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Tommy Dreamer (Character)
from "Eastern Championship Wrestling" (1993)

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ECW One Night Stand (2005) (TV)
Joey Styles: [the Sandman has a chair between D-Von Dudley's legs and Tommy Dreamer is holding a metal sign] He wouldn't.
Tommy Dreamer: Whazzup!
[Tommy hits the sign against the chair that is placed between D-Von's legs]
Joey Styles: My god, he just crushed the man's balls!
Mick Foley: I don't care if this is ECW, you can not say that, Joey Styles.
Joey Styles: I'm being told I can't say "balls." Sorry if I offended anyone by saying "balls."

ROH: All Star Extravaganza (2002) (V)
Tommy Dreamer: You have to bear with me. On Monday I got booted in the face so it hurts when I speak. But I'm sitting in the back and there is no way in hell I'm going to let you leave this ring without shaking hands.
[Fans cheer]
Tommy Dreamer: . You see because I was part of something special. I was part of something special for eight years of my life and it all started right here in Philadelphia. And you people gave me the best years of those eight years of my life. Not only did I sacrifice, but each and every one of these people sacrificed... Every month Gabe
Tommy Dreamer: and Rob
Tommy Dreamer: , they send me a tape, they send me a DVD and this place kinda reminds me of that special something I used to be a part of.
[Fans cheer and chant "ROH."]
Tommy Dreamer: You never realize how great something is until it's gone. I've had a broken heart for a long time, but that's in my past and this is the future. You see to me the ECW Arena was the greatest arena of them all.
[Fans cheer]
Tommy Dreamer: And when I went there I never felt like I was working for the fans or for the smart marks. I was working for my friends and my friends appreciated my hard work.
[Fans cheer]
Tommy Dreamer: Every month now everyone comes to this special place and it may be the Murphy Rec Center, but to me now this is a place of honor!
[Fans cheer and chant "ROH."]
Tommy Dreamer: [Dreamer turns to Michael Shane] So when you are in a place of honor you better well damn respect it because this place so reminds me of ECW. I want to see this place succeed. I want to see a number two company because there is nothing better than great competition.
[Fans cheer]
Tommy Dreamer: [Dreamer addresses Paul London and Michael Shane] And you guys and all the guys in the back bust their asses just like everybody in ECW did and they did for these people and these people show respect with their crazy chants and just by paying the bucks to come here... to you guys, to the guys in the back, especially all you guys
[points to the audience]
Tommy Dreamer: , I just want to say thank you.
[Fans cheer and chant "Dreamer."]
Tommy Dreamer: [Dreamer shakes hands with London and Shane. London looks to shake Shane's hand but Shane clotheslines him down, followed by Dreamer hitting Shane with the DDT. Dreamer looks like he is going to leave but picks up the microphone again] Since I'm feeling a little nostalgic right now there is no way I'm going to leave this place of honor until mr. music man, please hit my music."
[Dreamer's ECW theme, Alice in Chains' "Man in the Box," plays as Dreamer leaves]