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Pete Cochrane (Character)
from "Mod Squad" (1968)

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"Mod Squad: Bad Man on Campus (#1.2)" (1968)
Pete Cochran: How does a high school kid get a gun?
Linc Hayes: Are you kidding, Pete? People can just walk up to a counter and buy one. Just like bubble gum.

Pete Cochran: Who's behind this car racket thing? I mean who's the big man?
Doc Lightener: What do you think I've been staying alive for? To find out.

Pete Cochran: Where's Julie?
Gandy: I don't know!
Pete Cochran: She's not in her apartment! And there's a smell of chloroform there!
Gandy: Please, they'll kill me!
Pete Cochran: What do you think WE'RE going to do?

Pete Cochran: Did she listen?
Linc Hayes: I hope so.
[starts laughing]
Julie Barnes: What's so funny?
Linc Hayes: I wish someone would've said the same thing to me.

Pete Cochran: Big Daddy?
Julie Barnes: Modesty's not his bag.
Linc Hayes: Sounds like a B-movie - Teenage Loan Shark.

The Mod Squad (1999)
[Julie hits Pete across the head]
Julie: Nice job.
Pete: Okay, I really did not like that at all, all right? Let me just explain somethin'. I was blending.
Julie: You just blended your ass right out of the club, man
Pete: Oh, come on! They're gonna let me back in the club.
Julie: Oh no, I believe the words were "you're gone for-f*cking-ever." Greer's gonna kick your ass
Pete: Hey you know what? Eat me.
Julie: Come on. Lets go. You wanna lose another fight, Petey?
Pete: No. Who was the guy that you were talkin' to all night?
Julie: What guy?
Pete: Yeah, "what guy." What guy?
Linc: A suspect?
Julie: What? No. I don't even know what he's talkin' about. God, how could you see anything? You had your head buried in a pair of tits all night.
Pete: I could see things because I got eyes behind my head, all right? Julie's got a boyfriend. Julie's got...
Julie: Please grow up!
Pete: Let's all together, in harmony.

Det. Tricky: Hey ma mere. Where you going with that fine little ass baby? Why don't ya get out on the street earn a real living huh, start hustling (laughing)
Julie: What?
Det. Tricky: She digs me. You have your hall pass young lady?
Julie: Yeah you wanna see my hall pass?
Det. Tricky: Yeah and I wanna see you in detention.
Pete: Hey hey, why do you have to be such a pussy huh, leave her alone alright.
Det. Tricky: Who are you calling a pussy? Pussy!

Pete: Man this job sucks.
Linc: Beats jail.
Julie: A deal's a deal.

[repeated line]
Pete: Yeah, Bob!

"Mod Squad: A Reign of Guns (#1.20)" (1969)
Van Marney: [Sculpting a bust of his father] It's amazing. When his father found the steamship company things were so simple. You hired a man, paid him what he deserved. A fair wage for a good day's work.
Linc Hayes: The good old days, Mr. Marney?
Van Marney: Quite. Before the day of the anarchist, the agitator. Nobody told you whom to hore, what to pay them. There was no bargaining with rabble. A man earned the dollar or he did not. Simple.
Linc Hayes: And if there was no job he went hungry.
Pete Cochran: Are we here to talk about business or philosophy?
Van Marney: How does one really separate the two?

Van Marney: I think you already know what's happening here.
Linc Hayes: It doesn't take Einstein. A storehouse full of weapons, combat training, blue-eyed Nordic types. You're starting your own private army.
Van Marney: Somebody has to.
Pete Cochran: You gonna save the world, Marney?
Van Marney: What's worth saving.
Pete Cochran: That's Hitler's theme, a little variation.
Van Marney: Now you're bright, very bright. Can't you see what's happening to this country? In this country?
Linc Hayes: Yeah, loud and clear.
Van Marney: It's strength being sapped by its lowest elements: militants, protesters, agitators, anarchists. Grisly people reducing a civilization to rubble. Sooner or later the explosion will come. They'll kill each other off.
Pete Cochran: Somebody's got to pick up the pieces. Your little group?
Van Marney: The Brotherhood.
Linc Hayes: Twenty men?
Van Marney: Twenty at a time. Trained here and sent to other parts of the country to train others. Would a membership of... ten thousand impress you?
Linc Hayes: That's a lot of bedsheets.
Van Marney: Oh, you're wrong. We're not anti anything. We're just pro-American. All open and above board.

Pete Cochran: [Watching the weapons being loaded onto a truck] That's a beautiful sight.
Julie Barnes: Even more beautiful if all those guns were just dumped into the sea.
Capt. Adam Greer: Yeah, in about two hours, Julie. The tug's waiting. Our tug.
Julie Barnes: Wouldn't it be nice if all the guns in the world were on board?
Linc Hayes: Wouldn't change anything. It's not the guns; it's the people who use them.

"Mod Squad: Flight Five Doesn't Answer (#1.15)" (1969)
Pete Cochran: Hey, Dr. Kildare, your ambulance is right on time!

Sol Albert: Is the Captain all right?
Pete Cochran: He's feeling much better.
Linc Hayes: Yeah, but wait till he gets my bill!

[last lines]
Pete Cochran: After today, man, I really believe that the best things in life are free.
Linc Hayes: Just being alive.
Pete Cochran: Just being alive.

"Mod Squad: The Uptight Town (#1.19)" (1969)
Linc Hayes: [Driving through the desert] Man, I've never seen anything like it before. Miles and miles of just plain nothin'. It's funny; I expect to see a lifeguard.
Pete Cochran: What?
Linc Hayes: City dude's logic. This much sand? It's just gotta lead to a beach. I'll let you in on a secret. In my whole life I've never been this far away from concrete. It's kinda different.

Linc Hayes: You don't think he bought the cover?
Pete Cochran: It's hard to tell, but I didn't buy his. Jennings, the cook, the nervous brother...
Linc Hayes: The jive grease monkey.
Pete Cochran: It's an uptight town, man. They're hiding something.
Linc Hayes: And if you're right about the hat, the captain's in the middle of it.

Pete Cochran: And when did you become John Wayne?
Linc Hayes: Oh, no, baby - Jim Brown.

"Mod Squad: You Can't Tell the Players Without a Programmer (#1.5)" (1968)
Louise Semple: Where can I drop you?
Pete Cochran: Anywhere. Anywhere but the hole you're falling into. It's too hard to crawl out of.

"Mod Squad: Is That Justice? No, It's the Law (#3.19)" (1971)
Capt. Adam Greer: [Last lines]
[Pete, Linc, and Greer are leaving the station when they see Laughton get into his car]
Capt. Adam Greer: Look at that. A good cop gets racked up and that scum goes free. Is that justice?
Pete Cochran: Pete: You know the answer to that.

"Mod Squad: Yesterday's Ashes (#5.3)" (1972)
Pete Cochran: Sue, there's two kinds of friends - those who stick around when they need you, and those who stick around when you need them.

"Mod Squad: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starlet (#1.11)" (1968)
Julie Barnes: A bug? What are you, James Bond?
Pete Cochran: Don't knock it. He's still alive.

"Mod Squad: Fear Is the Bucking Horse (#1.17)" (1969)
Julie Barnes: Wait a minute, insurance confuses me.
Pete Cochran: Well, it's simple, angel. Let me put it this way - if Billy dies, Mitch gets $200,000 dollars.

"Mod Squad: The Teeth of the Barracuda (#1.1)" (1968)
Linc Hayes: Oh, man, what a pad!
Pete Cochran: If you're a zombie.