Bryce Larkin
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Bryce Larkin (Character)
from "Chuck" (2007)

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"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Nemesis (#1.10)" (2007)
Bryce Larkin: Who are you?
Chuck Bartowski: Hey, buddy, it's me, Chuck.
Bryce Larkin: [Bryce looks at him] I don't believe you. What have you done with the real Chuck?
Chuck Bartowski: I'd like to come out now, please.
John Casey: [sarcastically to Sarah] Real born interrogator.
Chuck Bartowski: Great. Well, unless we're in the twilight zone, and I'm some kind of clone, the answer to your question is, 'yes' I am the real Chuck.
Bryce Larkin: Prove it.
[says something in Klingon]
Chuck Bartowski: Come on they're people watching.
Bryce Larkin: Do it.
[Chuck responds in Klingon]
John Casey: What the hell?
Bryce Larkin: Your Klingon's a bit rusty.
Chuck Bartowski: Yeah, I've been kinda busy ever since I got your e-mail.
Bryce Larkin: Did you open it?
Chuck Bartowski: Yeah.
Bryce Larkin: Your computer?
Chuck Bartowski: Destroyed.
Bryce Larkin: So your the only one?
Chuck Bartowski: I don't get it Bryce, why did you do it? Why did you send it to me? Why did you blow up the computer? And, last but not least, how the hell are you still alive?

Bryce Larkin: It's complicated.
Bryce Larkin: They saved me.
Chuck Bartowski: *They* saved you, did *they*? Could you be anymore cryptic? Could I get a name, a place, a something?

Bryce Larkin: [Bryce using Chuck as a shield at the elevator] What's the access code?
Sarah Walker: Bryce, stop!
Bryce Larkin: I'll kill him, Sarah!
Chuck Bartowski: Between you and me, I think he means it!

Bryce Larkin: [in the elevator to Chuck] You knew I wasn't really gonna do it, right?
Chuck Bartowski: No! No, I did not know that Bryce! How would I know that?

Bryce Larkin: [pointing a gun at Chuck] Close the door.
Chuck Bartowski: OK! OK, I'm closing the door, I'm closing the door, and I'm stepping into the apartment. *Please* *do* *not* *shoot* *me*!

Bryce Larkin: Hello, Chuck.
Chuck Bartowski: Sarah and Casey are right inside, one girlish scream from me and they go into combat mode!

Bryce Larkin: [to Chuck] I've got *one* friend in this world. You have a home, and a store full of them.

Bryce Larkin: You live with your sister?

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Ring (#2.22)" (2009)
Bryce Larkin: The cube can't fall into the wrong hands. I made a promise to Orion.
Chuck Bartowski: You knew.
Bryce Larkin: That was the deal. Your dad knew I protected you at Stanford. I was the only spy he would trust.
Chuck Bartowski: I can't believe you've known this whole time.
Bryce Larkin: He wanted to keep you out of this. But I knew you could handle the Intersect. I knew Sarah would find you. And most importantly, you deserved to know the truth about your father. He's a hero. Now, let's go get your sister married.

Bryce Larkin: Mr. Bartowski. Or is this an Orion conversation?
Steve Bartowski: A bit of both. I reconfigured the cube for you under two conditions. You stop looking for me and you leave my son alone.
Bryce Larkin: We asked Chuck to be on my team. He said no. Goodbye, Orion.
Steve Bartowski: You made changes to the Intersect. To my initial designs. The data architecture is different. What does this new computer do?
Bryce Larkin: You don't want to know.

Bryce Larkin: This'll destroy the Intersect. This new computer's too powerful. It's too dangerous.
Chuck Bartowski: But you need, you need the computer to fight Fulcrum.
Bryce Larkin: Fulcrum doesn't matter, all right? They... They're just... They're just one part of the Ring. They'll use it against us, Chuck. You have to do this, all right? You have to destroy that computer and then you get out of here.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Break-Up (#2.3)" (2008)
Bryce Larkin: We need to talk about Sarah. She had a chance to take the shot back there and she didn't. She hesitated and almost cost us the microchip and your life.
Chuck Bartowski: I know.
Bryce Larkin: What are you gonna do about it?
Chuck Bartowski: [turns around faces Bryce] I don't know, Bryce. You tell me. What am I supposed to do?
Bryce Larkin: You'll do the right thing. You always do. That's why I sent you the Intersect in the first place.

Chuck Bartowski: [picking up some sunglasses] Hey, uh, Bryce. You forgot your glasses.
Bryce Larkin: You keep 'em. If you're gonna be a real spy, you're gonna need them.
Chuck Bartowski: [chuckles] I don't - I don't wanna be a real spy.
[hands the glasses back to Bryce]
Bryce Larkin: From what I've seen, it's a little too late for that, Chuck. I'm sure you hate me right now, but someday you're gonna realize I was looking out for you. I have been all along.