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Scott Hall (Character)
from "WCW Monday Nitro" (1995)

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Summerslam (1995) (TV)
Razor Ramon: [Razor Ramon storms Dean Douglas's set] Chico, I don't need some arm chair quaterbacking, some bookworm, telling the bad guy how to fight.
Dean Douglas: Now, wait.
Razor Ramon: All you've done so far is talk, man.
Dean Douglas: Now, wait just a second, you have no right to barge into my section.
[nervous pause]
Razor Ramon: Oh, yeah, let's get it on!
Dean Douglas: Now, wait one second there, my friend, this is a classroom and we don't need any violence here.
Razor Ramon: Now, that's what I thought there, Dean. Your'e all bluff and no stuff.
Dean Douglas: Ok, any way you want it, guy.
[as Razor turns to leave, Dean tries to suckerpunch Razor and Razor blocks it and slaps Dean, knocking him to the floor]

The Resurrection of Jake the Snake (2015)
Scott Hall: Hard work pays off. Dreams come true. Bad times don't last. Bad Guys do...