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Capt. Amos Burke (Character)
from "Burke's Law" (1963)

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"Burke's Law: A Very Important Russian Is Missing (#3.15)" (1965)
Leonid: I have date tonight with girl who works in nightclub kitchen. We're kinda friendly.
Capt. Amos Burke: The only way to spy.

Paul Kimbrell: [after rescuing Burke from two assailants] The best I could manage.
Capt. Amos Burke: Oh, you managed fine.
Paul Kimbrell: Not exactly my cup of tea, I'm afraid. James Bond would have done in both of them.
Capt. Amos Burke: Sure, but do you know how much he gets for a picture?

Capt. Amos Burke: Back to the Ice Age, Kurtz?
Warner Kurtz: I don't think you realize what I have accomplished. He is not just frozen.
Capt. Amos Burke: Try convincing him.
Warner Kurtz: Think of it. Every bodily function - heartbeat, pressure, the flow of the blood - all completely stopped. A living man in a state of suspended animation for as long as the temperature is controlled.
Capt. Amos Burke: As long as it takes to sell him to Peking.

Capt. Amos Burke: It wasn't exactly friendship, was it?
Paul Kimbrell: Business, old boy. A million for Beauredine. Peking would surely have added a few bob for you.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed the Jackpot? (#2.30)" (1965)
Henry: Take it from me, she'll have a ring in your nose.
Capt. Amos Burke: Well, that's better than a ring on her finger.

Honey West: So you're Burke.
Capt. Amos Burke: I'm not sure I like the way you said that.
Honey West: Oh, don't worry. To know me is to hate me.

Capt. Amos Burke: Isn't murder a little out of your line?
Honey West: We aim to please.
Capt. Amos Burke: You've already succeeded. May I give you a lift?
Honey West: You taking me in?
Capt. Amos Burke: Is that an invitation?

[last lines]
Capt. Amos Burke: Honey, have you ever...
Honey West: Unh-uh. I fly solo.
Capt. Amos Burke: Don't fly too close; I'm liable to clip your wings.
Honey West: So you're Burke.
Capt. Amos Burke: And you're West.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Harris Crown? (#1.4)" (1963)
Capt. Amos Burke: Never confuse the improbable with the impossible: Burke's Law.

Capt. Amos Burke: That's a lovely name - "Angel." But, then, Satan was an angel.

Capt. Amos Burke: Cherchez le fact!
Det. Tim Tilson: Le loi de Burke.
Det. Les Hart: Huh?
Capt. Amos Burke: French for "Burke's Law."

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Holly Howard? (#1.1)" (1963)
Capt. Amos Burke: Never box with senior citizens: Burke's Law.

Capt. Amos Burke: Never eat little round pancakes when you're in a hurry: Burke's Law.

Capt. Amos Burke: In cases of homicide, check out the facts one by one, slow and easy: Burke's Law.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Mr. X? (#1.2)" (1963)
Capt. Amos Burke: Never drink martinis with beautiful suspects: Burke's Law.

Stacey Evans: You know, I can't get over a captain in a chariot like this. What'd you do - rob a big bank?
Capt. Amos Burke: No... robbed a big daddy - my daddy.

Capt. Amos Burke: Remind me never to buy a Homburg.

"Burke's Law: Operation Long Shadow (#3.2)" (1965)
The Man: First of all, your cover: Tourist. The worst kind. Playboy, unattached, irresponsible, and very rich.
Capt. Amos Burke: I think I might be able to handle that.

The Englishman: [Handing Burke a card] This is the telephone number of a good friend of mine, a very, very discreet undertaker.
Capt. Amos Burke: Now why would I need a discreet undertaker?
The Englishman: There's a dead girl in a swimsuit on your terrace.

Countess Anna Marie Mouton: How does it feel? A woman at your side and all Paris at your feet. What could be better?
Capt. Amos Burke: Oh, I don't know. How about Paris at my side and a woman at my feet?

"Burke's Law: Balance of Terror (#3.1)" (1965)
Capt. Amos Burke: Ah, Bianca, you pick the most inopportune time for the most opportune thing.

[First lines]
The Man: Welcome aboard. It's good to have you with us.
Capt. Amos Burke: Thank you, sir. I must admit this is a little different than police headquarters in Los Angeles.
The Man: I'm sure Washington has briefed you on the Service. We have an urgent assignment for you.
Capt. Amos Burke: I gathered as much.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Julian Buck? (#1.5)" (1963)
Capt. Amos Burke: Never call your captain unless it's murder: Burke's Law.

Capt. Amos Burke: You can't solve a murder without first finding a suspect: Burke's Law.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Alex Debbs? (#1.6)" (1963)
Capt. Amos Burke: Cynical Conversation makes for bitter brew - never mix 'em: Burke's Law.

Princess Diana Morgan von Kortzoff, nee Morningstar: What did he die from?
Capt. Amos Burke: Excess of ice pick.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Billy Jo? (#1.8)" (1963)
Capt. Amos Burke: When the track's muddy, and you're trying to get even, never walk away from a long shot: Burke's Law.

Capt. Amos Burke: Never waste time talking about the future: Burke's Law.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed the Richest Man in the World? (#2.9)" (1964)
Capt. Amos Burke: If you must swim in dangerous waters, don't invite the sharks to lunch: Burke's Law.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Purity Mather? (#1.11)" (1963)
Capt. Amos Burke: When the possible solution is no longer possible, accept the impossible.
Det. Tim Tilson: Burke's Law?
Capt. Amos Burke: Sherlock Holmes.

"Burke's Law: Or No Tomorrow (#3.13)" (1965)
Manager: [Entering hotel room devastated by an explosion] What happened?
Capt. Amos Burke: The basket of fruit exploded.
Manager: Basket of fruit? But I didn't order a basket of fruit to be placed here.
Capt. Amos Burke: Someone did. One of the pineapples was the Chicago type. Boom.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Avery Lord? (#1.23)" (1964)
Capt. Amos Burke: Never give your girl and dog the same kind of jewelry: Burke's Law.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Wade Walker? (#1.9)" (1963)
Capt. Amos Burke: You never grow up, you grow old: Burke's Law.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Sweet Betsy? (#1.7)" (1963)
Capt. Amos Burke: A call girl Betsy's age wouldn't mess with a beach bum. That's for the rich or retired: Burke's Law.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Cable Roberts? (#1.3)" (1963)
Capt. Amos Burke: When the bell rings, keep on your feet: Burke's Law.

"Burke's Law: Who Killed Andy Zygmunt? (#1.24)" (1964)
Capt. Amos Burke: A good civil servant doesn't rest until he gets his job done: Burke's Law