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Porter Ricks (Character)
from "Flipper" (1964)

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Flipper (1996)
Dirk Moran: I ought to teach you a lesson.
Uncle Porter: I'd like that. I have a thirst for knowledge; teach me.

Uncle Porter: You're going to have to use your brain which is going to hurt because it's the weakest muscle in your body.

Uncle Porter: A piece of advice, Never hurl in front of your woman. Something to live by.

Uncle Porter: People who don't care wind up in a home drooling cream spinach

Uncle Porter: To live is to love. All reasons against it. All instincts for it.

Uncle Porter: Here's the pizza. I see a Dolphin.

Flipper (1963)
Porter Ricks: [Porter consoles his wife about possibly losing their home in the hurricane] The boat is safe; we can always build another house.

Porter Ricks: [while scolding his son for being irresponsible] Are you growing up, or down?

Porter Ricks: [after Porter has discovered that Flipper has jumped into the fish pen and eaten all of the pompano being readied for market] What's wrong with you, boy? How old are you, twelve? Almost in your teens? Or are you nine, or seven, or five? A child who doesn't have the sense to know what his next meal depends on? Answer me! The fence, the yard, the nets... not one of your chores done, and now this! Are you growing up, or down? Aren't you getting any sense of responsibility, of obligation, discipline? Or are you hanging on to a "feed me, dress me, blow my nose" childhood? Answer me!
Martha Ricks: [Interrupting] I'm sure he would, if he could!

"Flipper: The Day of the Shark (#1.18)" (1965)
Porter Ricks: You think you heard some explosions out here, just wait until we get home, young man!

Sandy Ricks: What is it, Dad?
Porter Ricks: There's sharks down there.
Sandy Ricks: How many, Dad?
Porter Ricks: I don't know. I didn't take time to count.

Bud Ricks: Oh, come on Dad! Let me be with Flipper when we're in the first experiment!
Porter Ricks: All right, Son. It's a deal.
Bud Ricks: Really?
Porter Ricks: Mm hm, really. You will be with Flipper during the experiment. You'll be right with him. Right here.

"Flipper: Teamwork (#1.23)" (1965)
Bud Ricks: Dad, Flipper made us follow him!
Porter Ricks: He made you, huh? Now listen you two. I should take you both over my knee for disobeying me. Luckily, this thing turned out alright. But there's one thing I want you to know. I'm giving the orders around here, and NOT Flipper, okay?

Bud Ricks: Dad, we're still a team, aren't we?
Porter Ricks: Darn good team. A DARN good team.

"Flipper: S.O.S Dolphin (#1.3)" (1964)
Porter Ricks: Doctor, where I go, my boys go and right now that's right here.

Dr. Rothwell: If I see those boys in the water again, Chief Ranger or not, you'll be on suspension by the end of the day!
Porter Ricks: Doctor, some very good advice: You just climb back into that sardine can of yours and roll up the lid.

"Flipper: Flipper and the Elephant: Part 2 (#1.25)" (1965)
Sandy Ricks: We knew it was wrong for us to go without asking Dad.
Bud Ricks: We're really sorry, Dad.
Porter Ricks: Why? Because you are really sorry, or that you might get punished?
Bud Ricks: Well, both.

"Flipper: City Boy (#1.5)" (1964)
Bud Ricks: Oh, I guess Sandy's okay, but wait till you see Flipper. You'll love him!
Porter Ricks: Spoken like a true kid brother.

"Flipper: Dolphin Patrol (#2.10)" (1965)
Porter Ricks: Hurricane Betsy roared through Southern Florida, leaving in her wake a tragic aftermath of destruction. The fierce winds without regard to life or property tossed boats and automobiles around as though they were matchsticks. We here in Florida are old hands in weathering storms and in a matter of hours after the winds died down, we were busy with operation cleanup and restoration. We all had our jobs to do. while I inspected storm damage, the boys helped with rescue operations. Even Flipper pitched in by doing some inspecting of his own, and before long things were back to normal... or so we thought.

"Flipper: Dolphin for Sale (#1.6)" (1964)
Sandy Ricks: Did something happen?
Porter Ricks: Yeah. if this weren't the wrong time of the year, I'd say a hurricane just hit - inside that house!

"Flipper: Flipper and the Elephant: Part 1 (#1.24)" (1965)
Porter Ricks: You mean there's somebody else?
Sandy Ricks: It's their elephant, Dad.
Bud Ricks: An elephant?
Porter Ricks: What? Out here in the open sea?

"Flipper: Countdown for Flipper (#1.8)" (1964)
Porter Ricks: It's a secret project. Flipper might talk.

"Flipper: The White Dolphin (#1.22)" (1965)
Porter Ricks: You know, it's just like Flipper. He stays here in the preserve with us because he knows we love him and protect him. Just like you know that I love you and Sandy and want to protect you.

"Flipper: Danger (#1.14)" (1964)
Bud Ricks: You'll always be able to take care of us, won't ya?
Porter Ricks: You better believe!

"Flipper: Dolphin in Pursuit: Part 2 (#2.3)" (1965)
[last lines]
Sandy Ricks: [after seeing Coast Guard boat take away escaped convict Al Bardeman] What's going to happen to him, Dad?
Porter Ricks: I don't know; I suppose he'll get the punishment he deserves.
Ulla Norstrand: Just as long as *we* don't ever see him again. It's a shame he had to spoil your camping trip.
Bud Ricks: I don't think he spoiled it. It was kinda fun!
Ulla Norstrand: [Incredulous] *Fun?*
Sandy Ricks: I was sorta scared there for a minute, but I knew Dad would get 'im!
Porter Ricks: Well, it did give us a little excitement, didn't it?
Ulla Norstrand: I guess I had better go back to my study of turtles. At least I can try to understand *them*. Men? Never!
Dolphin: Squawk squawk squawk!
Ulla Norstrand: [shouts] Not even you, Flipper!

"Flipper: Mr. Marvello (#1.9)" (1964)
Porter Ricks: Alright, let's go hear what Flipper's got to say.

"Flipper: Flipper's Treasure (#1.21)" (1965)
Bud Ricks: Can't fool Flipper!
Porter Ricks: Well, at the moment I'm in no position to deny that.

"Flipper: Flipper's Bank Account (#1.16)" (1965)
Porter Ricks: Ms. Thomas, as park warden, I'm familiar with every inch of ocean bottom here. Now why didn't you come to me before printing that hoax?
Joanne Thomas: Hoax is a dirty word, warden! I prefer to call it a... bubble... A bubble that burst!
Porter Ricks: Well, the next time you decide to start a bubble, check with the people who have to clean up the mess, will you?
Joanne Thomas: Now that's not fair. No great harm's been done. anyway, if it hadn't been for your son Bud trying to sell that coin in the first place...
Porter Ricks: Bud? What's Bud got to do with this?
Joanne Thomas: I suggest you do a little checking in your own family before you start being so high and mighty about other people's business, Warden!
Sandy Ricks: My brother the crook!