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Quotes for
Howard 'Howie' DeVille (Character)
from Rugrats Go Wild (2003)

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Rugrats Go Wild (2003)
Howard DeVille: You mean we're marooned? With no food? How soon before we all turn cannibal? I have to get out of here!
Betty DeVille: Sooo... Swiss Family DeVille, he's not.

Didi Pickles: We have to find something to eat. All I saved are a couple jars of baby food.
Howard DeVille: [cheerfully] I never knew strained peas and apricots went so well together...

Howard DeVille: Well, I'm gonna use the 7 kid-free days to re-shape my physique!
Betty DeVille: It could happen. The earth was created in 6.

Howard DeVille: Captain Stu, I can't hold the wheel!
Drew Pickles: Will you stop calling him 'Captain'! He has no idea what he's doing!
Stu Pickles: I do so!
Stu Pickles: Does anybody know where the brakes are on this thing?

"Rugrats: Daddy's Little Helpers/Hello Dilly (#8.8)" (2002)
Stu Pickles: [after babies have soiled themselves following the Dads' overfeeding] Okay, Men. We've done it before... Just not all at once. I'll get the wipes.
Chas Finster: I'll get the diapers!
Howard DeVille: I'll get the rubber gloves!
Chas Finster: [Before leaving] Uh... Way to go kids!

"Rugrats: Reptar on Ice/Family Feud (#2.10)" (1992)
Howard DeVille: [after Didi accuses Betty of stealing her earrings] Betty, a thief? That's an absurd proposition!
Stu Pickles: *You're* an absurd proposition!