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Cheetara (Character)
from "Thundercats" (1985)

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"Thundercats: The Telepathy Beam (#3.9)" (1988)
Cheetara: I was sure you were being enslaved.
RoBear Bill: Not today.

Cheetara: [burying her face in her hand] I'm seeing things, Lion-O. My powers are failing me. And I've brought us on two wild-goose chases.
Lion-O: [touches her shoulder] I've never known you to be wrong before, Cheetara.

Cheetara: I thought I saw Panthro. Tugmug and Alluro were after him. But I was wrong. It was, nothing.
Lion-O: Are you sure?
Cheetara: [thinking] I've made a fool of myself twice today and that's two times too many.
Cheetara: I'm sure, Lion-O.

Cheetara: I'm getting new image of Panthro. He's on Hook Mountain.
[cries out in pain]
Cheetara: No - he's, in the Pyramid.
Cheetara: Castle Plun-Darr... Oh, I don't know; I don't know what's real anymore.
Lion-O: We can't afford to let any lead go unchecked. Thunderkittens, grab your Catsuits and get up to Hook Mountain; scour it. Tygra, grab the spring-heels and check out Castle Plun-Darr. I'll pay a call on Mumm-Ra.
Cheetara: [grips his shoulder before he can follow them out] What about me, Lion-O?
Lion-O: I - think you'd better stay here, Cheetara. Uh... the Feliner may call in for help.
[runs out]
Cheetara: He's lost faith in me. And I don't blame him. I'm lost faith in myself.

Cheetara: [shaking] I'm sorry, Lynx-O. My indecision cost precious time and ruined the mission.
Lynx-O: Cheetara, you know that sequence like the back of your hand. *You* taught it to *me*. What happened?
Cheetara: I don't trust myself anymore. Not after what's been happening.

Lynx-O: In piloting the Thunderclaw, I've been picking up atmospheric readings like I've never seen before. Based on what you told me, I'd say it's some kind of, psycho-electric field.
Cheetara: You mean, someone is planting these images in my mind? Deliberately? Then I've got to fight back. But how?
Lynx-O: Cheetara, I gather on my information with my ears. And, because my hearing is so acute, I pick up sounds that no one else hears. So many sounds that, sometimes, it's impossible to sort out the information they provide. When that happens, I quit listening with my ears, and listen with my heart.

Cheetara: I am Cheetara. In my heart, I know I'm the strongest of my kind. The pride of my people. I am unique in this universe. And I will *not be DEFEATED*!

Cheetara: [of the signal] Now there's one image I can always trust.

Wilykit: Wow, Cheetara. We knew you were telepathic, but we never dreamed you were tele*kinetic*.
Cheetara: [laughs] Neither did I. But I was so angry and desperate. I tapped into strength I didn't know I had.

Cheetara: I'm stronger now. I may not be able to control my sixth sense, but I know that when I do use it, it won't weaken me the way it has in the past.

[last lines]
Panthro: As soon as Snarf gets back from the Berbil village, we're going over to the Tower to repair the Thunderclaw.
Cheetara: Then you'd better hurry. Because Snarf should be getting here just about - now.
[Kit gasps as the door opens]
Snarf: I'm back. Did I miss anything?
Wilykat: How did you know, Cheetara? Did your sixth sense tell you?
Cheetara: [laughs] No. I saw him coming from the window.
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Song of the Petalars (#1.4)" (2011)
Lion-O: In the blink of an eye...
Cheetara: Hmmm?
Lion-O: Nothing... It's just... I keep thinking about my father... I, I know it sounds dumb, but I thought he'd live forever... He gave his life, and for what? We have nothing left.
Cheetara: We have the Sword. We have each other. But most importantly, we have hope.

Cheetara: [holds a Petalar child] As the ancient Thunderian philosopher said: Time is relative. This child was just a baby hours ago. The Petalars' entire existence seems to pass in the course of a single day. But from their perspective...
Lion-O: It's a lifetime.

