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Hardcore Holly (Character)
from WrestleMania XIV (1998) (TV)

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Fully Loaded (1999) (TV)
Hardcore Holly: [regarding the Big Show vs. Kane match] Partial? I'm the big shot. I don't have to be partial to anyone, especially the Big Show. You see, he's not kidding anybody because he's been following me around for week, trying to suck up to me, and that's not gonna work tonight because, I'm law and order. And I'll take matters into my own hands if I have to. Either one of those two big gooves get my face, I will beat the hell out of both of 'em, and what's funny 'bout this whole thing, they both know I can do it.
[points at the interviewer, Michael Cole who starred]
Hardcore Holly: And don't you owe your eyes on me 'cause I'll beat the hell out of you too.