Heath Barkley
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Heath Barkley (Character)
from "The Big Valley" (1965)

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"The Big Valley: Palms of Glory (#1.1)" (1965)
[first lines]
[Nick and Heath meet for the first time in the middle of a narrow bridge, trying to ride in opposite directions]
Nick Barkley: Afternoon.
Heath Barkley: Afternoon.
Nick Barkley: Quite a pony you got there.
Heath Barkley: Yes, she's a runner.
Nick Barkley: Indian?
Heath Barkley: Modoc.
Nick Barkley: Ah, well, they breed'em right up there
Heath Barkley: 'Cept for one thing.
Nick Barkley: Well, what's that?
Heath Barkley: They don't know how to back up. So, if you'll just pull that crockhead off this bridge...
Nick Barkley: Well, now I'd gladly do that for you, boy, except for one thing.
Heath Barkley: What's that?
Nick Barkley: This one's a Modoc, too.

[still at loggerheads on the bridge, the boys compare there weaponry, with Nick describing his pistol]
Nick Barkley: English.
Heath Barkley: Do tell.
Nick Barkley: It can core an apple at a half a mile.
Heath Barkley: On the tree or fallin'?
Nick Barkley: On horseback. In a hurricane.

Nick Barkley: [Nick wants to find out who Heath is] Who are you?... I said WHO ARE YOU?
Heath Barkley: I'm your father's bastard son!

"The Big Valley: The Price of Victory (#2.22)" (1967)
Heath: Nick, you don't have anything to prove. Use your head.
Nick Barkley: Can't use my head. Marquis of Queensbury rules. You can't butt a man. Can't use my head.

Heath: [after seeing the boxer flatten a farmer without any trouble at all] Nick, I was just having fun. I tricked you into this. Now, let's get out of here.
Nick Barkley: I signed up.
Heath: Well, they can get somebody else! That guy's nobody to fool with.

"The Big Valley: The Secret (#4.15)" (1969)
Heath Barkley: Where you headin'?
Nick Barkley: To see Howard.
Heath Barkley: Jarrod asked us to wait a couple of days. You said you would, Nick.
Nick Barkley: If you recollect, I said I'd think about it. And the more I think about waiting for Judge Lawson, and now waiting for the court in Sacramento, and then maybe waiting for the Supreme Court, I think it best that you and Jarrod stay here. I'll see to Howard.

Heath Barkley: [an unconscious Nick has just been dumped out of a wagon back at the Barkley ranch] Nick? Nick, are you hurt?
Nick Barkley: How'd I get here?
Heath Barkley: Somebody just delivered you in a wagon.
Nick Barkley: Adam Howard.
Heath Barkley: Looks like that talk didn't work out.
Nick Barkley: We didn't talk! Anyway, it's all right with me. I'm through talkin' anyway. Gonna get them cattle to water.
Heath Barkley: Think you're gonna get through that fence?
Nick Barkley: That's what I think.
Heath Barkley: Just like that?
Nick Barkley: Just like that. The cattle and the men are all ready to go. You going with us or not?
Heath Barkley: Nick, that's big trouble.
Nick Barkley: Then stay here!
Heath Barkley: I'll get saddled.
Nick Barkley: C'mon
[Nick leads his horse over to the trough so he can clean up]
Jarrod Barkley: [Jarrod rides in and sees Nick] What happened to you?
Nick Barkley: Your friend Howard is what happened to me.
Jarrod Barkley: I told you to stay away from him!
Nick Barkley: I know what you told me! But I've got a whole herd of thirsting cattle out there! And for your information, I'm taking them on to the Brady's Creek!
Jarrod Barkley: Then I trust you've made arrangements at the local funeral parlor.
Nick Barkley: No more talk! We tried it your way, Jarrod! We tried it! It did not work!
Jarrod Barkley: Now you listen to me, Nick! What you're planning to do is wrong. Dead wrong! And if you think I'm going to let that hard head of yours get you killed, you've got another think coming.
[Jarrod moves to take Nick's horse away]
Nick Barkley: Wait! Wait a minute, Jarrod. Will you wait a minute?
[Nick takes the reins of his horse and then spins around hitting Jarrod, knocking him out]
Nick Barkley: I'm uh sorry, big brother.