Cheetara: We can try to find another way out of this Briar...
Lion-O: Retreat...? ThunderCats never retreat! I say we face the lizards, and hope for the best... We're all leaves passing in the wind, here and then gone. But while we're here, we live to the fullest! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! ThunderCats! HO!
[the ThunderCats attack, but get surrounded fast]
Tygra: Father would have been proud of your bravery, Lion-O!
Lion-O: A glory I'm honored to share with all of you!
Cheetara: My service to the crown has always been a cherished privilege!

[the Thundertank appears and decimates the Lizardmen]
Cheetara: What is that thing?
WilyKat: I hope that's on our side!

"Thundercats: Jackalman's Rebellion (#1.44)" (1985)
Cheetara: There's something strange going on out there.
Panthro: Yeah, we know. Jackalman's army.
Snarf: And you don't get much stranger than that.

Lion-O: Cheetara, can you catch Molemaster before he reaches the forest?
Cheetara: Gentlemen, place your bets.

Cheetara: I wonder what will happen to Jackalman now.
Tygra: One thing's for sure: he's run out of friends this time.
Cheetara: [placing her hand on top of Lion-O's] Justice.
Tygra: [placing his down] Truth.
Panthro: [placing his down] Honor.
Lion-O: And especially, loyalty.
Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Lion-O: Thundercats, ho!

"Thundercats: The Mad Bubbler (#2.9)" (1987)
Cheetara: Making any progress?
Snarfer: Oh, you betcha. Yessiree bob. No problems.
[Snarf connects two wires and is shocked so jumps and ends up in a control-seat resulting in the wires' being bound around him]
Snarfer: Well, uh,
[clears throat]
Snarfer: maybe a minor snag.
Snarf: Minor snag? I'd hate to see what he calls a major snag.

Cheetara: What happened in there?
Tygra: Snarf. Snarfer. You saved our lives in there.
Snarf: All in a day's work, Tygra.
Snarfer: That's what we Snarfs are here for.

Cheetara: You and Snarfer earned your day's pay. No doubt about it.
Pumyra: You both performed bravely.
Lion-O: And wasn't it you, Snarf, who said this morning you weren't the super-heroic type? No, it couldn't have been.

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed (#1.42)" (1985)
Cheetara: And you concede defeat?
Lion-O: No! I haven't lost until you've won, Cheetara.
Cheetara: In that case, it's almost sundown, Lion-O.
Lion-O: Yes. Let's do it!

Cheetara: [thinking] There's got to be a little extra reserve somewhere, but... there - isn't.

[last lines]
Lion-O: [extending his hand to have them place theirs on his] I'll do my best. But even if I win, I'll never forget that you are my friends. Everything I am, I owe to you.
Lion-O, Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Snarf: Thundercats, ho!

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part III (#4.3)" (1989)
Cheetara: That's - Mumm-Ra!
Lynx-O: It can't be. He disappeared before we left Third Earth.
Bengali: It *is* Mumm-Ra.
Lynx-O: Our first priority is to help Lion-O.
Bengali: You're right, Lynx-O. We'll deal with that bonebag later.

Torr: You look like Thundercats. But, so young!
Cheetara: We may be young, but...
Wilykat: We'll soon get you out of there.

Lion-O: This New Thundera is a strange place.
Cheetara: Not as strange as it's going to be.

"Thundercats: The Book of Omens (#4.20)" (1989)
Cheetara: What a cold, miserable place. It's hard to believe it was once called the Gardens of Thundera.

Wilykit: Now that we've been able to help the land and the water return to its original state, how can we be sure that it will stay that way?
Panthro: By staying alert, in tune with nature.
Cheetara: By looking...
Lynx-O: And listening to nature's cries of alarm.

[last lines]
Panthro: You can never get rid of evil. It will always exist in some form or another.
Lion-O: The best we can do is to keep evil at bay, by remembering our responsibility, by remembering our duty, by remembering ourselves, and who we are.
Cheetara: We are Thundercats.
Panthro: Upholding justice.
Snarfer: Truth.
Wilykat, Wilykit: Honor.
Snarf: And loyalty.
Panthro, Lion-O, Cheetara, Snarfer, Wilykat, Wilykit, Snarf: THUNDERCATS, HO!

