Jake Berkowitz
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Jake Berkowitz (Character)
from The Punisher (1989)

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The Punisher (1989)
Jake: What the fuck do you call 125 murders in 5 years?
The Punisher: Work in progress.

Sam Leary: [as she and Berkowitz are combing the sewers for the Punisher's lair] ... So how come you never gave up on Frank Castle, like everybody else did?
Jake: Because I know what it's like to be given up on.
Sam Leary: Who gave up on YOU?
Jake: Everyone and myself. You know how most cops like to go out for a drink after work? Well, I kept moving on up... to the drink BEFORE work, the drink DURING work, and finally the drink INSTEAD OF work. It got to be a real problem; nobody wanted to deal with it, least of all me. Before I knew it, I was down to cleaning empty shells off the firing range. Then along came Frank Castle, ex-Marine commando with a shiny new police badge, and a request to learn from the man who wrote the book on busting bad guys: me. He helped me get my act together, and the rest is history.

Jake: What you think you're gonna do with that? Play Ms. Pac-Man or something?

Jake: [Leary accessing the computer at Berkowitz's office] What do you think you are gonna do with that? Play Ms. Pac-Man or something?
Sam Leary: Hopefully, find Castle.
Jake: No shit!
Sam Leary: No shit!

Jake: [Jakes enters Castle's cell] Hello, Frank. How have you been?
Frank Castle: Busy.
Jake: I know. I've heard about the charge of the body count. What the hell happened Frank?
Frank Castle: Frank is dead! Alright?
Jake: I see. So, you decided that everybody else had to be dead too, is that it?
Frank Castle: No. If you're guilty, you're dead.
Jake: Courts decide whose guilty. Not cops. We hereby swear to uphold the law, remember? I've been looking for you for 5 years. Why the hell didn't you come to me for help?
Frank Castle: I didn't need your help.
Jake: You're sick, you know that don't you?
Jake: No I'm not.
Jake: What the fuck do you call 125 murders in 5 years?
Frank Castle: Work in progress.
Jake: GODDAMMIT! This is no fucking joke. They are gonna electrocute you and there's nothing I can do anything about it. You got to talk to me. Let me in! LET ME IN! They were my fucking family too, Frank. They were my family too. Now let me in, goddamit. LET ME IN! I see. You wanna die? is that it? Well, fuck you! Go ahead and die. The Frank I knew died 5 years ago. FUCK YOU!
[Knocks on door]
Jake: Open this door!

Gianni Franco: [Alternate Ending] I'll see to him.
Tommy Franco: But, I can help him.
Gianni Franco: Wait outside, Tommy.
[Tommy leaves and Gianni walks over to The Punisher whom is on the floor]
Gianni Franco: You gave me back my son. Thank you! I'm in your debt. I would gladly give you whatever you want. But, I know all you want is my life. I can't give you that, not when I have him. I'm so sorry, Castle.
Tommy Franco: [Gianni aims his gun at The Punisher] Dad!
Tommy Franco: Go outside.
Tommy Franco: He saved us. What are you doing?
Gianni Franco: Do as I told you. Wait outside.
Tommy Franco: No! I won't let you. I won't.
Tommy Franco: No!
Gianni Franco: [Tommy wrestles with Gianni] TOMMY!
[the Punisher stabs Gianni with a knife. Gianni falls to the floor dead]
Tommy Franco: Dad? Dad?
[the Punisher takes Gianni's gun]
Tommy Franco: I'M GONNA KILL YOU! I don't care how it takes. When I'm old enough, I'm gonna learn to use a gun and I am gonna find you and I'm gonna kill you.
The Punisher: Oh! yeah? You learn how to use a gun.
[the Punisher loads Gianni's gun]
The Punisher: It's easy. All you got to do it aim and pull the trigger.
The Punisher: [the Punisher gives Tommy Gianni's gun and aims it at The Punisher's forehead] Come on! Get it over with. Come on? Don't you want to be like your Dad?
[Tommy hesitates]
The Punisher: Come on! DO IT! DO IT! BLOW MY HEAD OFF!
Tommy Franco: Stop!
[the Punisher grabs Tommy's arm and holds Gianni's gun forcefully against his forehead]
The Punisher: Watch! WATCH!
[Tommy pulls the trigger, but Gianni's gun is empty]
Jake: [Jake and armed Swat office step out the elevator and sees the dead Yakuza members lying dead on the floor] Frank? Frank?
The Punisher: [Tommy can't bring himself to kill The Punisher and Tommy drops Gianni's gun and breaks down into tears and cries and buries his face in The Punisher's chest] You're a good boy. Grow up to become a good man. Because if not, I'll be waiting.
[the Punisher leaves]
Jake: [Jake enters] Are you alright? Wish way did he go?
[Jake sees a trail of The Punisher's blood and follows it to the rooftop. The Punisher is not on the rooftop and is nowhere to be seen]
[the camera pulls away from the Yakuza building and fades to black]
Jake: .