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Holly Tyler (Character)
from "What I Like About You" (2002)

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"What I Like About You: Your Cheatin' Heart (#2.14)" (2004)
Tina Haven: So what, you're just not gonna do anything?
Holly: Yes! I'm gonna do everything I can to get Vince out of my mind.
Rhonda: [brings over Holly's order] Here's your Salad.
Holly: Oh no I ordered Vince. OHHH! Barbeque beef!

Holly: [talking to Vince about their friends] I chose to hang out with my friends and you chose to lay on top of yours.

Holly: I'll have the salad. Oh wait, actually, I'll have the barbecue beef.
[hands menu to waitress]
Tina Haven: What? Just a second ago you wanted a salad.
Holly: Yeah... but I changed my mind.
Henry Gibson: Let me explain what just happened here. She likes the salad, but she doesn't love the salad, but she cares for it a lot. Then she saw that barbecue beef all meaty and covered in sauce...
Holly: [laughs obnoxiously] Well, I guess that we're friends we can do funny stuff like that!
[more laughing]
Holly: How much longer are you going to be doing funny stuff like that?

"What I Like About You: Girls Gone Wild (#3.18)" (2005)
Vince: I can't believe you're taking them to Mexico the entire weekend. You knew I was taking them to the Knicks game on Sunday. Sunday's my day!
Holly: Yeah, well yesterday was my day and you took them to see my Colin Farrell movie. Oh, and thanks, by the way, for getting them all hopped up on sugar and then dropping them off at my front door. Gary was up all night!
Vince: Hey, I tried to be friends, you're the one turning this into a tug-a-war.
Vince: [Vince rubs Ben's head]
Holly: Youuuuuuuu, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!
Gary: Oh, no they're fighting again!
Holly: Oh great, great, great now you got them all upset.
Holly: [Holly walks over to Gary]
Holly: Don't worry sweetie, I'm gonna take you to a place where it's sunny and there are plenty of girls in small bikini's!
Gary: Okay, I feel better!
Holly: [Holly pinches Gary's cheeks]
Holly: Yes, you do!
Holly: Ok, now let's go downstairs. Tina's in the cab waiting. Let's hustle! I'll meet you down there.
Vince: [Vince waves]
Holly: When, uh, I get back we're gonna have to discuss who's getting them for Easter!

Val: This little custody battle that you and Vince are having over your friends is really ridiculous. All right? So I think you need to just talk to Vince and...
Holly: eh, eh, eh
Val: I'm just sayin'
Holly: eh, eh, eh
Val: You forgave Tina.
Holly: Yeah, but it's just more complicated with Vince, I mean we might still have feeling for each other, but then he slept with her and lied to me about it. Tina's just my slutty friend!
Val: [Gary, Ben and Tina walk in. Val points at Tina]
Val: Oh, Hey! We were just talking about you!

"What I Like About You: Boys' Club (#2.2)" (2003)
Holly: Totally, and you know what? I'm gonnna have more problems. Pshhh... Could get arrested for shop-lifting... You know how I love stuff!
Val: Yeah, you're not gonna do that, but if you did, I would know what exactly what to do.
Holly: Yeah you would!

Holly: Oh my god! I just remembered another problem!
Val: What?
Holly: There's this girl, sitting on the couch. Having a fabulous conversation with the best sister ever, and she's eating this amazing Peanut butter Cheese cake. She's totally comfortable but dying of thirst! What does she do?
Val: She needs milk huh?
Holly: Yeah she does!
Val: Oooh, oh well I would tell her to get her thirsty butt up off the couch and get it herself!

"What I Like About You: Halloween (#4.6)" (2005)
Vince: Holly, you are the coolest girl.
Holly Tyler: Right back at you.

"What I Like About You: Holly's First Job (#1.16)" (2003)
[Holly is helping out a couple decide on what to order]
Holly Tyler: You need help with the menu? You can't understand the menu? OK, well, what about fish.
[makes a fish face]
Holly Tyler: No, what about steak?
[with her hands on her head, in a deep voice]
Holly Tyler: Moo!
Holly Tyler: No? Veal?
[in a higher voice]
Holly Tyler: Moo.
Holly Tyler: What about Risotto? You know,
[waves her hand around]
Holly Tyler: Risotto!
Japanese Couple: [waves their arms] Risotto! Risotto
Holly Tyler: OK, I'll get your waitress. Another satisfied customer, High-Fiver!
[high-fives herself]
Woman: Excuse me, can you help me?
Holly Tyler: I'd be surprised of I can't.
Woman: Can I get some more ground pepper?
Holly Tyler: Sure.
[takes a pepper grinder]
Holly Tyler: I think it's jammed, sorry.
[pokes at it with a knife. It all comes spilling out]
Holly Tyler: Say when.

"What I Like About You: Someone's in the Kitchen with Daddy (#4.7)" (2005)
Val: Think I was born yesterday dropout?
Holly: Well let me tell you something Drunken-Married-lady!

"What I Like About You: The Breakup (#1.17)" (2003)
Holly Tyler: What have you done to my sister?
Lauren: Nothing. She kissed me.
Holly Tyler: Oh, my God.
Lauren: I'm kidding. Look, we're just having fun. It's Girls Night Out.
Holly Tyler: My sister does not do Girls Night Out. I'm really worried about her. She's been so torn up, and now she's partying with a girl she can't stand.
[Lauren looks upset]
Holly Tyler: Oh, not you. She loves you.

"What I Like About You: Jazz Night (#4.8)" (2005)
[Holly threatens to stop shaving her legs after Vince refuses to shave his beard.]
Vince: You going to keep your hairy legs?
Holly: Yeah, why not! I mean the world loves the fur!

"What I Like About You: Spa Day (#1.2)" (2002)
[Holly re-enters the spa panting]
Eileen: Excuse me. Just where do you think you're going?
Holly Tyler: Back to my mud bath.
Eileen: I'm sorry. We have a strict no re-entry policy.
Holly Tyler: Where does it say that?
Eileen: Right here.
[points to her lips]
Eileen: No re-entry!

"What I Like About You: Now and Zen (#4.17)" (2006)
Holly: I lost my Vincelet...

"What I Like About You: Dangerous Liaisons (#3.17)" (2005)
Holly: [Val, Jennie Garth, and Todd, Luke Perry, kiss passionately - references Beverly Hills, 90210] Let me guess, Brenda's still in Paris.

"What I Like About You: Surprise (#4.2)" (2005)
Holly Tyler: Come on Val, let's go.
Valerie Tyler: No, no, we can't. Not until Vic leaves.
Holly Tyler: And when is that gonne be?
Valerie Tyler: Very soon. I turned the electricity off. I'm sweatin' him out! Ha!
Holly Tyler: Val, he's a fireman. He's good with heat!

"What I Like About You: Bad to the Scone (#3.19)" (2005)
Holly: I finally figured out the perfect way to get Ben's confidence back.
Tina Haven: You want me to sleep with him?
Holly: Tina, we've talked about this, when trying to solve problems we use our words, not our lady parts!
Tina Haven: I always forget that!
Holly: I know!

"What I Like About You: The Hospital (#2.13)" (2004)
Holly Tyler: Gary, why does he want to see Gary first?
Tina Haven: Now don't start reading things into that it could mean anything.
Lauren: Exacly for instance he might need some help with the pee-pee