Kimi Finster
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Kimi Finster (Character)
from Rugrats Go Wild (2003)

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"Rugrats: Finsterella (#7.4)" (2001)
Kimi Finster: I just love my new big brother!
[hugs Chuckie tightly]
Chuckie Finster: You're not bad yourself, Kimi. But can you let go of my head?; You're crunching my glasses.

Angelica Pickles, Kimi Finster: [Chuckie has a dream that he is Finsterella and Angelica and Kimi are his stepsisters] Finsterella!
Chuckie Finster: Coming, Awful step-in Sisters!
[Chuckie runs into their bedroom]
Angelica Pickles: We're hungry and want our breakfast!
Kimi Finster: [Bouncing in her crib] Yeah, Brefast!
Chuckie Finster: Ok... What would you like?
Angelica Pickles: I want... Cookies and Cake and Jellybeans with Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup and cherries and sprinkles, of course!
Kimi Finster: [still bouncing] I wants what's she's having!
Chuckie Finster: Gosh, I hope I can 'member all that... Uh let's see... That was beans and cherries and uh, cookies with syrup...
Angelica Pickles: And Finsterella... After you make breakfast, don't forget to scrub the floors, brush Cynthia's hair and wash all of my clothes!
Kimi Finster: [lands in laundry basket after jumping from crib] Yeah, Wash our clotheses!
[throws one of her diapers at Chuckie]
Chuckie Finster: Yes, Awful step-in sisters. Oooh. Phew!
[pulls diaper from face]

"Rugrats: Angelicon/Dil's Binkie/Big Brother Chuckie (#7.1)" (2001)
Kimi Finster: Fly Superthing, fly.

"Rugrats: Starstruck/Who's Taffy? (#9.8)" (2002)
Kimi Finster: [after Mack Granite, a film star decides to cast Kimi in his next film] Did you guys hear that? That man likes my piggy tails!
Chuckie Finster: [lifts Kimi's dress] Piggy tails? All I see is a diapie.
Tommy Pickles: [scratches his head and takes a closer look] They must be inside.

"Rugrats: The Doctor Is In/The Big Sneeze (#8.6)" (2002)
Kimi Finster: [Unaware Chuckie thinks he's allergic to her due to his constant sneezing and avoiding her] Why doesn't Chuckie want to play with me?

"Rugrats: They Came from the Backyard/Lil's Phil of Trash (#9.9)" (2004)
Kimi Finster: Okay, now you've gone a bit too far!

The Rugrats: All Growed Up (2001) (TV)
Kimi Watanabe-Finster: You guys! Tomorrow we're officially practically teenagers! We're going to our first concert!
Lil: Yeah, unless you count those baby concerts, where they gave out juice and made us quack.
Phil: Anyone else miss those sippy cups?
[Everyone stares at him]
Phil: I was just checking.