"Thundercats: Trapped (#1.49)" (1985)
Cheetara: No matter how bad things seem, you're not trapped until you stop trying.

Cheetara: This storm has teeth.

Cheetara: He's got the Thunderkittens.
Lion-O: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go get *him*.

Thundercats - Ho! The Movie (1985) (V)
Guard: [Cheetara tosses her staff to trip one guard but the other aims his gun at her] And now, you're weaponless.
Cheetara: [Tygra uses his whip to yank the gun from him and knock him over] But not friendless.

[last lines]
Lion-O: [using the Sword of Omens to burn Thundercat insignia on the badges on their new cloaks] Welcome to Third Earth. Thundercat Lynx-O. Thundercat Pumyra. Thundercat Bengali.
Tygra: [takes one of Bengali's shoulders before taking the other] Brother.
Lion-O: Thunder! Thunder! Thunder...
Lion-O, Tygra, Lynx-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Pumyra, Snarf, Wilykit, Wilykat: Thundercats, ho!

"Thundercats: Sixth Sense (#1.26)" (1985)
Cheetara: It's cold. And it's frightened. And we have to find it, quickly, before it's too late.
[sinks back]
Wilykit: [studying the radio-transmissions on the scanner] They sound like they're coming from somewhere on Hook Mountain.
Snarf: [whimpering] Cold and frightening - that makes sense.

[last lines]
Wilykit: Tell us what it was saying. Please, Cheetara?
Cheetara: Well, it said it was sorry it caused so much trouble, but it had no choice. It needed help.
Wilykat: And?
Cheetara: And, it said to thank the Thundercats, and, one day it will do the same for us.
Wilykit: And?
Wilykat: [she laughs] Tell us, Cheetara.
Wilykit: [laughs] If you want to know any more, you'll have to learn to read my mind.
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Feliner: Part One (#1.29)" (1985)
Cheetara: All the signals are scrambled, and you know what that usually means.
Panthro: Trouble with a capital T for Thundercats.

Snarfer: Uncle Osbert!
Lion-O, Cheetara, Wilykit, Panthro, Tygra, Wilykat: "Osbert"?

"Thundercats: Pumm-Ra (#1.5)" (1985)
Snarf: That mummy-creature was really something to see.
Tygra: I hope that we never see it again.
Cheetara: But you know that we will.

[last lines]
Tygra: Trust is something that takes time to grow.
Lion-O: And, I guess new friends are not as easily made as I thought.
Snarf: And friends like the Thundercats are forever.
Tygra, Lion-O, Snarf, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykit, Wilykat: [join hands] Thundercats - forever!

"Thundercats: Catfight (#2.6)" (1987)
Panthro: [extending his hand] If we're going to do it...
Cheetara, Lion-O, Pumyra, Bengali: [putting theirs on his] Let's do it!

Wilykat: [dismayed after the others reveal that after the internal fight Cats' Lair was nearly and the Tower of Omens was captured] And all this happened while we away having lessons!
Cheetara: Well, we learned a lesson too, Wilykat.

"Thundercats: Exodus (#1.1)" (1985)
Cheetara: Tygra, look who's joined us.
Tygra: Well, well. Grown some, hasn't he?

Panthro: He did pretty good for his first time out.
Tygra: He did indeed. And a fine figure of a Thundercat you've grown up to be, Lion-O.
Cheetara: And so handsome, too.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part V (#4.5)" (1989)
Lion-O: Thundercats...
Panthro: Ho!
Bengali: Ho!
Cheetara: Ho!
Wilykat: Ho!
Wilykit: Ho!

[last lines]
Lion-O: We owe everything to the Sword of Omens, and the Eye of Thundera. And as long as we are entrusted to the Sword Omens, we have the power to fight evil, wherever we find it. Thundercats...
Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykit, Wilykat, Bengali, Jagara: [responding to his raising the Sword] Ho!

