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Quotes for
Clayton Hughes (Character)
from "Oz" (1997)

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"Oz: Orpheus Descending (#4.14)" (2001)
Alvin Yood: [Hughes stares at Yood saying nothing] What, you want something there, kid?
Clayton Hughes: What kind of name is Yood?
Alvin Yood: What do you mean, what kind of name? It's a last name. Jesus.
Clayton Hughes: I meant what kind of nationality is Yood, you dumb ass.
Alvin Yood: It's American.
Clayton Hughes: There are no American names, dumb ass.
Alvin Yood: Quit calling me that.
Clayton Hughes: Because there are no Americans.
Alvin Yood: Oh, here we go again.
Clayton Hughes: We're all from someplace else originally.
Alvin Yood: My name is American.
Clayton Hughes: Your name is Dumb Ass.