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Ken Reeves (Character)
from "The White Shadow" (1978)

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"The White Shadow: On the Line (#2.1)" (1979)
Ken Reeves: Jackson made a big mistake. But should he have to pay for it the rest of his life?

Ken Reeves: [Referring to Jackson's bets, on basketball games and the loss from the Vernon game] Now, you for a few lousy bucks, maybe paying the same price. If Witherspoon, writes all about this, there's no basketball scholarship in this country, that will touch you with a ten foot pole. That means, no college, not scholarships. Nothin'!

"The White Shadow: A Silent Cheer (#2.5)" (1979)
Ken Reeves: Dreams die hard... but they die easier if you kill 'em off yourself.

"The White Shadow: Bonus Baby (#1.4)" (1978)
Ken Reeves: Jackie Solomon, Warren Coolidge.
Jackie Solomon: Understand you're thinking about turning pro under the guidance of Mr. Walter Preston. You must've got the ol' Preston 1-2 Punch, huh?
Warren Coolidge: What, did he handle you, too?
Jackie Solomon: Yeah, he handled me... like a hot potato.
Warren Coolidge: What do you mean?
Jackie Solomon: Preston had me convinced I was a young Al Attles. Not that I needed a lot of convincing, mind you, I was good and I knew it. I was All-Scholastic in high school and I was gonna be a pro one way or the other. It's just that Preston's way looked like the easy way. In fact, it looked so good, I couldn't think straight. You see, he was workin' with this chick, see, and we had what you might call a "whirlwind romance." She took me off on a weekend to Vegas and by the time I came up for air, I was ready to sign anything. Well. I signed all right, but it was the chick who turned out to be the bonus baby! Seems she got five percent of everything she got her hands on, and let me tell you, sonny, those hands get around!
Jackie Solomon: [as Coolidge, in disbelief, turns to leave] Where you goin', sonny? I ain't finished my story!
Warren Coolidge: I don't want to hear anymore!
Jackie Solomon: Well, in that case, I'll make the rest short and simple! The pros wanted me to have a season in the Eastern League for the experience, the experience I didn't get in college. I might as well have been playin' for the Steelers! Those guys play strictly bump and run! My knee got wrecked in the third game, I got 6,000 bucks! And, that was all she wrote for the young Al Attles!

"The White Shadow: Spare the Rod (#1.11)" (1979)
Ken Reeves: [Coach Reeves walks in to substitute teach gym class and blows his whistle] Alright, let's line up!
Ken Reeves: [looks over at the bleachers and sees Lucius lounging instead of lining up] You a part of this class?
Lucius Robinson: Sometimes.
Ken Reeves: Then how come you're not on the floor like the rest of us?
Lucius Robinson: I don't feel good.
Ken Reeves: You been to see the nurse?
Lucius Robinson: I got a doctor's note.
Ken Reeves: Let me see it.
Lucius Robinson: I don't have it.
Ken Reeves: What's wrong with you?
Lucius Robinson: I got this rare tropical disease called 'I can't stand gym'!
Ken Reeves: Alright, I'll be with you in a minute. In the meantime, take your feet off the bleachers. Alright, roll call!
[calls several names]
Ken Reeves: Robinson!
Lucius Robinson: Present!
Ken Reeves: I thought I told you to take your feet off the bleachers. You don't put your feet on the furniture at home, do you? Don't do it here!
Lucius Robinson: I always put my feet on the furniture at home.
Ken Reeves: What does your mother say about that?
Lucius Robinson: She says, 'where do you think you are, school?'!
[class members start laughing]

"The White Shadow: Reunion: Part 1 (#3.1)" (1980)
Ken Reeves: You always had time for everyone except your family! And now you want me to eat with you?
Jake Reeves: Go! Go, go, go, go!
Ken Reeves: No, 36 years, and now you want to have a sandwich? Why?
Jake Reeves: Because I'm dying!

"The White Shadow: Sliding By (#2.10)" (1979)
Ken Reeves: According, to Ms. Buchanan, you are this close, from flunking Biology. If you don't, keep your grades up Coolidge, I'll bench you.
Warren Coolidge: You wouldn't, do that.
Ken Reeves: Oh, would I?
Warren Coolidge: You would.