"Thundercats: Locket of Lies (#3.14)" (1988)
Cheetara: Come on, Thundercats. We're getting nearer.
[uses her staff to pole-vault to land]
Cheetara: So? What are you waiting for?
Tygra: Two can play at that game.
[flings out his whip which hardens into a line marked with right angles which he leaps out onto as a bridge]
Tygra: HAA! Beat that!
Lion-O: [Panthro shoots out his vest-spikes and leaps out spinning to roll on the cliffside by them] I've never seen three worse show-offs in my life. So get this. HO!
[uses the extended Sword of Omens' blinding power-rays to vault from the stone to the ledge over the others]
Lion-O: Well, what are we waiting for?

[last lines]
Lion-O: Snarfs...
Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Snarf Egbert, Snarf Oswald: HO!

"Thundercats: Time Switch (#2.12)" (1987)
Cheetara: When Lion-O was transformed into a child, he caused more trouble than a pack of bobcats.

Panthro: LIon-O, it's good to have you back to your *old* self.
Cheetara: [winking] You were one of the most mischievous little kittens I've ever seen.
Lion-O: Well, I don't remember exactly what happened, but from what I heard I was a real wildcat.

"Thundercats: The Ghost Warrior (#1.11)" (1985)
Cheetara: [on what knocked Panthro from his control-seat] There's a... force in here. An alien force.
Wilykat: And it's stronger than... Panthro!
Panthro: Stronger than me? Not likely!

Tygra: Was there ever a battle such as this?
Cheetara: [of the one collapsed and fell off the wall after giving away his energy] I just hope Lion-O survives it.

"Thundercats: Trouble with Time (#1.7)" (1985)
Cheetara: If I move fast enough, the cave won't effect me?
Willa: It isn't possible to move fast enough, I tell you.
Panthro: [grinning] You've never seen a cheetah move if you think that.

Lion-O: Where is this Geyser of Life?
Willa: A few miles to the south, through some pretty wild country.
Cheetara: We've seen nothing else on this planet.

"Thundercats: Touch of Amortus (#4.17)" (1989)
Cheetara: He has a small wound on his face, but I think he'll be all right once he's had a catnap.

[last lines]
Lynx-O: Thundercats...
Cheetara, Lion-O, Wilykit, Wilykat: [responding to his raised fist] HO!

"Thundercats: Psych Out! (#2.7)" (1987)
Panthro: I just don't see how we can defeat him.
Tygra: "Don't see." Hm. Maybe that's our answer.
Cheetara: What do you mean, Tygra?
Cheetara: I think Tygra means that the fact that I am blind may be to our advantage. Alluro's hold over Lion-O and Bengali is total, but he never did completely overpower me.

[last lines]
Snarf: First, I dazzled Alluro with my fancy nunchuck-moves.
Panthro: [laughs] Couldn't have done it better myself.
Snarf: I really had Alluro on the run with the ol' kung-fu moves.
Cheetara: Faster reflexes than *I* ever had.
Snarf: Old Snarf had Alluro shivering in his boots.
Cheetara: [hiding in the corner] You cannot defeat Alluro, Snarf. Give up. You cannot win.
[Snarf yells, jumps, and flees, causing the Thundercats to laugh]

"Thundercats: The Last Day (#3.20)" (1988)
Wilykit: Where are we? How will we get out of here?
Cheetara: I - I don't know. But I sense a friend is near. And he will help us.
Jaga: [appears to transport them with him in a ray from his hand] You cannot see or hear me, Thundercats. But you must not lose hope. There may still be a way to free you from this place.

[last lines]
Lion-O: Thundercats, this is a happy day. Mumm-Ra, the Mutants, and the Lunatacs have all been exiled from Third Earth. Third Earth is finally safe for all our friends. So now it is time for the Thundercats to return to New Thundera, and rebuild *our* home planet. Thundercats...
Lynx-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Pumyra, Wilykit, Wilykat, Bengali: [responding to his raising the Sword with Snarf and Snarfer] HO!

