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Quotes for
Peter B. Clifford (Character)
from "McCloud" (1970)

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"McCloud: The Colorado Cattle Caper (#4.4)" (1974)
Peter B. Clifford: [after riding a horse ineptly across rugged terrain] Well, McCloud... I'm finally beginning to realize why you're the way you are. Enough of this would make anyone... funny!

Peter B. Clifford: I think we finally found a use for you here in the concrete canyons of Manhattan...
Sam McCloud: What's that?
Peter B. Clifford: Cattle Rustling.

Peter B. Clifford: McCloud, that little girls' funeral is in three days. I want the people responsible for her death before then.

Peter B. Clifford: Broudhurst, Drop everything.
Sergeant Joe Broadhurst: McCloud?
Peter B. Clifford: How did you know?
Sergeant Joe Broadhurst: That vein in your neck. It always starts throbbing when it has something to do with McCloud.

Peter B. Clifford: You know that prisoner he was sent to bring back? Well, he helped him escape instead! Now McCloud's in jail and the prisoner's on the loose.

Peter B. Clifford: Where's McCloud?
Sergeant Joe Broadhurst: [on phone in jail cell] According to the Sheriff, he's a fugitive.
Peter B. Clifford: I hope he gave orders to shoot to kill.

Peter B. Clifford: [entering The Corral bar] We're surrounded by McClouds...

"McCloud: The Day New York Turned Blue (#6.6)" (1976)
Peter B. Clifford: [to Haferman] All the money you misappropriate every year would make Jesse James look like an evangelist

Peter B. Clifford: [on phone] Oh, eh, Gladys, pass the word, top priority. No one is to say anything about anything to that federal guy, Pearson.
Police Sgt. Gladys Harris: [on other line] Nobody said anything to him already.
Peter B. Clifford: Well, that goes double now.
Police Sgt. Gladys Harris: Got ya. Nobody says anything to him again, double.

Police Sgt. Gladys Harris: Who is Haferman and why all the secrecy?
Peter B. Clifford: Nobody is supposed to know.
Police Sgt. Gladys Harris: I'm nobody, ask anybody.
Peter B. Clifford: You're getting scary, Gladys, that almost makes sense.

Jack Haferman: Why don't you leave a couple of men and, eh, guard the place?
Peter B. Clifford: It's snowing out there, Mr. Haferman.
Jack Haferman: It could be bleeding in here.

Peter B. Clifford: Can I buy you and the commissioner a drink?
Sam McCloud: At 11 o'clock in the morning?
Peter B. Clifford: Well, you been to bed yet?
Sam McCloud: No.
Peter B. Clifford: You?
Deputy Police Commissioner Bob Denton: No.
Peter B. Clifford: Then lets be wicked. Every now and then I like to get it out of my system.

Peter B. Clifford: Give the feather to McCloud. As a matter of fact, I'd say we owe him a whole war bonnet.

Peter B. Clifford: And for once, lady, I'm glad there's a McCloud watching over the city.

"McCloud: Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue (#1.2)" (1970)
Peter B. Clifford: McCloud, beginning now and for as long as you're with us, I don't want to know you're around. Do I make myself clear?
Sam McCloud: Coming in like a bear in December.
Peter B. Clifford: McCloud, I don't even wanna know what that means.

Peter B. Clifford: [to Broadhurst] Let's not have any credit-grabbing around here, there's room on my list for both of you.

Chris Coughlin: [McCloud has been shot] Peter, how is he?
Peter B. Clifford: Well, anything requiring the use of his, eh, latisimus dorsi is pretty much out of the question.

Peter B. Clifford: We have a warrant for Arnold Stanford's arrest.
Joan Stanford: F-for what?
Peter B. Clifford: Suspicion of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon.
Joan Stanford: [indicating Clifford's gun] What do you call that?

Joan Stanford: [about her husband] He's away, on business, Philadelphia.
Peter B. Clifford: You're not helping him any by keeping him on the run.
Joan Stanford: You don't run to Philadelphia, Lieutenant, you take a train.

Peter B. Clifford: [McCloud is on horseback] Tell me this is just a bad dream.

"McCloud: Bonnie and McCloud (#7.1)" (1976)
Peter B. Clifford: McCloud, sending you after Bonnie Foster would be like sending Custer after Sitting Bull!

Peter B. Clifford: Sergeant, I use that title in this temporary sence, I thought I said I didn't want to see the two of you around here?
Sergeant Joe Broadhurst: It seemed important, chief.
Peter B. Clifford: It always does. Alright, spit it out.
Sam McCloud: Two of Straker's men just worked me over. Doesn't that strike you as rather odd?
Peter B. Clifford: Not really, I've suppressed the thought myself on many occasions.

Peter B. Clifford: I want McCloud kept away from the press, away from me, away from everyone.
Sergeant Joe Broadhurst: I got ya, chief.
Peter B. Clifford: Now I know you won't let me down, because we don't want to discuss this when you're back pounding a beat, do we?

Peter B. Clifford: You always drive this fast?
Trucker Big Mama: Only when I'm not in a hurry.

"McCloud: Night of the Shark (#6.7)" (1976)
Chief Superintendant Caldwell: Peter, what is this all about? Your officer just attacked the Grand Marshall and stole his wife's horse.
Peter B. Clifford: Eh, Superintendant, it's a little difficult to explain McCloud to a foreigner, unAmerican, non-American. It's a little difficult for me to understand him myself.

Jennifer McGee: You know, you really should stay. Tomorrow is a big celebration in Sidney. The Australia day parade.
Peter B. Clifford: The only parade I wanna see is me and that 6 foot side of beef climbing up that boarding ladder 11 a.m. sharp, comprende?
Sam McCloud: Comprendo.

