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Sandy Ricks (Character)
from "Flipper" (1964)

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Flipper's New Adventure (1964)
Sandy Ricks: [after flipper gets him a banana] Thank you Flipper. But bananas aren't for dolphins. They're for people. You're not a people.

Sandy Ricks: [doing a blood oath] I swear I won't tell anything about Sandy Ricks, or Flipper
Penny Hopewell: I swear I won't tell anything about sandy ricks.
Sandy Ricks: That's me.
Penny Hopewell: Or Flippa.
Sandy Ricks: His name is Flipper.
Penny Hopewell: That's what I said. Flippa.
Sandy Ricks: Why do you talk so funny?
Penny Hopewell: I talk funny?

Sandy Ricks: [after flipper returns from nearly being hit by an oar] I know. I saw her try to hit you. I don't blame you.

Sandy Ricks: Say, you fight pretty good.
Penny Hopewell: You were lucky. You should see me when i've had enough to eat.

Sandy Ricks: Another thing you should know right away, is how to climb a coconut tree, and how to husk coconuts. My pa showed me how they do it in the south seas. It's not hard, even for a girl. Come on!

Sandy Ricks: [after penny gets a coconut] Ok. that's pretty good!
Penny Hopewell: I know. For a girl!

Sandy Ricks: [Crying] I'll help you Flipper. I'll help you somehow. It'll be alright.
[flipper moves around]
Sandy Ricks: Flipper, please stop moving.
[continues crying]

Flipper (1996)
Sandy Ricks: You're lucky, a hurricane on your first visit.

Sandy Ricks: What do you want? I'm from Chicago, it's not like there were street signs.

Sandy Ricks: I've been smoking up a storm. Uncle Porter lets me drink all the beer i want, he also knows a lot of loose women.

Sandy Ricks: [after almost being eaten by a shark] You know that story you told me, about Scar?
Kim: Mhm.
Sandy Ricks: It's true.

"Flipper: The Red Hot Car (#1.2)" (1964)
Sandy Ricks: Bud, why is it Dad and I can't get you out of the bay, but we can't get you into the shower at home either?
Bud Ricks: Why should I take a shower when I have the whole ocean for a bathtub?

Sandy Ricks: I gotta tell Dad too... that you and Flipper have flipped!

"Flipper: Flipper and the Elephant: Part 2 (#1.25)" (1965)
Sandy Ricks: We knew it was wrong for us to go without asking Dad.
Bud Ricks: We're really sorry, Dad.
Porter Ricks: Why? Because you are really sorry, or that you might get punished?
Bud Ricks: Well, both.

Flipper (1963)
Sandy Ricks: [Sandy shows his mom the injured Flipper and she decides to help] What do we do, ma?
Martha Ricks: The same thing I'd do for any animal: get me the kitchen knife and iodine.

"Flipper: 300 Feet Below (#1.1)" (1964)
Sandy Ricks: Gee Flipper, you're the greatest. You and my kid brother!

"Flipper: Dolphin for Sale (#1.6)" (1964)
Sandy Ricks: Did something happen?
Porter Ricks: Yeah. if this weren't the wrong time of the year, I'd say a hurricane just hit - inside that house!

"Flipper: Flipper and the Elephant: Part 1 (#1.24)" (1965)
Porter Ricks: You mean there's somebody else?
Sandy Ricks: It's their elephant, Dad.
Bud Ricks: An elephant?
Porter Ricks: What? Out here in the open sea?

"Flipper: The Second Time Around (#1.11)" (1964)
Sandy Ricks: The storm warning will be up around here if that house isn't clean.

"Flipper: Flipper's Hour of Peril (#2.4)" (1965)
Sandy Ricks: You aren't going to take any chances, are you Dad?
Bud Ricks: Not even for Flipper!

"Flipper: Dolphin in Pursuit: Part 2 (#2.3)" (1965)
[last lines]
Sandy Ricks: [after seeing Coast Guard boat take away escaped convict Al Bardeman] What's going to happen to him, Dad?
Porter Ricks: I don't know; I suppose he'll get the punishment he deserves.
Ulla Norstrand: Just as long as *we* don't ever see him again. It's a shame he had to spoil your camping trip.
Bud Ricks: I don't think he spoiled it. It was kinda fun!
Ulla Norstrand: [Incredulous] *Fun?*
Sandy Ricks: I was sorta scared there for a minute, but I knew Dad would get 'im!
Porter Ricks: Well, it did give us a little excitement, didn't it?
Ulla Norstrand: I guess I had better go back to my study of turtles. At least I can try to understand *them*. Men? Never!
Dolphin: Squawk squawk squawk!
Ulla Norstrand: [shouts] Not even you, Flipper!

"Flipper: Flipper's Bank Account (#1.16)" (1965)
Porter Ricks: Ms. Thomas, as park warden, I'm familiar with every inch of ocean bottom here. Now why didn't you come to me before printing that hoax?
Joanne Thomas: Hoax is a dirty word, warden! I prefer to call it a... bubble... A bubble that burst!
Porter Ricks: Well, the next time you decide to start a bubble, check with the people who have to clean up the mess, will you?
Joanne Thomas: Now that's not fair. No great harm's been done. anyway, if it hadn't been for your son Bud trying to sell that coin in the first place...
Porter Ricks: Bud? What's Bud got to do with this?
Joanne Thomas: I suggest you do a little checking in your own family before you start being so high and mighty about other people's business, Warden!
Sandy Ricks: My brother the crook!

"Flipper: The Day of the Shark (#1.18)" (1965)
Sandy Ricks: What is it, Dad?
Porter Ricks: There's sharks down there.
Sandy Ricks: How many, Dad?
Porter Ricks: I don't know. I didn't take time to count.