"Thundercats: Lord of the Snows (#1.13)" (1985)
Lion-O: Thundercats, ho!
Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra: [touching their chests] Thundercats, forever!

Lion-O: How'd you get here so fast?
Panthro: Better ask Cheetara.
Cheetara: Woman's intuition.

"Thundercats: The Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr (#1.4)" (1985)
Panthro: I thought the Interstellar Council ruled against Warp Gas.
Cheetara: [chuckles] When did the Mutants ever go by the rules?
Tygra: Rules are only meaningful if people agree to follow them. Otherwise they're just words.

Cheetara: Look. The Sword's forcefield is pushing the warp-gas back!
Panthro: And look where it's headed.
Panthro: Breathe deeply, Slythe!

"Thundercats: The Doomgaze (#1.12)" (1985)
Cheetara: [confronting Jackalman] So, it comes down to this. Cat against dog. A foregone conclusion, wouldn't you say?

Cheetara: Your mystical powers have no effect on *me*. You may mesmerize *men* with your evil beauty, but I am a woman. You hold no mystery for me.

"Thundercats: The Spaceship Beneath the Sands (#1.14)" (1985)
Tygra: Cheetara, did you hear that?
Cheetara: [moving forward to run] Hear it? I'm halfway there.

Cheetara: You'll be wearing that grin on the back of your face when the other Thundercats get here, Slythe.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part I (#4.1)" (1989)
Lion-O: I've got you, Cheetara. Hang on.
Cheetara: [notices his grip on the wall slipping] But who's got *you*?
Panthro: [grabbing his wrist] I have.

[last lines]
Panthro: I get the feeling we're in for a rough ride up here on New Thundera.
Cheetara: And *I* get the feeling that whatever's happening, it's not a natural phenomenon.
Lynx-O: I'm sure you're right. And I'm sure there'll be more.
Wilykat: You mean, someone's working against us?
Lion-O: That's what we have to find out.

"Thundercats: Feliner: Part Two (#1.30)" (1985)
Cheetara: You're not... worried, are you, Panthro?
Panthro: [chuckles] Worried? Me? About a Mutank? No problem.

Lion-O: What's the matter, Snarf?
Snarf: I might as well tell you all.
Cheetara: Tell us what, Snarf?
Snarf: I'm... I'm not coming back.
Wilykat: You're not coming back?
Snarf: I'm going to stay with Snarfer on the planet of Snarfs.
Panthro: You mean you're going to visit - to see your friends.
Snarf: No, Panthro. I'm going to stay there, forever.
Lion-O: You're going to... leave us?
Snarf: [crying] Yes.
Lion-O: [reaching toward him] Snarf, you can't mean it.
Snarf: [backing away toward the Feliner] I do, Lion-O. I'm an old Snarf now. You - you don't need me anymore. Best to be with my family.
Lion-O: But we *do* need you, Snarf.
Snarf: I've made up my mind.

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part V (#2.5)" (1987)
Panthro: If we're going to do it...
Lynx-O, Cheetara, Lion-O, Tygra, Pumyra: Let's do it!

Cheetara: [he flies them through Dark Side] We did it. Some close calls, but we made it.
Lynx-O: All by good fortune and good judgment.
Cheetara: [chuckles] Fortune favors the bold, Lynx-O.
Lynx-O: Then let us hope it continues to favor us.

"Thundercats: The Terror of Hammerhand (#1.6)" (1985)
Cheetara: [laughs after the Thundertank is converted to travel through water] Anything this kitty-car *can't* do?
Panthro: It's user-friendly, it is.

"Thundercats: Sword in a Hole (#1.35)" (1985)
Cheetara: It sounds to me like it took the teamwork of all of you to see it through.
Snarf: That's right. And if it hadn't been for my, cheerful optimism, we would've given up without a fight.
Panthro: [laughing] If that's optimism, I'd hate to see you depressed.