Sam McCloud: It gives a fella kind of an incomplete feeling not knowing how he solved the case.
Peter B. Clifford: Well, if it's any consilation, McCloud, I've always thought your methods were a little incomplete, you too for that matter.

"McCloud: Encounter with Aries (#2.1)" (1971)
Sam McCloud: Excuse me, would you hold my bomb a minute? Now just a minute. I got a pebble in my boot, I think.
Peter B. Clifford: Must have fallen out of your head.

Peter B. Clifford: McCloud, I wonder if you can do something for me? Try not talking for a little while. You think you can handle that?

Sam McCloud: What do you think of that?
Peter B. Clifford: I think... Cantrell may be a suspect. I think anything is possible.
Sam McCloud: There you go!
Peter B. Clifford: I also think you are going back to the hospital before you put me into one.
[opening the door for McCloud]
Peter B. Clifford: There you go!

"McCloud: A Cowboy in Paradise (#4.3)" (1974)
Kate: [to Clifford, who has just learned McCloud is on the plane with him - traveling first-class, natch] Would you like some more champagne?
Peter B. Clifford: Leave the bottle.

Peter B. Clifford: Grover, take over!

"McCloud: 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas... (#7.2)" (1976)
Peter B. Clifford: Well, I always knew I could count on you to make a spectacular entrance, McCloud, but that one was out of the blue!
Sam McCloud: There ya go.

Chris Coughlin: [Chief Clifford is dressed up as Santa Claus] In fact, I was the one that asked that you be requested to volunteer for this role.
Peter B. Clifford: That's a dangerous confession to make to a desperate man in a confined space.

"McCloud: Who Says You Can't Make Friends in New York City? (#1.1)" (1970)
Peter B. Clifford: McCloud, I've tried to handle this in such a way as not to give your office as big a black eye as you've given mine. But I can't put a lid on it till you get out from under.

Peter B. Clifford: [to McCloud] You let the sun rise on you again in New York City, and you'll be subject to immediate arrest and imprisonment!

"McCloud: Butch Cassidy Rides Again (#4.1)" (1973)
Sam McCloud: Now, Chief, I think I've got us a breakthrough.
Peter B. Clifford: Don't try to change the subject, McCloud. You couldn't get off the hook if you came in here with your own obituary.

Peter B. Clifford: McCloud... You realize you have broken just about every city ordinance in the book? Commandeering a fire vehicle, galloping a horse through the city streets, jumping said horse over a police barricade, endangering public property. Do you realize what a professional job you've done? Good work, McCloud.

"McCloud: The Disposal Man (#2.4)" (1971)
Peter B. Clifford: Stop calling me chief. You make me feel like a Comanche.

"McCloud: The Stage Is All the World (#1.4)" (1970)
Ted Callender: Oh, I am sorry if my loud, crude, vulgar voice is giving you a headache.
Peter B. Clifford: The pain, Mr Callender, is not in my head.
Ted Callender: Oh, you're a charmer, you are. Well I almost had a headache, you know what sort? The sort of headache you get when lead goes in here and comes out here!
[indicating his head]

"McCloud: A Little Plot at Tranquil Valley (#2.5)" (1972)
Peter B. Clifford: Send in the sagebrush Sherlock Holmes, will you?

"McCloud: Our Man in Paris (#1.6)" (1970)
Peter B. Clifford: Good luck.
Sam McCloud: Yes, sir. I think you're gonna need it more than I will. All I got facing me is a trip to Paris.
Peter B. Clifford: Well, bon voyage.
Sam McCloud: There you go.

"McCloud: Give My Regrets to Broadway (#2.7)" (1972)
Malcolm Garnett: In fact, Thomas was irresponsible.
Peter B. Clifford: He's already signed a statement against you.
Malcolm Garnett: Irresponsible and disloyal.

"McCloud: Somebody's Out to Get Jennie (#2.3)" (1971)
Sam McCloud: [having just received a stack of paperwork] When do you think I should have this one solved?
Peter B. Clifford: Oh, tomorrow afternoon should do it. Then I'm assigning you to traffic control for the rest of the week.
Sam McCloud: [smiles] Ah, you're just too good to me Chief, just too good.
Peter B. Clifford: I know. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

"McCloud: Portrait of a Dead Girl (#1.0)" (1970)
Sgt. Joe Broadhurst: What about McCloud?
Peter B. Clifford: McCloud? He couldn't find the Empire State Building on a clear day.
Sgt. Joe Broadhurst: Okay with you if I keep an eye on him?
Peter B. Clifford: What for?
Sgt. Joe Broadhurst: Because a fish out of water sometimes learns to crawl.

"McCloud: Fire! (#6.3)" (1975)
Sergeant Joe Broadhurst: [seeing McCloud steal a fire truck] It can't be!
Peter B. Clifford: Oh, yes it can.

"McCloud: The Concrete Corral (#1.3)" (1970)
Peter B. Clifford: We'll find him.
Sam McCloud: May take quite a spell.
Peter B. Clifford: Not with thousands of cops looking for him, it won't.
Sam McCloud: Well, I've been walking this spread for quite a while, and it's a lot easier for a man to hide in the forest than it is in the desert.
Peter B. Clifford: That make sense to you?
Sgt. Joe Broadhurst: I think what he means is...
Peter B. Clifford: Never mind what he means, just get in that car.

"McCloud: The Man with the Golden Hat (#5.6)" (1975)
Peter B. Clifford: Three men have died chasing that stupid Stetson of yours, McCloud! The papers are calling you "the man with the Golden Hat".