we could find was this orb. We believe it may have some powers, but none of us could figure out what it does.
Snarf: Hey, great. Where did you find that Snarfball?

"Thundercats: Chain of Loyalty (#3.7)" (1988)
Panthro: So, even on Thundera people leave their litter all over the place. A very nasty habit.

"Thundercats: Touch of Amortus (#4.17)" (1989)
Lion-O: Let's just say that we're the only people ever to have returned from the Land of *No* Return.
Panthro: Which means I guess that no one can ever call it that again.

"Thundercats: Key to Thundera (#3.11)" (1988)
Panthro: [using it to keep the throttle still] We finally found one thing this blasted key is good for!

"Thundercats: Hachiman's Honor (#2.17)" (1987)
Snarfer: [on his face] Watch out!
Panthro: Watch what? I can't see a thing with you...

"Thundercats: The Last Day (#3.20)" (1988)
[last lines]
Lion-O: Thundercats, this is a happy day. Mumm-Ra, the Mutants, and the Lunatacs have all been exiled from Third Earth. Third Earth is finally safe for all our friends. So now it is time for the Thundercats to return to New Thundera, and rebuild *our* home planet. Thundercats...
Lynx-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Pumyra, Wilykit, Wilykat, Bengali: [responding to his raising the Sword with Snarf and Snarfer] HO!

"Thundercats: The Rock Giant (#1.43)" (1985)
Snarf: Come inside before you catch your death of cold. You look llike something the... cat dragged in.
Lion-O, Wilykit, Wilykat, Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra: Oh, Snarf!

"Thundercats: Song of the Petalars (#1.4)" (2011)
[last lines]
[the Thundertank driver appears]
Lion-O: Who are you?
Panthro: Name's Panthro!

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part V (#3.5)" (1988)
Lion-O: Thundercubs...
Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Snarf, Snarfer: HO!

"Thundercats: The Wolfrat (#1.28)" (1985)
Panthro: They say it's a small world, but this is crazy.

"Thundercats: Crystal Canyon (#3.8)" (1988)
[last lines]
Panthro: We've brought you some gifts. For Snarf...
Snarf: My favorite - Snarfnip!
Panthro: [handing something to Lion-O] A rare thundrilium stone from the Caves of Condus. For Lynx-O, a pet sandy-tailed poochie.
[it jumps on his shoulders causing everyone to laugh]
Panthro: And for Tygra, a crystal scepter from the Ruins of Karrl.
Tygra: Thanks, Panthro. But do you have anything in, uh, wood?
[laughs with Lion-O, Lynx-O, and Snarf]

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part I (#3.1)" (1988)
Panthro: We're coming for you, Mumm-Ra, you worthless bundle of bones!

"Thundercats: Screwloose (#4.9)" (1989)
Lion-O: [laughs after Snarf succeeds in catching the falling vase then struggles to get up and flips so ends up flinging the vase upward then catching it again] Way to go, Snarf.
Panthro: [laughs] I know a couple of Thunderball teams who could really use you.
Snarf: Piece o'cake. Hey, you should see me when I really try.
[humming casually, tosses it back to perch it in the crook of his tail and spins to fling it high, then catches it on a jump, flips on descent, and leaps up to the shelf to replace it]

"Thundercats: The Doomgaze (#1.12)" (1985)
Wilykit: [the Thundertank slams into and is stopped by one of the rocks in the Field of Daggers] Hey, I thought you said this thing was impenetrable!
Panthro: [holds out his hands] Nobody's perfect.

"Thundercats: Spitting Image (#1.18)" (1985)
Panthro: [narrowly escaping the Bottomless Chasm as a radiation-blast he was expecting to go off thirty seconds from his last count occurs] Twenty-eight seconds? That's foul play.

"Thundercats: Ravage Island (#2.11)" (1987)
Vultureman: It will be easier for you if you submit quietly.
Panthro: [advancing with his nunchucks] I'll give you submit quietly, you mutated macaw.

"Thundercats: Turmagar the Tuska (#1.45)" (1985)
Panthro: I'll stay here and take care of this... monster.

"Thundercats: All That Glitters (#1.17)" (1985)
[last lines]
Cheetara: The true hero is *you*, risking your life to risk that awful curse.
Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro: Hail Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats!
Cheetara: [laughs as he lifts her] Lion-O, put me down!
Tygra, Panthro, Lion-O: Hail Cheetara, worth her weight in gold!

"Thundercats: Trapped (#1.49)" (1985)
Lion-O: Can we talk them in safely?
Panthro: Frankly, Lion-O, the book says no. But I never read that book.

"Thundercats: The Fireballs of Plun-Darr (#1.16)" (1985)
[last lines]
Panthro: What's this? A furry baseball?
[Bushy extends legs and head, causing Panthro to yell and topple backwards]
Panthro: I hate spiders.
Willa: Now you've hurt Bushy's feelings. He likes you.

"Thundercats: The Crystal Queen (#1.23)" (1985)
Lion-O: Did the engine break down?
Panthro: No way. When *I* build 'em, they don't *dare* break down.