"Thundercats: Monkian's Bargain (#1.39)" (1985)
Cheetara: Why don't I drive home? Looks like you've had a busy day.

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil (#1.61)" (1985)
[first lines]
Snarf: Lion-O!
Tygra: [running in with the others] Is Lion-O here?
Cheetara: He's not allowed to use the Sword during the anointment-trials.
Snarf: He knows that, Cheetara. But for some reason the Sword's got itself all worked up on its own.
Panthro: We can't blame it for getting agitated.

"Thundercats: Secret of the Ice King (#1.52)" (1985)
Panthro: Ahead - something moving toward us.
Tygra: Looks like...
Cheetara: A big cat.
Snarf: Lion-O?
Panthro: Bigger.
Snarf: Uh-oh.

"Thundercats: The Time Capsule (#1.15)" (1985)
[last lines]
Cheetara: Mind if I ride your board back?

"Thundercats: Malcar (#4.10)" (1989)
Lion-O: We better get the Feliner ready and go check it out.
Cheetara: But, Lion-O, that's way beyond the Feliner's range.
Lion-O: I'm sure Panthro will think of something.

"Robot Chicken: Endless Breadsticks (#3.6)" (2007)
Cheetara: Oh, come in. I'm just taking a bath.
[Mrs. Mumbletipeg opens the door to find Cheetara cleaning herself... with her tongue]
Mumm-Ra: Ooh, I thought you were bathing, dear.
Cheetara: I am! Gee, for a cat-sitter you don't know a lot about cats.
[licks herself again]
Mumm-Ra: Oh! Wow! Um... Mrs. Mumbletipeg needs to go masturbate. I mean um... uh... see... uh... Mrs. Mum... What I meant was, Mrs. Mumbletipeg...
Mumm-Ra: Fuck it, I'm a go masturbate.
[runs off]

"Thundercats: The Wild Workout (#3.16)" (1988)
Wilykat: I think I'll keep working out.
Cheetara: [laughs] I think we're seeing the birth of a whole new Wilykat.

"Thundercats: The Demolisher (#1.38)" (1985)
[last lines]
Snarf: [beating Dirge's drum] Victory to Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats! Victory to Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats!
Lion-O: [covering his ears] Hey, Snarf, cut it out!
Panthro: [clasping his head] Oh, no.
Cheetara: Snarf!
Tygra: Snarf, enough!
Snarf: If you want the drum, you'll have to *fight* me for it!
Lion-O: Now that's what I call a cause.
[chases him with the others following]

"Thundercats: The Tower of Traps (#1.8)" (1985)
Cheetara: Then the Baron was a magician, as well as a bandit.
Panthro: Always a bad combination.

"Thundercats: Dream Master (#1.56)" (1985)
Cheetara: Do you think we should disturb him? He looks so comfortable.
Lion-O: I think he'd appreciate knowing we were all safe, so he can stop worrying.
Panthro: He doesn't look very worried to me.

"Thundercats: Return of the Thundercubs (#3.12)" (1988)
[last lines]
Lion-O: Well, Mutants, much against my better judgment, Snarf has persuaded me to take you back to Third Earth.
Cheetara: And since the Feliner's baggage compartments are empty...
Tygra: We have just about enough room.
Lion-O: Of course it won't be very comfortable, but it's more than you Mutants deserve.

"Thundercats: Mandora: The Evil Chaser (#1.10)" (1985)
[last lines]
Lion-O: Now don't say it.
Snarf: Don't worry, I won't say it.
Lion-O: I know you; you will.
Tygra: [coming in] Will what?
Wilykit: Say it.
Snarf: Not only that, but I didn't get my purse back.
Tygra: What purse?
Snarf: The one that had my Jaga penny. If Lion-O hadn't let...
Wilykit: He's gonna say it!
Panthro: [comes in] Snarf, I think this belongs to you. That friend of yours Mandora left it.
Snarf: My purse! She found it! Your only problem is...
Lion-O, Tygra, Wilykit, Panthro, Wilykat, Cheetara: "You're too curious!"
Snarf: That's my boy!
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: The Astral Prison (#1.22)" (1985)
Cheetara: There must be something we can do.
Lion-O: You can wish me luck.

