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Quotes for
Dean Carl Cain (Character)
from How High (2001)

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How High (2001)
Dean Carl Cain: Yo yo yo baby, this is boring as hell! Yo DJ! Hit me!

Silas: This class is fucking boring I'm out of here.
Dean Carl Cain: Uh, excuse me did I hear you say something?
Silas: With all do respect sir, suck my dick.
Jeffery: No sir, I'm not saying anything. It's... it's these guys.
Silas: You're an asshole.
Dean Carl Cain: Did you just call me an asshole?
Jamal: No I said idiot.
Dean Carl Cain: An idiot.
Jeffery: No sir, no sir, I...
Dean Carl Cain: What did you say?
Jeffery: I said that this school has nice halls.
Dean Carl Cain: This is not funny.
Silas: You couldn't teach your way out of kindergarten class, dean.
Dean Carl Cain: I think we had enough interruptions for today. I think you should leave.
Jeffery: Sir...
[gets ready to walk out of the class]
Silas: This would have never happened if I were black.
[class laughs]