Sgt. Hans Georg Schultz
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Biography for
Sgt. Hans Georg Schultz (Character)
from "Hogan's Heroes" (1965)

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Sgt. Shultz was the main guard for Stalag 13. He reported to Colonel Klink, and had chief responsibility for ensuring that prisoners did not escape. He appeared to do this admirably. However, the prisoners, led by Colonel Hogan, secretly dug escape tunnels and hid people in the prison camp barracks. Whenever exposed to this information, Schultz would loudly proclaim "I know nothing!" and forgot he ever saw it.

Schultz is later revealed to have paid for his posting in Stalag 13 to avoid direct combat service. He is a bit of a pacifist and owns a toy factory which was shut down due to the war. He regularly leaves his gun in the possession of the prisoners (who never take advantage of this).

Actor John Banner claimed that Schultz was not a Nazi, but an example of someone good in a bad situation. He would claim that things were better under the Kaiser. Schultz was also said to be a Social Democrat, one of the leftist political parties that opposed the Nazis.

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