"Thundercats: The Thunderscope (#3.17)" (1988)
Lion-O: How did the expedition to Thundera go?
Panthro: Not too well, I'm afraid.
Cheetara: All we could find was this orb. We believe it may have some powers, but none of us could figure out what it does.
Snarf: Hey, great. Where did you find that Snarfball?

"Thundercats: The Jade Dragon (#3.18)" (1988)
Cheetara: He may not be the bravest creature in the world, but he's certainly the most loyal.
Hachiman: And no one could ask for more than that.
[laughs as Scooper licks his face]

"Thundercats: Chain of Loyalty (#3.7)" (1988)
Cheetara: [calls good-naturedly as the unsteady branch Tygra crawls on groans] You've been eating too much of Snarf's candy-fruit pie!

"Thundercats: Dimension Doom (#1.33)" (1985)
Cheetara: Will I see you again, Wizz-Ra?
Wizz-Ra: Only in your dreams, beautiful Cheetara. Only in your dreams.

"Thundercats: The Rock Giant (#1.43)" (1985)
Snarf: Come inside before you catch your death of cold. You look llike something the... cat dragged in.
Lion-O, Wilykit, Wilykat, Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra: Oh, Snarf!

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part V (#3.5)" (1988)
Lion-O: Thundercubs...
Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Snarf, Snarfer: HO!

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part III (#3.3)" (1988)
Snarfer: Let's go free those Snarfs!
Lion-O: Not so fast, Snarfer.
Snarf: Mumm-Ra's terrorizing our families! We have to go free them!
Lion-O: We will free your friends, Snarf. But that's not the only thing we have to accomplish here.
Cheetara: Lion-O's right, Snarf. The Treasure of Thundera and the Sword of Plun-Darr must be our first priority.
Snarf: More important than us Snarfs?
Panthro: No. Nothing is more important than freeing the Snarfs.
Cheetara: But, if we rush headlong in there, and free the Snarfs *without* finding the Treasure or the Sword first...
Tygra: Mumm-Ra will know we're here. And if he finds the Treasure first...
Cheetara: He'll know how to defeat us for once and for all.
Panthro: Thundercats *and* Snarfs will be slaves forever. All our efforts will come to nothing.

"Thundercats: The Wolfrat (#1.28)" (1985)
Cheetara: Let's cut those mutants *down* to size.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part II (#4.2)" (1989)
Cheetara: I wish I could tell you I have a good feeling about this.

"Thundercats: The Transfer (#1.54)" (1985)
[last lines]
Panthro: It blew up safely in space.
Cheetara: And harmony is restored to Third Earth once more.
Lion-O: Harmony? We just made the whole universe shake, rattle, and roll.
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Bracelet of Power (#3.15)" (1988)
[last lines]
Snarf: Do me this small favor, will ya?
Lion-O: What's that, Snarf?
Snarf: Take this blasted bracelet away from me. And never let me see it again, let alone wear it!
Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Wilykit, Wilykat: [monotone] Yes, O great Snarf. Your wish is our command.
[laugh, making him smile grudgingly]

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Fourth Day: The Trial of Mind Power (#1.50)" (1985)
Snarf: He survived all the Thundercats' trials.
Cheetara: Only one more to go.
Snarf: Which one is that?
Panthro: He must challenge and defeat his *deadliest* enemy.
Wilykat: But that would be - MUMM-RA!

"Thundercats: All That Glitters (#1.17)" (1985)
[last lines]
Cheetara: The true hero is *you*, risking your life to risk that awful curse.
Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro: Hail Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats!
Cheetara: [laughs as he lifts her] Lion-O, put me down!
Tygra, Panthro, Lion-O: Hail Cheetara, worth her weight in gold!

"Thundercats: Runaways (#2.18)" (1987)
Cheetara: Don't worry about the Thunderkittens, Snarf. They can take care of themselves.