Bronco Layne
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Bronco Layne (Character)
from "Bronco" (1958)

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"Bronco: Prairie Skipper (#1.17)" (1959)
Miranda Carr: What's a lady to do when she can't sleep?
Bronco Layne: Try counting cowboys.

Bronco Layne: [to Miranda] Why don't you try kissing your husband for a change?

"Bronco: Baron of Broken Lance (#1.9)" (1959)
Bronco Layne: You ever see people after the Sioux got through with 'em?

"Bronco: Shadow of a Man (#1.18)" (1959)
Bronco Layne: It's kinda hard to talk with a rope around your neck.

"Bronco: Hero of the Town (#1.19)" (1959)
Bronco Layne: A killer won't stop killing until he's dead.

"Bronco: The Besieged (#1.1)" (1958)
Hope Cabot: Bronco - that's a strange Christian name.
Bronco Layne: When I was a young 'un, I had some Indian friends that taught me how to tame wild horses. They pinned the name on me.

"Bronco: The Devil's Spawn (#2.6)" (1959)
Bronco Layne: Pride's one thing. Pig-headedness is another.