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Quotes for
Lulu (Character)
from Pandora's Box (1929)

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Pandora's Box (1929)
Dr. Ludwig Schön: The whole town is talking about us. I'm jeopardizing my position. Don't you see that we must put an end to this?
Lulu: You'll have to kill me to get rid of me.

Lulu: [referring to the Egyptian] He's acting like he wants to buy me.
Marquis Casti-Piani: I need money badly and you have none to give me... The Egyptian will give me 50 more pounds than the German police... You're in luck.

Lulu: MONEY! All they want is money!

Lulu: Smoking is forbidden here.

Dr. Ludwig Schön: I'm getting married!
Lulu: You won't kiss me just because you're getting married?

Lulu: Alwa is my best friend, the only one who wants nothing from me. ma

Lulu: I won't be sold. That's worse than prison.

Lulu: [to the lesbian in love with her, the Countess Augusta Geschwitz] You're the only one who can save me! Rodrigo is madly in love with you! Throw yourself at him. He'll do anything for you.