"The Big Valley: The Brawlers (#1.14)" (1965)
Heath Barkley: [Audra storms into the house] Wonder what's wrong with her?
Nick Barkley: I don't know. Hey, Audra? What's wrong with you?
Audra Barkley: You'll find out soon enough!
Heath Barkley: What will we find out soon enough?
Audra Barkley: I can't find the keys to the gun cabinet. Have you seen them?
Nick Barkley: They're right here in my pocket.
Audra Barkley: May I have them, please?
Nick Barkley: Yeah.
[Hands over the keys]
Audra Barkley: Thank you.
Nick Barkley: Heath, I swear if I didn't know better, I'd say that it seems, like maybe, Audra's planning to shoot somebody.
Heath Barkley: Yeah. Who you s'pose she's going to shoot?
Nick Barkley: No idea.
Heath Barkley: Think it's anybody we know?
Nick Barkley: I think we'd better find out.

"The Big Valley: The Invaders (#1.16)" (1965)
Heath Barkley: ¿Lupe, tú estás aqui? Acuestate cerca de mí. Quiero abrazarte. Dáme un besito.
Heath Barkley: Lupe, you're here? Lie down near me. I want to hold you. Give me a kiss.

"The Big Valley: The Other Face of Justice (#4.22)" (1969)
[reading the slain man's Bible]
Nick Barkley: Look what Hank's got underlined here: "They have sown the wind; they shall reap the whirlwind."
Heath Barkley: Doesn't seem like a fit epitaph for old Hank.
Nick Barkley: Yeah, but it's a fit one for the men that killed him.

"The Big Valley: A Flock of Trouble (#3.3)" (1967)
Heath Barkley: What are they doing here, Nick?
Nick Barkley: What does it look like!
Heath Barkley: Where did they come from?
Nick Barkley: Well how do I know where they come from!

"The Big Valley: The Challenge (#3.26)" (1968)
Heath Barkley: Where you going?
Nick Barkley: Into town.
Heath Barkley: At this hour? Business or pleasure?
Nick Barkley: Business. But uh, somehow I think it could turn out to be a little pleasure.
Heath Barkley: Like breaking into Daggett's office? Try to find those pictures?
Nick Barkley: And the plate that made 'em.
Heath Barkley: You know what Jarrod said about direct action.
Nick Barkley: Well now, Heath, you know I'm no politician. That doesn't apply to me.
Heath Barkley: His office is in the middle of town. That's pretty risky, Nick.
Nick Barkley: Then stay home.
Heath Barkley: What makes you think I'm going?
Nick Barkley: Because you don't trust me.
Heath Barkley: That's right.
Nick Barkley: Uh-huh.
Heath Barkley: I'll saddle up.
Nick Barkley: Uh-huh.

"The Big Valley: The Iron Box (#2.11)" (1966)
Captain Jonathan Rizely: A prison is the final reservoir for the scum of this world.
Heath Barkley: And yourself included?

"The Big Valley: Hazard (#1.24)" (1966)
Nick Barkley: [Nick walks into the saloon to where Heath is playing poker at a table. He looks over Heath's shoulder to see his hand] You boys can't beat "kings" you better drop.
Heath Barkley: I outta bust you right in the teeth!
Nick Barkley: Oh now you just go ahead and try. I'd like an excuse to tear you apart top to bottom.
Heath Barkley: [Heath gets up to face Nick] All right, big brother. You name the game. But anything you start, I figure to finish.
Heath Barkley: Well, c'mon.
Nick Barkley: Now that would pleasure me. But I'd like the proper time to do the proper job. And unfortunately right now, I don't have the proper time. But I'll tell you what. You just try me when I get back from Coreyville!
Heath Barkley: Coreyville?
Nick Barkley: Jarrod went down there last night. He was supposed to telegraph us. We haven't heard a word.
Nick Barkley: Oh, don't let that interfere with your card game.

"The Big Valley: Run of the Cat (#4.4)" (1968)
Nick Barkley: [Nick and Heath are riding together] You know, I just decided something. I just decided that there's no bigger waste of man hours than chasing down a spooked herd. You know what I think? I'll tell you what I think. I think them stinkin' Murphy boys are the ones that scattered 'em! You wanna know why? I'll tell you why. Because they happen to know we're in the middle of a round-up and they're just mean enough to spook them out on us!
Heath Barkley: That's what you think, huh?
Nick Barkley: That is what I think. I also think I ought to go over there and bash a couple of Murphy heads together!
Heath Barkley: Since you're getting so heated up, I think you ought to do that.
Nick Barkley: I just might do that! You want to come along?
Heath Barkley: No thanks.
Nick Barkley: Well, I'll go alone then!
Heath Barkley: You know, Nick, sometimes you get so brave you scare me.