Noah Dietrich
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Noah Dietrich (Character)
from The Aviator (2004)

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The Aviator (2004)
Howard Hughes: Do you know those men? Do they work for me?
Noah Dietrich: Everybody works for you, Howard.

Noah Dietrich: You've just placed the largest order for aircraft in the history of the United States, Howard! I've got a bill here from Lockheed-Martin for forty million dollars! Do you think I've got that just sitting around in petty cash?

Noah Dietrich: I've gotta tell you, the board over in Houston has been getting a little concerned about the cost of this operation out here.
Howard Hughes: [grimacing] Ah! Would you stop showing them the books, Noah?
Noah Dietrich: That's illegal Howard.
Howard Hughes: [smiling] Well, maybe it's a little naughty.
Noah Dietrich: We're incorporated in Houston. The board has to see the books.
Howard Hughes: Well, incorporate a new division out here. We'll call it Hughes Aircraft. Get into that, will ya?

Doctor: [after detailing Hughes's terrible injuries in the plane crash] He's getting blood transfusions now, but, uh...
Noah Dietrich: Whose blood?
Doctor: I'm sorry?
Noah Dietrich: Whose blood?
Doctor: From our stock.
Noah Dietrich: Oh, he's not gonna like that.
Doctor: Mr. Dietrich... I doubt he's ever gonna like or dislike anything again. I'm terribly sorry.

Noah Dietrich: Get a doctor! No one sees him like this!

Noah Dietrich: Nice day.
Howard Hughes: Yeah, very funny.
Noah Dietrich: Listen, I got a call from Houston. They're getting real nervous about all this.
Howard Hughes: Stop showing them the damn bills, Noah.
Noah Dietrich: That would be illegal, Howard.
Howard Hughes: Shit, no. Maybe it's a little bit naughty.