Mary Haines
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Mary Haines (Character)
from The Women (1939)

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The Women (1939)
Peggy Day: [On the train] Listen to the wheels, don't they seem to be saying something?
Mary Haines: [Softly] No.
Peggy Day: Don't they seem to be saying... Go back, go back, go back, go back?

Mary Haines: [about Slyvia and the model arguing] Oh it's just professional jealousy, they're really very good friends!
Sylvia Fowler: Of course! She adores the Fowler family. Particularly my husband.
Countess Tamara: Are you accusing me of flirting with Howard?
Sylvia Fowler: No, my little pet, but of trying to! I'd like to see Howard bat an eye at another woman!
Countess Tamara: Well I've seen him, and she's not bad either!
Sylvia Fowler: Did you get her innuendo?

Little Mary Haines: I saw Mrs. Potter at the zoo that day.
Mrs. Moorehead: Who was she visiting with? The snakes?
Mary Haines: Oh, Mother!
Little Mary Haines: As a matter of fact, she was!

Sylvia Fowler: [Showing her nails to Mary] Mary, how do you like that?
Nancy Blake: Too, too adorable.
Sylvia Fowler: Ah, you have no idea how it stays on... I get it at Sydney's. You should go, Mary. A wonderful new manicurist. Olga's her name; she's marvelous. Isn't that divine? Jungle Red!
Nancy Blake: Looks like you've been tearing at somebody's throat!
Sylvia Fowler: [Smacks her hand on the table] I'll be darned, Nancy, if I'll let you ride me anymore!
Mary Haines: Oh Sylvia, Nancy's only trying to be clever, too.
Sylvia Fowler: Well, she takes a crack at everything about me... Even my nails!
Mary Haines: Well, I like them, I really do. Sydney's, Olga's, Jungle Red... I'll remember.

Mary Haines: [Introduces them] This is the Countess DeLave... Mrs. Howard Fowler.
Countess DeLave: [Same time] How do you do?
Sylvia Fowler: [Same time] How do you do?
Mary Haines: And Miriam Aarons.
Miriam Aarons: How do you do?
Sylvia Fowler: [Looks closely at Miriam's flat chest] How do *you* do?

Mary Haines: May I suggest, if you're dressing to please Stephen, not that one. He doesn't like such obvious effects.
Crystal Allen: Thanks for the tip. But when anything I wear doesn't please Stephen, I take it off.

Mary Haines: I think I got what Mrs. Fowler's friends come in for.

Sylvia Fowler: [Last lines] Mary Haines, don't you have any pride?
Mary Haines: No pride at all. That's a luxury a woman in love can't afford.

Mary Haines: I've had two years to grow claws mother. Jungle red.

Mary Haines: I'll be doing the cooking so you know what he'll get.
Little Mary Haines: I know - indigestion.

Crystal Allen: You noble wives and mothers bore the brains out of me. And I bet you bore your husbands, too.
Mary Haines: You are a hard one.
Crystal Allen: I can be soft on the right occasion.

Edith Potter: [Wiping her hands on towel] Oh, cheap Chinese embroidery! You know, I'll bet Peggy gave her these...
Sylvia Fowler: It wouldn't be so bad if only Mary's friends knew; we could keep our mouths shut.
Edith Potter: I know plenty I'd never breathe about my friend's husbands.
Sylvia Fowler: Oh, so do I!
[They both turn around and look at each other]
Edith Potter: Well, you know, I adore Mary!
Sylvia Fowler: I worship her! We're not only cousins; she's my dearest friend in the world. After all, we were raised together!
[Turns around quickly]
Sylvia Fowler: Oh Edith, I forgot to tell you...
[Whispers to Edith]
Mary Haines: Break it up, girls! Break it up!
Edith Potter: Darling!
Mary Haines: Hello!
Edith Potter: You're so slim, I could kill you.
Mary Haines: You don't have to. The diet I'm on is pure poison.

Mrs. Moorehead: Stephen is a man. He's been married ten years.
Mary Haines: Oh. You mean he's tired of me?
Mrs. Moorehead: Stephen's tired of himself. Tired of feeling the same things in himself. Time comes when a man's got to feel something new, and he's got to feel young again, just because he's growing old.
Mary Haines: Mother! Stephen isn't old!
Mrs. Moorehead: Of course not, but we women are so much more sensible. When we tire of ourselves, we change the way we do our hair, or hire a new cook, or... or decorate the house. I suppose a man could do over his office, but he never thinks of anything so simple. No, dear, a man has only one escape from his old self: to see a different self in the mirror of some woman's eyes.

The Women (2008/I)
Mary Haines: Oh, is this about the perfume bitch?

Mary Haines: [sees her daughter burning tampons] What is she doing?
Maggie: Well, she says she doesn't want to be a woman.

Barbara Delacorte: Everything was wonderful, Mary. I must have the name of your caterer. So yummy.
Mary Haines: Oh, no. I made everything myself. I think people appreciate the personal touch.
Barbara Delacorte: You cooked? Oh, Mary, how could you. What were you thinking? Now we'll all have to do that.

Mary Haines: [about her husband having an affair] I mean, how could I not have known? Three months ago, he bought cowboy boots!

The Opposite Sex (1956)
Gloria Dell: Do you want me to spit in Crystal's eye for you?
Kay Hilliard: Kay nods "No."
Gloria Dell: You're passing up a big chance, 'cause where I spit no grass grows ever.

Kay Hilliard: I've had a whole year to grow claws, Lexy... Jungle Red!

Debbie: I had another bad dream, can I get in bed with you?
Kay Hilliard: Of course you may.
[Debbie climbs in]
Kay Hilliard: There, is that better?
Debbie: This is the only good thing about divorce, you get to sleep with your mother.

Debbie: What makes people fall out of love?
Kay Hilliard: I don't know, some people just change.
Debbie: Could you ever fall out of love with me?
Kay Hilliard: Oh no, this is different.