Little Mary
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Little Mary (Character)
from The Women (1939)

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The Women (1939)
Little Mary Haines: I saw Mrs. Potter at the zoo that day.
Mrs. Moorehead: Who was she visiting with? The snakes?
Mary Haines: Oh, Mother!
Little Mary Haines: As a matter of fact, she was!

Mary Haines: I'll be doing the cooking so you know what he'll get.
Little Mary Haines: I know - indigestion.

Little Mary Haines: I don't understand grownups on the telephone. They all sound silly.

The Opposite Sex (1956)
Debbie: I had another bad dream, can I get in bed with you?
Kay Hilliard: Of course you may.
[Debbie climbs in]
Kay Hilliard: There, is that better?
Debbie: This is the only good thing about divorce, you get to sleep with your mother.

Debbie: What makes people fall out of love?
Kay Hilliard: I don't know, some people just change.
Debbie: Could you ever fall out of love with me?
Kay Hilliard: Oh no, this is different.

Debbie: I don't think I should go away with you, Mother, but please don't think it's because I fell out of love with you.